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Anxiety? Here’s your fix!

If you’re one of the more than 8 million people in the UK who suffers from anxiety – heads up, this is for you!

Scientific trials performed on the show Trust Me I’m a Doctor show that eating a “psychobiotic diet” which includes kefir and prebiotic can significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

What did the test show?

Dr Michael Mosley tested the idea that the link between food and mood lies in our gut, and can be affected by your diet. He found that eating a psychobiotic diet, which includes kefir and prebiotics, produced a “remarkable” change in just 4 weeks.

Subjects had an increase of good bacteria and a reduction in bad bacteria and significantly – felt less stressed. Their stress response dropped an average of 31%, when  compared with the control group who did not change their diet.

What is psychobiotic?

Psychobiotic is the term scientists use for bacteria that have been shown to have a positive effect on your mood. Eating a “psychobiotic diet” simply means consuming fermented foods, including kefir, as well as prebiotic foods, which provide fibre to feed your gut bugs.

What are the best probiotic and prebiotic to take?

The highest rated therapeutic kefir on the market today is Chuckling Goat, which has been lab- tested and shown to be one of the most diverse probiotics available, with 35 different strains of live beneficial bacteria. For your prebiotic needs, just blend 10 g daily of Complete Prebiotic daily into a smoothie. This will provide your gut bugs with 18 different natural sources of their required fibre, giving them the best possible care. Quick and easy!

How does your gut affect your mood?

Your large intestine is like a big fermenter. The trillions of microbes that live inside your gut ferment the food that you eat, and then produce molecules. Many of these molecules get into your bloodstream, and are capable of communicating with your brain, in the “Gut-Brain Axis.” Some of these molecules are called “neurotransmitters,” and these are the chemicals that convey messages through your brain and nervous system.

How can this help you?

We have the tools you need to experience this anxiety-bashing results for yourself! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take a microbiome test, (similar to the ones used in Dr. Mosley’s trials).
  2. Drink Chuckling Goat kefir for 6 weeks.
  3. Take Complete Prebiotic 6 weeks.
  4. Retest to see your results.

Read more about the science here. Watch the relevant Trust Me I’m a Doctor segment here.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety? Here’s your fix!

  1. Hi – is it OK for me to add the prebiotic powder to my probiotic goat kefir in my morning smoothie? 👍🏼

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