Dry It Up Tea

Detox can play havoc with your digestive system as you go on your kefir journey. Here’s the tea that we suggest, when things are moving too swiftly for comfort!


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Natural herbs yarrow, agrimony, marshmallow root and chamomile soothe and support your digestive function.

21 days of tea

Boosting your natural health can be calm and relaxing. Give yourself a moment of me-time!

Purest possible ingredients

Open the bag and inhale deeply. You will smell the goodness of real herbs.

Hand packed and prepared

We mix, prepare and pack each bag by hand, right here on the farm. We even hand-stamp the bags!

Developed to help you through your kefir journey

You may be accustomed to thinking of tea as dust that comes in bags. Not this tea!

How to prepare your tea

Cover 1 TBSP herbs with 3 cups of freshly boiled water, lid and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup, 3 times daily. Tea can be reheated by adding more hot water.


Yarrow root (30%), Agrimony leaf (20%), Marshmallow root (30%), Chamomile flowers (20%)

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