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I've been drinking your kefir for almost a year now and wouldn't be without it. It's helped me massively in rebalancing my gut after a period of extreme stress, during which I also had a nasty gut parasite. I suffered from dry, red and flaky skin around my nose and had very little energy for several years. Within a week of beginning my first course of kefir, my energy levels had soared and the skin around my nose was significantly less angry. I went on a 2 week long holiday in September and wasn't able to take your goats kefir with me. Instead, I raided health stores at my holiday destination which thankfully had kefir. Unfortunately it didn't help me nearly as much as yours does, and I noticed my gut really struggled, despite making focused efforts to eat well. It was quite a relief to start it again when I got home! Without breaking into an awards acceptance speech, THANK YOU! It's really changed my life - I can now work full time thanks to the increased levels of energy, and I can even go to the gym after work too!!


Shann's advice has been so amazing to my wife and I. Goat Kefir is something we now enjoy every morning. My wife and I are so much healthier and feel so much better after following Shann's advice. Thank you Shann and your wonderful goats.

Ronnie and Suzy Wright in Sugar Land, Texas, USA.

Greetings, I am writing to tell that I watched your part in Kate Humble’s and her Co presenter’s Television programme with interest as I have had a sore place on the lower part of my right leg for about 8 years .
I talked to my doctor and she was happy for me to try Break Out Kefir Lotion and immediately it started to heal up.She had been thinking that I might need a biopsy and so she was very happy to see that it had almost completely healed when I went to see her two weeks ago. I have just ordered my 2nd bottle and this arrived as did the first very quickly. I have had photocopies made of the interview that you gave the Radio Times and given one to my doctor and one to my Bowen Therapist as she has a teenage client who has eczema . I shall also pass a copy onto a friend who has skin problems. I have also sent a copy of your booklet to another friend who might find that one of your products might help her.
So a BIG THANK YOU and tell your team and the goats to keep up the good work.

Pat Morgan

Love this product...just started using it, but already a great fan!

Jayne At Mindfulofbeing

From what we see and hear - you are a wonderful boss and an inspirational leader -who cares deeply about all the CG staff, goats, customers and the environment. I hope the day you are beaten never comes - for you and Rich have built an incredible ethical business which can only grow wiser from such challenges.

Julian Alexander

Thanks again. I just LOVE the kefir. I am totally addicted to the taste! x

Ann Brosnan

I used the kefir for myself as I suffer with IBS terribly, the kefir helped like nothing ever before...I was stomach bloating, no cramps...just complete comfort and a normal tummy!! Fantastic!! My partner used the breakout lotion and soap for his Psoriasis, his legs were red raw but within a couple of days it was clearing up and not itchy any more...fabulous. I love your products and couldn't recommend them enough.....I should actually work on commission as I'm always recommending you 😂😂😂xx thank you so much for my new lease of life!! Xx

Caroline Debnam

I am taking this opportunity to say that the kefir has been ordered for my 6 yr old boy who has been suffering with severe eczema since very little baby (we had tried all sort as you can imagine from diets to medical tests to creams etc…) and he has taken to your kefir regime religiously and his skin has shown tremendous transformation :-).

Claire Berthier

The goats' milk kefir is delicious and fizzy. The explanatory booklets are very eye catching and easy to read. The whole personal story of the family and their journey to kefir and related products is heartwarming and uplifting. Packaging and delivery are both excellent. (5-star Google Review)

Helen Cherry

Many thanks. - clearly i am a convert!

Rob Gardner

thank you my second batch of kefir arrived in perfect condition, my rosacea is disappearing in front of my eyes i no longer wear cover up. makeup. i now wear NO MAKEUP 😉 i will never stop drinking your kefir x
clare mcculla

Clare McCulla

I 😍 goats and I love kefir

Lily May Flaherty

Break-Out Kefir Lotion has become my main moisturiser already. I suffer from Rosacea and this is the first time I feel like I’m getting a hold on my skin.

Camilla Wray

A MASSIVE thank you for my amazing products and of course my kefir milk. I am totally hooked on your magical products and will be a regular customer...always. My life is quite simply changing for the better, when I thought there was no hope you turned my life around, bless you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.... love and hugs to all the beautiful goats too!

Jacqueline Seed

I’m intolerant to cows milk proteins but this stuff doesn’t cause me any problems, it even even eases the symptoms when something does trigger a reaction!

Gemma Avery

I am beyond excited... In fact I think I have "goat fever". I am part way through my second course of Kefer and I am very pleased with the results so far. The inflamed and flaky skin on my legs has improved massively. I still have scarring but I am hoping this fades with time. My energy levels are great and the rest of my skin looks great like it's had a good refurbishment. I am drinking a bit more than the third if a pint daily. I have no problem with the taste and texture. The other thing that is adding to my excitement is I have just taken delivery of my silicone molds to freeze the bone broth I am about to make for the first time. Thank you do much Shann for all the tips and advice you share. You and your family/ goats/ work force are a true inspiration to me.

Anne Smith

Hadn't heard about you until you popped up on my timeline 6 days ago. I made a general enquiry, was impressed & this morning enjoyed my first taste of your Kefir! I'm looking forward to the benefits & wish you continued success ☺️

Debbie Maidwell

Break-Out Kefir Lotion is my favourite... I love this product for my skin... before this i has such bad spots even at the age of 38 I still suffered... since I have been using this product in conjunction with other products, I have had the odd one but nothing to what I was having.... this lotion is light on your skin not sticky and makes your skin so soft...
Thank you goats your products are wonderful....

Liz Gill

For a long as I can remember I've suffered from really bad eczema; set off especially by certain products like artificial colours. I had tried so many thing to cure it but nothing seemed to be working (and I really wanted to keep away from steroid creams and the like). I then saw your company on the TV and thought I may as well give it a go! It's helped so much its like a miracle and I've also noticed my skin has become much clearer of any spots as an added bonus!

Saffia King

Kefir has cured 2 of my family members hay fever. It really does work.

Michelle Jeffrey

Oh dear, on my last bottle already, time to re-order!

Kirsty Leitch

Been drinking the kefir and putting it on my skin. Acne loads better within a week. 👍 thank you

Kim Lloyd

Love, love, love this stuff! My skin feels the smoothest and softest I can ever recall. Particularly effective around knees and elbows. Used along with the cleansing bar (which is also fabulous) and a daily glass of Kefir, I feel great inside and out!

Jill Gada

I am new to Chuckling Goat and so far I can say you are one of the friendliest most approachable companies I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with...keep it up...and keep chuckling...😊

Evonne Turner

Dear Shann Nix Jones
I have just finished reading your book, 'The GSS', and am so very grateful to you.
You are very readable and cutting edge. I am filled with hope for improvement in my health and wonder at all the good work you and your goats have done.
Huge hugs and heaps of gratitude!

Annie Booth

Hello :) I just wanted to say thank you ..the goats milk kefir is amazing! I was recommended to try the Break Out Combo by a friend as I have suffered with eczema since... forever! For the last 6 months my hands have just been constantly itchy, dry and cracked.. it's very painful and I'm sure I've tried every steroid cream going..nothing worked! However I've had my first course of the goats milk kefir and it's fantastic.. it's nearly back to normal now, so I've ordered a second batch today! I love the soap and lotion as well it has really helped with my hands recovery. Big thanks to your team and cute goats :)

Emma-Louise Prestidge

The Break Out Melts are lovely. Skin so soft and feels hydrated. Iv had bath melts in the past and found them too greasy but these are just right. Smells great too😃❤

Jacinta Phillips

Just WOW <3 kefir your guts, its amazing <3

Paddy Hanson

The Soothing, Calm-Down and Break-Out Kefir Lotions are all in my 14-year-old sons bedside drawer, yes really! He loves your products and has great skin for a teenager. He has a chronic condition of all airborne allergies and drinks a course of kefir when he gets particularly fatigued too. (We also had) a the bottle of CG oil we have just used up as I was in hospital for bowel surgery. The nurses thought it was wonderful. I'll be buying some more bottles soon as a present to my surgeon along with a course of kefir for myself for when I start chemotherapy in 3 weeks time.

Jayne Wolstenholme‎

You probably already know how brilliant this stuff is, but just wanted to say what a positive experience we'd had. I highly recommend it and believe pregnant ladies in particular would really benefit from it! We'd had all these problems with antibiotics and thrush from pregnancy and delivery. Well, this has totally saved us and our breastfeeding, when the doctors had basically said there is nothing more they could do and conventional medicine was contributing to baby failing to thrive. It's amazing 😍

Liz Meacock

I have to tell you that things are going great here! My skin is sooo much better! I actually can't believe how quick it is. I have been taking the kefir continuously for just over 2 months. I am following the diet - just eating my sorghum bread now! Most of my body used to be red and inflamed but now it is white and I can see freckles I never knew I had! I still have some issues on my legs - but that is nothing compared to what it was! I didn't even get round to taking pics of my body as I thought it might take 6-12 months to heal!
I understand that things may be up and down and I may have more flare ups - but I honestly am so happy with the changes so far. I am wearing short sleeves just for the sake of it as it's something I haven't been able to do for a long time! I still have a way to go but I'm going to stick with the diet and having kefir. I am sleeping lots better and don't have to put on cream half so much. I seem to crave fats - things like houmous and falafels. I love goats cheese! I know things will take time. Thank you again! So happy so far!!

Lisa Springgay

I can't believe how well it's working! -I couldn't walk a few weeks ago!

Stephanie Robinson

I recently purchased some of your Break-Out Kefir Lotion, and am delighted to say that it has worked wonders on my terrier Charlie. He has an allergy to (believe it or not) meadow grass which results in a red, sore itch tummy and legs. He has had various creams from the vet all of which are steroid based which is obviously not good for the little chap. I also purchased Shann’s book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Amazing strength of character and proof of what we can do with determination, the love for each other and with strong family support.

Christine Vincent

Wow, you've made it to the bottom of the page! Don't worry though, we've got 100's more success stories you can read :) Just refresh the page and a fresh batch will be loaded up.

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Good Afternoon Chuckling Goats, my delivery arrived safely —thanks to you all.
Well I must say to you all how impressed I am with the way your Kefir is now bottled!! The bottles look wonderful with pics of you in the beautiful countryside Very pukka. They stand beautifully in the door shelf & look splendid when I open the fridge. Goodness me what an improvement you have made. The new booklet looks very smart. The break out lotion in use immediately & smells very nice as does the oil —just about to soak my feet!

Jean Charrion