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I am now at the end of the second week of the three week Kefir course and my skin is the best it has been in 17 years. The kefir is working brilliantly. Thank you so much.

Alex Finlay

Hello! I'm a happy subscriber and on my 3rd round of kefir...feeling better all the time and my eczema on my hands has just started to turn a corner too. Yay! I'm working on a log standing gut issue of ulcerative colitis - which has improved recently too - as well as psoriasis and eczema....and I've just started adding powdered collagen to the kefir too. All work in progress but I am hopeful that I will be healthy inside and out soon! THANK You to you all on the farm xx

Amanda Norland

I have been taking Kefir for 6 days now and I already feel better with my bloating. I hope I am not dreaming as even antibiotics fail to deliver this kind of result in just 6 days.

Kulvinder Bhamra

Thank you so much for all your help. Your customer service is second to none, it really is a pleasure dealing with you.

Andrea Janusch

Your products are AWESOME, as a pharmacist I am recommending them constantly, you give people so much when all else has failed them.

Teri Allen

I always have my Soothing Kefir Lotion with me . It's my go to product if my skin needs any love and perfect if I've had to much sun as well . So cheers to goats everywhere in the world 🐐 share the love x

Deb Robathan

Just started the third 21 day course of kefir and I sailed through the first two courses. The difference in my skin though is amazing, I'm still experimenting with which cleanser and lotion suit the best (Calm Down is the frontrunner so far) however I've stopped using the Retinol and Vitamin A products and my skin is clearer and smoother. Now I can spend the money I've saved on those products on Kefir and I've had better results with the Kefir cleanser and lotion!

Mary Head

Husband loves Kefir so am now ordering more!! Love it. Bloating gone, tummy very settled. Skin glowing! Thank you to you and all your goats.


I love, love your kefir! I'm one of those 'weird' people who think it tastes great and it's my favourite drink in the morning! I really like its fizz too!

Tanith Dempster

Instead of looking rashy and inflamed after a bath, my skin is calmer already – v impressed with the Bath Melts as nothing else has worked this well!


Break-Out Kefir Lotion has become my main moisturiser already. I suffer from Rosacea and this is the first time I feel like I’m getting a hold on my skin.

Camilla Wray

I really like the taste of the Kefir on its own but also find that the banana ‘shake’ is delicious too. Keep reaching for the Break Out Kefir lotion to deal with ‘itchy spots and it seems very effective indeed.

Wendy Nuttall

I’ve suffered with psoriasis mildly since my early 20s. However the last three years it has literally taken over my whole body. After taking the 21 day course of kefir goats milk my skin has transformed! The build up of skin started slowing down within 3 days of the course and improved daily. Now I have smooth, clear, healthy looking skin! A huge thank you for allowing me to show off my legs and wear shorts for the first summer in many!
I’ve ordered another course just to ensure that it doesn’t return. The soap and lotion are so mild and nourishing on my skin that I will never use any other product. I have also swapped my cows milk for goats milk and I much prefer the clean taste of the goats milk.
Thank you guys, thank you goats!xx

Amanda Briiten

I was born with eczema and my skin is so much softer. Last year I just took it every 3 months, but I found it wasn't enough. So I am on my 2nd dose this year, with just a break of a couple of weeks or so

Sallyann Taylor

i will continue buying your products forever, and my mother is ordering next. as shes amazed at the results that i have had. sensitive one was fab love it, x

Clare McCulla

Husband loves Kefir so am now ordering more!! Love it. Bloating gone, tummy very settled. Skin glowing! Thank you to you and all your goats.


I have been using the lotion on my face because I have rosacea. My skin is slowly beginning to look better. The kefir is delicious and I'm sure it makes me feel less anxious, is clearing my skin. It's fantastic.

Mary Cain

I have rosacea and having read your book The Good Skin Solution, I decided to try your products. I'm halfway through the first batch. Already there's a difference in my skin and the lotion is lovely. I'm awaiting my next batch. I would like to keep you a secret, but tell everyone who has a problem skin. The other benefit is that the anxiety I woke with every morning has appeared to have left me. That is the best feeling.

Mary Cain

We love all the baby kefir range we use all the range everyday! It has been life saving for 2 sisters, Darcy who is now 4 has had eczema from a baby and has had to wear steroids cream every single day of her life! So mum went on a hunt to find a cure n did lots of research nothing worked and when baby Beatrice (soon to be 1) came along the same happened with her but much worse she had to be covered head to toe in steroids then mummy was looking for a good probiotics for our guts and came across this so she ordered and it's the best thing we have used along with the kefir milk! We no longer have steroids on everyday instead we have this cream on twice a day and kefir every morning!! it's amazing! Mummy thinks it tastes of mc milkshakes wen mixed with banana n stevia! Cream smells divine and unique and is so soothing love the pump dispensers too keeps fresh! Love the cleansing bars to not drying at all like lots of natural soaps! Never write reviews or comments unless something is amazing or outstanding 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻x

James Powner

Hi Shann, I just wanted to thank you for getting back to me when I emailed you about my son & myself suffering with hay fever. I went ahead for my son & he took 2 back to back courses of kefir. The result has been nothing short of a miracle! He has enjoyed his best summer for years. With his GCSE year looming next year, the relief is enormous to know that I am, & more importantly he is, sure we've found the solution to miserable summers. Thank you to you & the goats.

Louise Mills

I am so grateful that I heard about your wonderful products. I am ordering my second batch of Kefir milk, I also tried the lotion and heavenly bath melts. I feel so good and happy to be alive when I wake up in the mornings now! Thank you so much for the healing you and your beautiful goats give to so many people. Incidentally, I love the taste of the milk, I drink it just as it is and it is a delight.

Lynn Gail

With the kefir, my skin has improved and the rash, probably fungal, under my arms is improving with the lotion. I've been able to stop using steroid cream. I have been so impressed with your company. I love the whole ethos. It sounds like like such a happy place, making products with love and care, whilst caring for animals and humans alike.

Janet Manning

Just want to say thank you for your wonderful lotions. I suffer from Varicose eczema on my leg and creams from the doictors have done nothing. I used to scratch until I was bleeding but since my first application of your lotions, I have used the Soothing Kefir Lotion and Calm-Down Kefir Lotion, I have had no itching, no dry skin or any problems at all. The redness has gone down and my leg has not looked so calm in a long time. Thank goodness for you and your goats.

Lesley Beff

I'm loving my kefir so far and spreading the word, I'm taking it for tummy issues but within 2 days my eczema/dry skin patches had vanished! Also I've had improvements with my cystitis and skin too!! And for anyone worrying about the taste, it's really not bad at all! (and I seriously don't like goats cheese) Thank you!

Cassie Henderson

just thought you'd like to know - 3 weeks of IBS (a new experience for me) gone completely after3 days of your Kefir.
Thank you!

Leonie Clark

I do feel the warm connection.....all the way to my micro biome. Thank you CG!

Karen Daws

Hadn't heard about you until you popped up on my timeline 6 days ago. I made a general enquiry, was impressed & this morning enjoyed my first taste of your Kefir! I'm looking forward to the benefits & wish you continued success ☺️

Debbie Maidwell

Many thanks to your intrepid driver who managed to get my kefir through the catflap AND standing upright so saved it from yesterday's 30' heat!

Liz Gerhold

Hello :) I just wanted to say thank you ..the goats milk kefir is amazing! I was recommended to try the Break Out Combo by a friend as I have suffered with eczema since... forever! For the last 6 months my hands have just been constantly itchy, dry and cracked.. it's very painful and I'm sure I've tried every steroid cream going..nothing worked! However I've had my first course of the goats milk kefir and it's fantastic.. it's nearly back to normal now, so I've ordered a second batch today! I love the soap and lotion as well it has really helped with my hands recovery. Big thanks to your team and cute goats :)

Emma-Louise Prestidge

Fantastic products by fantastic people with a level of customer service that is second to none! #justsaying

Tammy Says

I am coming to the end of my 3rd course of kefir and it is AMAZING!! My skin, hair & nails have become strong and shiny! I have more energy than I've experienced in years and am able to walk around every day, covering more than 1000 steps daily when I'm at home with no appointments to attend. I'm sleeping better and feeling so much better in my usual daily activities and I have the energy to complete tasks I was unable to even consider a few months ago! At my Physio class I have amazed people who have known me for years and been able to note the amazing changes in me since I started using kefir. I think that everybody is stunned when I tell them it's not medication but kefir that has made the difference. I am so blown away by the effects that Kefir has brought about in me. Many, many Thanks for keeping me fit and healthy- as far as I can hope for with my MS. My consultant neurologist is dumbstruck as my MS is choosing to take a route that is so definitely NOT the way MS has ever been on before! I have really enjoyed being the "mystery" that has confounded all the science and neurological minds in South West England!! I cannot thank you and your goats enough for the life altering effects of Kefir!!

Virginia Williams

It's worked wonders for me.

Kim Nicholson

Received my3 for 2 on kefir lotions/ creams. It's only been 24 hours and my eczema on my fingers has gone down! No heat, or itching 😊 Thank you lovely goats xx

Stella Hemingway

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Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

For the last six weeks we have used your chuckling goat skin creams and soaps on our Westie and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in his skin condition. All the areas which were bald from biting have now got hair growing back. He is so much happier and so are so we. Thank you

Luci Bedwell-Lee