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Just a note to say I love the kefir! Can I drink more than the 170ml daily? I feel like I need to bathe in the stuff! I will be ordering more, probably with the soap and lotion, at the end of the month (pay day!).

Lisa Vara

I had been suffering from awful eczema on my face, round my eyes, and on my arms and neck.I was prescribed Eumovate, a strong steroid cream, and Fucidin, a topical antibiotic. along with Prednisilone tablets but these made my skin even worse, sore, inflamed and red, so bad I didn't want to leave the house. Being very depressed I began to search the web for something... anything that would help , and meant I didn't have to use those toxic treatments. I found your books on Amazon, read the reviews and bought both.I cried as I read about your husband's illness, but after reading both books from cover to cover I realised that there was hope. I bought your Soothing Kefir Lotion and began to drink Kefir. I stopped the steroid creams and followed your plan in the book, and within a few days I could see a remarkable change, no redness, no more flaking skin, and within about 10 days it was gone! My Dermatologist was amazed when I told him it hadn't been the steroid creams he prescribed that did it, but the Kefir cure. ! I then showed him your book, and he said he would certainly order a copy as he said he had "...never seen anything like it !" I tell everyone about your products, and take Kefir every morning, and drink Goats milk , and eat goats cheese too. My skin has never looked better, so thank you, goats, for giving me my life back. Please feel free to use my testimonial if it will help others.

Hilary Brand

Thank you very much for your help with the date change. Order arrived well today. I also would like to say a thank you to the couriers of recent times for taking the time and care to put the delivery in a good place when i'm not home.


Thank YOU! You, and your wonderful business have changed lives . Mine included. It's great dealing with someone in person and you and your team make me feel a part of your journey. Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. The world would be a little darker without you. Xx

Judy Hortt

Day 2 of the Kefir and loving the taste! I had feared the worst but was pleasantly surprised. I'm getting "hint of Alka-Seltzer meets milk" a good way! After 6 months on and off antibiotics and steroids for suspected chest infections, I thought it time to take a bit of responsibility for my health. After seeing Chuckling Goat on Back to the Land and trying some of the skin creams and bars, I knew it was a meant to be for me. I just need the Goats are Great t-shirt. 🙂

Sally Pitman

I recently purchased some of your Break-Out Kefir Lotion, and am delighted to say that it has worked wonders on my terrier Charlie. He has an allergy to (believe it or not) meadow grass which results in a red, sore itch tummy and legs. He has had various creams from the vet all of which are steroid based which is obviously not good for the little chap. I also purchased Shann’s book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Amazing strength of character and proof of what we can do with determination, the love for each other and with strong family support.

Christine Vincent

Hi thank you, we have bought your Break-Out Kefir Cleanser and Lotion which is great thank you for your time keep up the fantastic work you do.

Leanne Crook

I'm now 5 days into my first course and I feel sure it is helping my IBS. xx

Donita Mills

I love Kefir and I love this company. Delight to shop with and comes delivered and wrapped with love. x

Sky Hummingbird

I received my three week supply yesterday and got it underway, I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste, having read many people's comments I was bracing myself but thought I'd try o'natural to start with before mixing it with fruit etc..... no need I absolutely LOVE IT. Onwards and upwards 🙌🏻💖 thank you Chuckling Goat for a great product

Rachael Mia Allen

i love the taste, look forward to my cup in the morning!

Pat Hurley

The polish kefir might be cheaper but it's not made as pure or as healthy as the Chuckling Goat. So it's your choice whether to go for quality and pay that bit extra or cheapness and buy other. £1:50 might be fine if you want a not-so-good probiotic kefir. But if you've health problems or want the 'real deal' then you really need a top quality one as CG has, and goats milk is by far better than cows.

Helga Long

I just love the smell of the Calm-Down Kefir Cleanser. 🤗

Cherry Hamilton

I received my first order of your kefir last week and I have to say I absolutely LOVE the taste of it! In fact I could drink a bottle a day. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but I have slept like a log, my appetite has decreased and I've even bought the Stevia sweetener you recommend to replace sugar in my tea. I'm hoping it will sort out my sinus problems too. Will definitely be ordering more.

Wendy Johnson

You probably already know how brilliant this stuff is, but just wanted to say what a positive experience we'd had. I highly recommend it and believe pregnant ladies in particular would really benefit from it! We'd had all these problems with antibiotics and thrush from pregnancy and delivery. Well, this has totally saved us and our breastfeeding, when the doctors had basically said there is nothing more they could do and conventional medicine was contributing to baby failing to thrive. It's amazing 😍

Liz Meacock

I really like the taste of the Kefir on its own but also find that the banana ‘shake’ is delicious too. Keep reaching for the Break Out Kefir lotion to deal with ‘itchy spots and it seems very effective indeed.

Wendy Nuttall

The best thing I’ve ever had. I’ve suffered with acne for years and tried using all the best skin products to get rid of it, cut sugar from my diet (which helped slightly) and dairy and drank 2 litres of water a day but it still never went. The 5th day into the kefir course my acne started to disappear, I’m now on my second course of it and my acne has gone. All that’s left is a few small scars but I’ve noticed them reducing too from using the kefir tea tree soap and lotion. I’ve also had to take an allergy pill almost everyday for the past few years as I have bad dust allergies. Since I’ve started the kefir I’ve probably taken 2 or 3 pills so really looking forward to not having to take these anymore!! I couldn’t recommend this enough, everybody should purchase!! I’m going to continue my monthly subscription forever!! 🙂


I have suffered from stomach issues for a good few years. Within a week of drinking the kefir the difference was remarkable. I feel better. My stomach pains and issues have been dramatically changed. I feel as if I am regular and everything is better nutritionally. Having lost a considerable amount of weight over the past year this has now stabilised as I am gaining the nutrition from my food as my digestion has improved. Would definitely recommend. Have just placed my subscription as couldn't be without it now.


I am a big fan of your kefir and your lotion, my son had severe eczema and now thanks to Chuckling goat's kefir, his condition is now under control xxx

Sophie Lee

I haven't drunk milk since I was a child but I was having so much trouble with my guts I had to try something, I drink goats milk kefir everyday, it is nothing like drinking milk! Three months in and the difference in me is fantastic. I still have some problems but I know I need to change my diet more to help with this. It really is worth trying, I can't recommend it enough 😀

Sarah Stein

Looking forward to my next kefir delivery!! I am seeing results and love the goats milk taste! x

Barbara McCoy

Baby and parents have finally had 2 consecutive uninterrupted night sleep. After my sister applied the Baby Kefir Lotion of course! Baby also stopped scratching instantly which left us wide mouth in glee.

Aida Paez, New York

I was on omeprazole for a bit - I tried the coconut kefir and no benefit.... I tried this and I am off the omeprazole and off the gaviskon goopy stuff.. I just need four of the chewable high strength gaviskon before sleep .. but other than that.. the kefir has harmonised my digestion.. I do eat consciously and I don't eat after 5pm either.. which I feel helps.. def try the CG kefir!

Shivani Ruth Allen

CG Oil - Amazing - so impressed with the lab results too! Smells gorgeous and so reassuring to have in the house. Love it!

Jo Whitfield

I've told my consultant dermatologists, my GP, my nutritionist, my facialist, my hormone doctor and almost every colleague at work about Chuckling Goat. They have been really impressed with my skin's recovery from perioral dermatitis. Interestingly many of the medical doctors were not surprised as they are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of probiotics on skin. I'm amazed that they don't tell more patients to start taking it though?! Two of my doctors did take down your kefir details so that they can directly recommend it to their other patients from now on though :)

Gemma Evans

thank you my second batch of kefir arrived in perfect condition, my rosacea is disappearing in front of my eyes i no longer wear cover up. makeup. i now wear NO MAKEUP 😉 i will never stop drinking your kefir x

Clair McCulla

I’ve lost 5lb in 3 weeks and don’t have to get up in the night with Colitis anymore! Feeling great, thank you Mrs Goats xxx

Sue Hutton

I’m in love with your product, which is delicious and has considerably improved rosacea which I’ve suffered from for 20 years.

Kathy Beckerleg

I wanted to write something on the website about the kefir and the help that we have received from Shann and the staff at Chuckling Goat. I wanted others to know how this has improved my daughter’s health since we have been using it, which has been for the last 10 months. I have tried every health treatment from homeopathy to Chinese herbs, every lotion and every diet possible to help my little girl with her eczema, but nothing actually gave her the relief that the kefir has. My daughter has suffered from eczema since 4 months of age and was hospitalised at 6 months as she became infected through her eczema and her condition was critical. When she was hospitalised she looked like a heavily burnt baby. She was put onto strong steroids and numerous antibiotics to help her and from thereon in she was to remain on steroids. In December 2016 I came across Chuckling Goat and decided to give it a try. As a baby she would reject it and I had to build up her quantity one teaspoon at a time, one week at a time. 10 months later, she drinks the full 170 ml and seems to enjoy it as much as I do. Her skin has improved considerably and so has mine, but it has been a long hard journey. We stuck with it as Shann advised us to and finally we can see the results - beautiful soft skin! No longer is she a child that scratches herself to bleeding point, no longer does she have repeated infections, no longer do we dread walking into her room in the morning to see what state her skin is in, no longer do we hear her scream out when we bathe her because her skin is now healthy, unbroken and beautifully moisturised. Thank you to Chuckling Goat, you are all doing a great job and helping so many people including my beautiful little girl.

Ferengiz Walker

I struggled with the taste at first, probably because I was a complete sugar addict! I'm on my third course now and actually really enjoy it! :) Oh and I'm off the sugar! Thanks goats :) xxx

Jennifer Brown

I have just read your book The Good Skin Solution and have found it wonderful. First book I have read in ages in four days!

Elizabeth Higbee

Hi - I just wanted to say what good service you give! My subscribed order comes like clockwork and the delivery guy emails with a time slot its going to arrive in. So thank you for being so great!

Diane Broadley

I am taking this opportunity to say that the kefir has been ordered for my 6 yr old boy who has been suffering with severe eczema since very little baby (we had tried all sort as you can imagine from diets to medical tests to creams etc…) and he has taken to your kefir regime religiously and his skin has shown tremendous transformation :-).

Claire Berthier

Wow, you've made it to the bottom of the page! Don't worry though, we've got 100's more success stories you can read :) Just refresh the page and a fresh batch will be loaded up.