The Kefir Program

To receive maximum benefits from our live kefir, we suggest that you follow our Kefir Program. This includes drinking the kefir, along with applying it to your skin in the form of our exclusive kefir cleansers and lotions. All our kefir products are made by hand here on our UK farm in Wales, from real goats milk and live kefir grains.

Step 1 – Drink Kefir.

  1. Restore – Our kefir comes in 21-day courses. Decide how many courses are needed, depending on the severity of the issue:
    • Level 1 Mild – One 21-day course
    • Level 2 Medium – Two 21-day courses
    • Level 3 Severe – Three 21-day courses
  2. Maintain – After the kefir has done its initial work, we recommend that a maintenance course four times a year, on a seasonal basis: winter, spring, summer and fall.

Step 2 – Apply Kefir Skincare

Choose your level, again depending on the severity of your issues:

  1. Level 1 Mild – use our Sensitive Kefir Cleanser + Lotion. No essential oils.
  2. Level 2 Medium – use our Soothing Kefir Cleanser + Lotion. Rosemary essential oil.
  3. Level 3 Severe – use our Break Out Kefir Cleanser + Lotion. Thyme & tea tree essential oils, age 12+

To make it simple, we offer combo packs of drinking kefir + skincare