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I don't know how I can put into a sentence or two about the difference in my health since taking your Kefir! It's amazing, I am like a different person. Thank you! For over 35 years I have had a persistent cough, over the past 10 years it has been chronic and has prevented me for doing so much! I had been given a magazine article a few years ago about Chuckling Goat I decided that was to be my way forward, to improve my gut health. I was hooked straight away on the amazing fizzy tart taste, and I looked forward to my morning glass of kefir. Alongside this I was drastically changing my diet, I have followed lots of your tips on Kefirise.com. And my cravings went. I lost almost a stone in weight. And lo and behold my cough went, not just improved but completely went! Silent! My energy levels improved. I now feel better than I have done for many years. I have stopped taking the antibiotics, I had stopped one inhaler and halved the dose on another, my peak flow is a steady 470! It almost feels strange not to have a cough, it had been part of me for so long. Thank you Shann, The Goats and everyone at CG. You have turned my life around. keep up your good work.

Linda Williams