Prebiotic & Probiotic Subscription

£92.90 £89.95 every 3 weeks

The ultimate combo maintenance plan for ongoing gut health!

Every single day, your gut microbiome is under assault from sugar, stress, antibiotics and environmental toxins. Over time these things kill off the beneficial bacteria inside your gut, diminishing your microbiome’s ability to synthesise vitamins and protect you from disease. Fight back! Our Pro-Prebiotic Package makes you the expert steward of your own microbiome. It’s the best possible daily maintenance system for ongoing gut care.

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  • Put the good bugs in your gut and feed them!

The break out lotion and soap help keep my palm plantar psoriasis calm...
~ Lisa

Absolutely brilliant!
~ Lydia Price

Very efficient - everything arrived quickly and as ordered
~ Ann

Excellent product, fantastic customer service and actually rewards loyal customers not just new ones
~ Jessica Coombs

Love it. The taste, the outcome and the super quick delivery

Improved my psoriasis patches - they are no more
~ Carole

...The kefir has massively helped me, especially whilst taking long term strong antibiotics...
~ Chris H.

Excellent product and service. Helped me through 12 sessions of chemo. Love this product and company. ❤️
~ Jo Anderson

I am reaping the benefits of regular kefir from chuckling goat. Love it!
~ Mrs Jackie Williams

Featured in Vogue's Pre-Party Pamper kit

Part of the Royal College of Obstetricians "Mum Plus One" Inititative

Featured on ITV's Countrywise

What You Get

You’ll get 1 course of our Live Goat’s Milk Kefir and 1 pack of our Complete Prebiotic.

Both the kefir and the prebiotic are designed to last one person three weeks. The subscription will renew every three weeks, automatically sending you another course of kefir and prebiotic right when you need it.

If you require a different frequency get in touch and we’ll be happy to help out.

How Chuckling Goat Subscriptions Work

All of our subscriptions have been designed to make your life easier. They can be cancelled or postponed whenever you like and are completely risk free.

Four days before your subscription renews we’ll send an email reminding you that your next order will be processing soon.

You can change your delivery date or cancel online, by email, live chat or phone.

Why Do I Need Prebiotics?

The kefir will add the good bugs to your gut, but they need food to survive and thrive. That’s where prebiotics come in – they provide that essential food.

Different gut bugs require different prebiotics. Our Complete Prebiotic has 18 different strains of prebiotic, making it the most diverse prebiotic available!

This diverse prebiotic is the perfect accompaniment to our diverse Goats Milk Kefir. Take the two together and experience the best possible daily maintenance system for ongoing gut care.

Why Live Goat’s Milk Kefir?

Kefir is unique because it is a synergistic combination of many strains of live bacteria. These trillions of good bugs are all living and thriving in their own environment.

Kefir will re-introduce these ‘good bugs’ to your gut and help restore balance.