Ready to find your purpose?
I’m going to show you how.

In How to Start a Business on Your Kitchen Table, I lay out the essential steps that will help you walk your gift into the world.

This book will show you how to start your own heart-centred business to support yourself and your family. No special equipment needed! You already have everything you need. Your gift is unique to you — and the world is waiting to welcome it. Create a beautiful value-based crystal, and grow it into a magnificent ice palace that can protect the people you love, and help the world as well.

Everything you've heard about business is wrong.

Your business doesn't have to be sleazy. It doesn't have to be cut-throat. You don't need deep pockets. And you don't have to compromise your values.

Your business can truly be a unique expression of who you are.

How to Start a Business on Your Kitchen Table is a manifesto for finally organising your talents, getting out of your own way and claiming the future you deserve.

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How To Start A Business On Your Kitchen Table by Shann Nix Jones

This book will give you the tools to:

  • Hack your own brain function to motivate yourself
  • Create an extra hour in your day
  • Figure out exactly what your business should be
  • Put a price on your work
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Access the secret tech tool that will allow you to accomplish almost anything
  • Breeze through difficult conversations
  • Tap into your hormonal superpowers
  • Lean in to your emotions and stop trying to avoid pain
  • Cope when things go horribly wrong
  • Surrender to the Universe
  • Learn the only question you ever need to ask


MEDITATION 1: Discovering your purpose

MEDITATION 2: Discovering your values

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The only thing that’s holding you back from starting your own business is the negative beliefs that you hold about yourself! I’m going to show you how to flip those beliefs like pancakes, and make them start working for you. You’ll learn how to get what you want, start living by your own values today, and how to make the right decision every time. You'll have the tools you need to navigate with confidence in today’s uncertain environment.

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