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Scientists have now established the “gut-lung axis,” which shows that your gut bugs actually modulate your immune system during respiratory disease, by boosting the activity of your T cells.1 There is clear evidence that gut microbiota can influence pulmonary barrier and immune functions, as well as susceptibility to and the course of several respiratory diseases including infections.2

Improving your gut health is a safe and natural way to strengthen your body’s natural defences. Contact one of our Nutritional Therapists for personalised advice on how to boost your gut health with a bespoke natural protocol that is right for you.

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These products are suitable for people who are trying to improve their gut health:

Probiotic Goats Milk Kefir

Complete Prebiotic

Microbiome Test

CG Oil

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This helped to balance my gut after a few weeks of intense antibiotics.
~ Joanne Pasetti

Great product and service, improvement in my skin within a couple of weeks after starting on the Kefir.
~ Paul Mortimer

Amazing quality. The soothing cream is a life saver for me. It keeps my skin healthy due to the benefit of probiotics...
~ Anna Rogers

excellent products that have healed my skin and allergies, I only have goat products now!

It works for me. The service is also outstanding thank you Chuckling Goat.
~ John

Very efficient - everything arrived quickly and as ordered
~ Ann

So far so very good. Only had this product for a week and already I can see a difference in my baby’s skin would recommend
~ Kristin watson

Great taste, fantastic results and very good personal service. I would recommend the kefir and the soap bars to anyone!
~ Christina

So easy to order and it came super quick too. Only soap my husband can use without making him itch so a big than you for that.
~ Denise Mitchell

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