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Any other rosemary shampoo I have ever tried has been too harsh, but not your cleansing bar. It seems I can use it on face, hands and hair and nothing bad happens. Quite the opposite- I can actaully see my skin healing. Then I tried the lavender calm down lotion, and this I regard as almost miraculous. I read that the goats milk and Kefir are anti-inflamatory. So I decided to try the lotion on a painful swollen ankle and Achilles tendon that's been giving me problems since I sprained it months ago. In a week it has healed almost completely, and the lump on my Achilles has gone. So I had a sore throat last week, and, thinking I had nothing to lose, put some calm down lotion on my neck where it was swollen and painful. It got better literally within minutes, and the persistent chesty cough I have had since Christmas is also almost better. It's also worked on a couple of spots I had on my face that wouldn't clear up. This stuff is amazing! I'm going order some more, and also some of your tea tree and thyme lotion, to see if it's equally miraculous. I really had no idea how terrific your skincare would be for so many other things. I think you undersell its wonderous properties...So I just wanted to say thank you to you and the goats. I've tried to many things, only to be disappointed, I almost can't believe how great your products are.

Claire Warwick

Have to say the skincare has made a huge difference already and I have only just started. โค๏ธ

Julie Price

My IBS went away after one week this kefir is wonderful

Susan Price

Great, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Having struggled to have a successful pregnancy thus far, I do credit kefir with me getting to 18 weeks so thank you!

Sara Friend

I use the kefir because I have auto immune illnesses and it really made a massive difference last year, so having a top up as christmas, stress and over work has taken its toll.

Lynn Hempsall

This is the best probiotic I've tried to date ๐Ÿ˜Š xx

Jade Mackie

I gave my cousin the bath melts for her birthday this month she says they make her skin nice and soft, I use the soap and I love it.

Margaret Wilson

Many thanks. - clearly i am a convert!

Rob Gardner

I received your shipment of the CG oil and used it already . . . OMG, I had this bad cold sore starting on my upper lip so I put 1 drop in my tea and POOF it went away. Then I put 1 drop with hand cream on my eczema and POOF its gone. Your oil is amazing. Glad I heard your interview on Hay House. I also bought your book. Thanks for sharing.

Deb Hubert

I have just read your book The Good Skin Solution and have found it wonderful. First book I have read in ages in four days!

Elizabeth Higbee

Love love love your Kefir and just heard you on HayHouse Radio! I can't have dairy but goats milk has been fine for me. So great to hear that you are spreading your message even further. Ordered your skincare and can't wait to use it. Thanks Shann!!

Manelle Connolly

I have one description for your goats milk kefir which I received on Friday: " Pure Nectar"

Diana Altman

We as a family love Chuckling Goat! We rely on the products all the time and have used them since early 2015 for:
Gut issues - proctitis (symptoms gone!). Keeping up the milk regularly.
Verrucas - put break out cleanser straight on to verrucas for a week at bedtime and leave. Gone!
Kefir to treat our lovely labrador after steroids and antibiotics for an adder bite. A good recovery and her coat glows.
Cleansing bars for all the family to help keep our skin looking good.
Thank you Chuckling Goats, your products work!

Natasha Shuter

Hello! I'm a happy subscriber and on my 3rd round of kefir...feeling better all the time and my eczema on my hands has just started to turn a corner too. Yay! I'm working on a log standing gut issue of ulcerative colitis - which has improved recently too - as well as psoriasis and eczema....and I've just started adding powdered collagen to the kefir too. All work in progress but I am hopeful that I will be healthy inside and out soon! THANK You to you all on the farm xx

Amanda Norland

Hadn't heard about you until you popped up on my timeline 6 days ago. I made a general enquiry, was impressed & this morning enjoyed my first taste of your Kefir! I'm looking forward to the benefits & wish you continued success โ˜บ๏ธ

Debbie Maidwell

This is massively helping in clearing up my acne!

Claire Elizabeth

Thank you Shann. As a company I can't get over the support you and your team provide to customers. I am in my final year of nutrition and run a busy health spa so I will forever be recommending your products to my customers.

Emma Cahill

In less than a week my eczema has been transformed after weeks of sore, itchy, and scared skin I have my hands back again. A true skin miracle.
Thank you so much.

Deb Damestani

I am really enjoying the kefir and the effect itโ€™s having on my skin!

Sophie Wells

We recently tried your kefir for the first time. My husband has suffered with his digestion for several years, and an appendectomy and ileal resection in February made things even worse. Having heard about kefir on the BBC I started searching for it, and ordered a batch from you. We shared the first four bottles - I can't tell a lie, we struggled with the taste, and my husband ended up drinking his portion in sips through the day rather than a whole glassful for breakfast. However, it seemed to be making a difference. Last night I ordered our second batch of your kefir. There is no delicate way to put this. My husband said "with that stuff I've had my first proper solid satisfying poos in years." He is very happy :-). I think we will be converting to a subscription very soon.

Tessa Weaver

Hello - just wanted to drop you a note to feedback how well received this product has been by my husband. After having suffered a cardiac arrest 3 years ago, with all the medication he now has to take , he's had facial skin outbreaks. This has knocked his confidence. After having tried various products - over the counter & via pharmacy - this cleansing bar is already having great results, after just a few days' use. I've ordered a couple more :-) Glad I came across your website. Thank you

Helen Kerr

The kefir made me feel wonderful.

Karen Hughes

Brill, love all your products. Even got my mother in law using them..... even when she said she never would. Xx

Liz Gill

I am already enjoying good results with the lotion, easing a terrible itchy back, so thank you.

Alan Lang

Thank you for the lovely tour of your farm last Friday. Richard was lovely and it is obvious he is in love with the goats. It was great to see how everything was produced and meet the team who make it all happen. Keep up the good work and love to the goats.

Sue & Mick Lord

We should be thanking you and the goats..drinking the milk with kefir has changed my life.. โ˜บ๏ธ

Angela Elizabeth

I have started using your Baby Kefir Lotion a couple of days ago (twice daily head to toe) on my 13 month old son who has very bad eczema in place of hydrocortisone and hydromol ointment prescribed by the dermatologist. I am delighted with the result already. It has only been five applications, but my baby has stopped the constant scratching. He is calmer and sleeps better too.

Sophie Lee

I notice so many benefits when I take kefir especially for my IBS. I've nearly finished my first three week supply of your kefir and I'll be ordering more. It's much easier than making it myself. I wasn't very good at keeping an eye on my own batches as I am too busy. I actually find it benefits me much more if I take it at night instead of morning. My sister who has recently been diagnosed with Chrohns takes it at night too and also finds it much more beneficial.

Anna Christina Gibson

Truly amazing results for my pygmy goat who has been suffering with demodetic mange so I've been battling to get rid of the bacteria and yeast that the mites produce. I've been using Benzyl Peroxide shampoo until last week until I found the Pot of Gold at the bottom of the Rainbow alias "Break out Cleanser" ! Karol (my goat) and I can't thank you and the goats enough it has made his life so much more comfortable even after just 2 washes and he smells super gorgeous too! If you have a pet with any skin problem then I really cannot find the words to recommend this product.....Unbelieveable!

Yola Wilson

The goats' milk kefir is delicious and fizzy. The explanatory booklets are very eye catching and easy to read. The whole personal story of the family and their journey to kefir and related products is heartwarming and uplifting. Packaging and delivery are both excellent. (5-star Google Review)

Helen Cherry

Husband has been using calming lotion on both red and inflamed and itchy legs. Now they are less red and not itching. Ordering more!


The Break-Out range is my favourite. I love it because it's pure, gentle and smells amazing (and so does my bathroom!), thanks to the thyme & tea tree essential oils. Happy for my skin to be chemical free for the first time in 30 years after suffering with acne & rosacea. Huge thanks goats ๐Ÿ xx

Becky Soens

Love and have enjoyed recommending your book. Wish you great success. All Looks gorgeous!

Khristina Evans

Wow, you've made it to the bottom of the page! Don't worry though, we've got 100's more success stories you can read :) Just refresh the page and a fresh batch will be loaded up.

Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

The skincare range from Chuckling Goat is amazing! I've had dry flaky skin on my face and psoriasis on my scalp for as long as I can remember. Over the years I've tried so many creams and lotions and nothing ever managed to shift it. After a couple of weeks using CG's 'Soothing' range (soap and lotion) it has completely disappeared. Totally gobsmacked. Smells lovely too! Thanks guys! Also, on my first order one of my bottles of kefir was damaged in transit. I sent an email and was immediately sent another bottle no problems. Great customer service :)

Rich T