Watch Our Chuckling Goat Videos

They’re short – only around two minutes apiece. These videos attempt to capture the rotation of the year on our farm, giving you a sense of how the wheel of the seasons turns for us, as we move with our animals and our farm through nature’s changes. You’ll also see how we make our award-winning kefir, soap and skin cream. Enjoy!

Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

Three weeks ago I started to suffer a very sore throat which lead to an outbreak psoriasis all over my arms, legs and back. Aat the surgery in Boroughbridge they diagnosed me with a virus which should be treated systematically. A friend suggested to try your product as I was at my wits end. I went online and ordered your cream which I used on one leg only and the other leg I used the Dovobet. Upon the doctors examination, I pointed out that one leg was almost healed and the other wasn’t. He was quite surprised and told me to continue using it whilst the penicillin kicks in.
So thank you very much, you’ve got a fantastic product and as soon as I’m finished my antibiotics I shall be ordering more of you products.
Kind regards.

Yvette Langton