Our Philosophy

We believe that life is a fractal – if the ice crystal is right on the smallest level, the ice palace will be right as it grows. This means that we never cut corners, with our animals or our products. We believe in handmade, on-the-farm, all-natural, immaculate, transparent and honest goodness.

How do we care for our goats?

Our goats have access to 24 acres of lush grass and wild woodlands… when we say “Free Range” we mean it! They are lovingly cared for as members of our family and enjoy the highest welfare standard of any goat herd in the UK.


If a goat is poorly, it’s treated as an individual under our vets guidance – we never medicate the entire herd. That individual goats’ milk is then withdrawn from production.

Animal Testing?

Certainly not! We never test on animals – only on willing human volunteers. Mostly our own children… 😉

What's in our products?

Our products are all made by hand, on the farm, in  small batches. They are free from any dyes, perfumes, petrochemicals, parabans, pthalates or artifical colours. We use real goats milk and our own award-winning kefir in our cleansers and lotions. The other ingredients are mostly natural food-grade things like olive oil, essential oils, coconut oil, cocoa butter, herbs, roots, flower petals, etc.

Our Packaging

All of our packaging has been designed by our web developer, Hanuman. The majority of our packaging is manufactured right here in Britain!

Everything is recyclable, the packaging ‘chips’ are biodegradable and all plastic we use is BPA free.