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it is definitely worth it - I have psoriasis and find the breakout cream good for when it pops up on my face, but taking probiotics in general is helping me. Good luck - they're a lovely bunch of people and will help you if they can!

Lorraine Moore

I started using the sensitive magic lotion as I had an eczema outbreak on my face and neck a few months ago. It cleared up the eczema in no time at all. Since then I use it in conjunction with the soap and my skin has never been so good.

Janet in Kent

I love my kefir from your lovely goats - wish I lived nearer!x

Janice Foster

I feel much better on kefir.

Alison Ingram

We started using chuckling goat cream bath melts and soap 6 weeks ago. After using every cream, steroids, bandages and uvb light treatment my 8 year old daughter is nearly free of eczema thank you so much we will definitely be ordering more to keep her skin soft xx

Becka Linsey

I received your soap Wednesday and I have to say it is lovely to use. It leaves your skin feeling soft and not dry like other soaps. Thank you.

Julie Lockett

It is day 20 of my 21 day course of drinking goat kefir and I just have to let you know about the wonderful results for my health! Three years ago I developed extreme digestive discomfort and an intolerance to gluten despite having a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. After taking the kefir all my discomfort has gone and I can even digest small amounts of wheat very easily. I feel much, much better. I will recommend your kefir to all. A huge thank you to you and the goats, of course!
Yours, Ruth  xxx

Ruth Taylor

Thank you Chuckling Goats and busy workers!
My order arrived this morning and is already in the freezer!
The photos of the goats cavorting in the luscious green fields looks idyllic which of course produces the lovely Kefir packed with goodness. Bless all you goats, Nutmeg and co-milkers.
Love to all


Just purchased a cleansing bar which I absolutely love. I have an oily skin and even natural products can leave my face feeling tight. The Kefir cleansing bar leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without the tightness. Would definately purchase it again. Thank you!

Donna Wager Brown

I've been drinking your product for four months and it has massively reduced the severe psoriasis I had to a few remaining spots - in 25 years the only thing that has temporarily helped has been UV. I am so excited about how this has helped. The dermatology department have cancelled my next round of UV treatment! 🤗🤗

Melanie Pullen McDowall

What fabulous products lovely smell and lived up to expectations I would recommend these delightful products to anyone!

Dawn Cirencester

My new batch of kefir has just arrived and I feel better just knowing it is here! Many thanks for my cleansing bar, it made my skin feel wonderfully soft xx

Lisa McGowan

Hi I have just ordered my 3rd lot of Kefir after having used your lotions since the beginning of the year. Thank goodness my lovely husband read about your products in a Sunday supplement as I was suffering with an undiagnosed skin condition which made me look ancient (like eczema) although I have never suffered with any skin problem in my life ! Was prescribed steroids lots of and antibiotics but nothing was working the skin on my face and hands was terrible and very painful and no one in the medical profession had an idea what was causing it. Ordered your lotion and skin became much improved then tried Kefir which is an acquired taste but am now actually hooked on it and have never looked back, my dermatologist cant believe it! It has been a miracle never thought I would look my normal self again so big thanks to you and the goats!!!

Sue Jepson

Go the Goats, I just love ya!

Mary-Adrian Ledingham

I cannot believe the overwhelming feeling of wellbeing since starting the Kefir. Thank you x

Louise McCulloch

After twice taking strong doses of antibiotics to clear an infection, it returned after 4 days which was frightening and depressing.
My daughter suggested I try the kefir milk from your lovely goats and, after 11 days of taking the milk first thing every morning, the infection cleared. I finished the 21 day course and felt so different – like a new person with a fresh start! Thankyou, Shann and your lovely goats.

Maggie Mockett

Hi guys, I ordered 3 combo packs a few weeks ago. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have tried everything for my eczema which is a symptom of this condition. This is my 14th day and the improvement is amazing! My son and daughter are also benefitting from your kefir, she has recurring tonsillitis, he suffers from urticaria, allergies and cysts. We love the soap and the lotion.

Josephine Tracey

Your order arrived and I wanted to give you some feedback on your product and it's unexpected bonus!!!
When I have run out of kefir I use an alternative probiotic. I have begun to think over the, last few months that when I use your kefir I am in a much better mood but I wasn't sure. I have just returned from holiday and have had terrible post holiday blues for the last week, I started taking your kefir this morning and my mood has lifted. I am convince that your kefir makes my tummy happy and improves my mood!
Thankyou for this amazing product
My one question is can I take it all the time?
My boyfriend wants to thank your goats for my happy personality !
Hugs and kisses to your goats

Jackie Morrell

Just purchased a cleansing bar which I absolutely love. I have an oily skin and even natural products can leave my face feeling tight. The Kefir cleansing bar leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without the tightness. Would definately purchase it again. Thank you!

Donna Wager Brown

My order arrived today - a whole 3 weeks ahead of schedule! Packed by Joli. The delivery guy insisted on bringing the boxes up 4 flights of stairs to my office rather than just leave it in our reception - nice guy ! The milk was still lovely and chilled and I had to fight to get my bar of "sooth itch magic cleanser" back, after opening the boxes in the office. So here goes......

Sal Richardson

Just read your newsletter and something said really resonated with me. I don't have eczema but when I'm taking the kefir I do feel so much better, calmer and sort of happier - a sense of well-being. My diet is no different but I stop craving sweet things too which certainly helps the diet! Definitely part of my day every day for now on.

Julie Meredith

(Kefir) I'm loving it.....even the strange fizzy tangy taste. Day 4 now and the heartburn and indigestion that I suffer daily has gone and I also have regular trouble with painful bloating and having to run to the toilet ......this has also calmed down even though it's only been 4 days....and I swear I'm sleeping better than I have done in years.....I'm sure the goat's have a touch of magic about them! ; )

Sonja Hewitt

Hello there,
Just wanted to say I received my sensitive skin and breakout toolkits yesterday which was perfect because I was going to my Daughters to visit and my Granddaughter who is seven, knew I had ordered these for her and eagerly awaited them as she has had an outbreak of eczema since I ordered and was very itchy.   When bathtime came ,off she went with her toolkit and immediately went into raptures as she felt the water with the bathmelt in wash over her skin and then more of the same as she lathered with the cleansing bar, followed by the magic lotion before getting into bed.   I don't know how it will go from here but what I can say is that it has been worth it so far to witness her joy in having such soft and moisturised skin.  She is away today for a weekend break with her Mum and I'm sure you can guess what she packed with her soft toys.
Thank you so much Shann, x


One of my grandsons and one of my granddaughters suffered from eczema. In the case of my grandson, his was on his skin, but worse, in his eyes. He could not go our in sunlight without the strongest sunglasses. I bought them both a 21-days course of milk and cream from you and within days my granddaughter, who is sixteen and very self-conscious, saw her skin return to that type of flawless that only the young seem to have. More astonishingly, my grandson’s eczema disappeared and he has been signed off from the hospital from his six-monthly visits for his eye condition. In fact he has now started playing rugby. I can only thank you for your help.

Howard Williams

After hearing Shann on Steve Wright I decided to take the plunge and order both the kefir, lotion and soap for myself and also my 7 year old Staffy Cross, Charlie.
I have suffered with the very stubborn palmar plantar psoriasis (palms of hands and soles of feet) for many years leading to painful cracked and blistered skin, especially on my feet in the last couple of years.  As with other sufferers I resigned myself to use the creams prescribed which thinned the skin and were revoltingly slimy to use
My staffy (Staffordshire terrier) suffers with itchy skin and has been having to have an anti-histamine every day - he was demented with the itching.
The kefir arrived and we started.  You are definitely right, it's not pleasant but it's a strange thing that you wouldn't get used to.  By day 4 I was just drinking it and it wasn't too bad at all, so definitely worth persevering.  Charlie had his mixed in with a little bit of goats milk.  I've waited till now to write as we're just finishing our 21 day course of kefir.
Charlie is scratching much less and his skin looks much better so we'll be continuing with the soap, sooth itch cream and the kefir for him.  He's a much happier boy. Your lotions are lovely and so incredibly soothing - are you thinking about much bigger containers?  I could be doing with it in 500ml pump bottle for every day use!
My skin is well on the mend - gone are the scaly sores.  They're still a bit pink but I just cant believe the difference in only 3 short weeks.  I'm so happy - I even went out in sandals last week!!!!  I've attached some before and after photos to show the difference.  I can actually just get out of bed and stand without having to wiggle my feet around to get them moving or they split.
On another note - I FEEL so much better.  I can't put my finger on it but I just do.  I'm getting out of bed in the morning and feel like I've slept well.  I've got more energy. My skin generally is better.  I feel content.
So, for me and my boy the future includes kefir every morning to start our day.  And to you, your team, and your wonderful goats, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  I can't believe the difference this has made to my life, comfort and general sense of wellbeing.
You're all stars!!!! XXX

Elisa Griffiths

My friend ordered me the sooth itch kit to try .... Love it all never been so soft and calm ... Love the bath melts ... So relaxing

Kirsty Wright

Quick line to say order received in good frozen solid order, thank you. The milk is lovely! Far superior to the supermarket variety plus drink it in the knowledge that the goats are well looked after and happy. Thanks again.


I am sleeping now and my digestion gap turned around after years of not sleeping and digestive issues. Yay! Drank goats kefir for 21 days.

Pandy Arthur

I love, love your kefir! I'm one of those 'weird' people who think it tastes great and it's my favourite drink in the morning! I really like its fizz too!

Tanith Dempster

My order arrived at 1pm ! Fantastic and thanks so much for this! My uncle tragically has been told he has cancer and our own studies have identified raw goats milk (amongst many other things of course) as a natural and alternative potential remedy. We are hoping this milk will do big things for us…Thanks again for an outstanding service and exceptionally friendly and responsive approach.


I have just read your latest posting from Elissa describing her psoriasis and showing pictures of her feet before and after treatment. I cannot believe that someone else has had exactly the same experience as me. My feet have been like hers for over three years. I have had a range of treatment from both the doctor, specialists and the hospital and nothing has worked. When you suffer from something like this, you feel that you are the only one who has ever experienced it. That you are quite alone. Thanks to you my feet are now in recovery and I can empathise with this lady in both the pain of the condition and the absolute joy of feeling better.  I too wore sandals on holiday two weeks ago, for the first time in three years. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Grateful regards,

Stephanie Davis

Thank you so much Shann team and goats! I have rosacea and mild dermititis. I placed my first order for kefir and soap and lotion in Feb 2017 and decided to come off the antibiotics I have been taking for years when the order arrived. Normally when I stopped taking the antibiotics my nose would be covered in very painful pussy spots so I was a bit scared. To my amazement within days my condition improved. I have since bought The Good Skin Solution and, although I have a healthy diet, have taken on board your suggestions. I have since ordered my 2nd batch of the combo - getting the order in before the Kate Humble programme because I had a hunch you would be inundated! I am so glad I heard about you. My doctor just kept prescribing me antibiotics which he said was safe to take for ever to keep my condition under control. You have helped me so much and given me hope. BTW I drink the kefir as it comes no sweetners! Love to you and the goats

Ros Wiltshire

I have just finished reading your book and would just like to say how inspirational and uplifting I found it! I can thoroughly recommend it. I am now eager to try the products!

Julia Phillips

Wow, you've made it to the bottom of the page! Don't worry though, we've got 100's more success stories you can read :) Just refresh the page and a fresh batch will be loaded up.

Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

I love, love your kefir! I'm one of those 'weird' people who think it tastes great and it's my favourite drink in the morning! I really like its fizz too!

Tanith Dempster