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Spring Has Sprung

Spring is in full swing! The winds have died down, making way for sunshiny days, blooming flowers and babies from The Barn. 

With 33 ewes lambing and 13 goats kidding, it’s a busy season for our Head-Of-Barn, Jordan. Jordan and the Barn Crew are up early and to bed late, tending to all the expecting Mamas and fluffy newcomers. There are always beds to lay, hay racks to fill and the occasional birth to assist with. But best of all; feeding time! We have 10 bottle-fed lambs that are very much like human babies, needing regular feeds around the clock. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it, eh? 😉

Outside the busy Barn, the farmhouse garden is also full of life. Daffodils and bluebells springing up, greenery returning to the valley, and finally some blue skies! It’s a welcome sight and means Rich can crack on with new outdoor projects and maintenance work. 

In the kitchen, Shann and 5 year old grandson, Macsen, have been baking treats for our Friday Tea Parties (have we ever said we’re big fans of the 80/20 rule? 😉 ). By 4.30pm, the table is set with Emma Bridgewater teacups and plates, and coloured vases of spring blooms. As delicious as the brownies and flapjacks have been, my favourite thing about our family tea parties is watching the kids sit at the same table I sat at as a child, singing and chatting, gulping their mugs of ‘Special Tea’. 

New life, fresh hope, and more joy! Hoping Spring is good to you too xox

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