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Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

Thank you. Doctors have been trying different creams and ointments on the itchy spots that suddenly appeared last December on my back, stomach, buttocks and thighs. I was in a sorry state, sleepless night and continually itching. I am still waiting to see a dermatologist to try find out what is causing this. Luckily I read your article in the YOU magazine.

I started with the Breakout pack, which helped a bit. Then I thought I would try the Mighty Healing melts, They are really magic, almost straight away there was relief and the spots/sores are healing nicely.

If my appointment for the dermatologist doesn’t come soon, they will have nothing to see. just scars. I just hope they can find out why they suddenly errupted and what it is/was.

Thank you again Shann for being such a clever lady.