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your skin is hungry. feed it!

Your skin is a natural eco-system. Like all natural things, it needs feeding!

Our award-winning skincare is designed to heal and nourish your skin with natural ingredients including our own raw goatsmilk, probiotic kefir, honey, oatmeal, herbs, roots, and aromatherapy essential oils.

Everything is made by hand, on the farm. Our products are all free from any nasty dyes, perfumes, parabens, petrochemicals or phthalates.

For serious or persistent skin conditions, we recommend that you team our healing skincare with a 21-day course of our powerful probiotic kefir. This will re-populate your internal microbiome with the good flora it needs to heal your skin, from the inside out.

21 Days to Happy Skin!

PLEASE NOTE: Our little business has just experienced a tsunami of orders after the lovely article came out in Daily Mail YOU magazine, and our book became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. We are responding to this challenge with all possible speed – we have hired on two new members of staff, brought 60 new goats in from Holland, added two new computers and a new shipping system…and we’re still digging an avalanche with a teaspoon! We are so grateful for every single order and every email – and we are doing our level best to respond, pack, wrap, ship and make soap, cream and kefir as quickly as we can. However, there is no automation here – just willing humans hands and animals. We don’t stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap – we still make everything with love in small batches, and like all good things, that takes time. The queue for skin care products is now around two weeks, the queue for our kefir is more like 6.  IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY TO WAIT IN THE QUEUE, PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER!  Thank you for your patience and support of real products, from real goats, on a real farm! ; )

For more information, click on your skin issue on the toolbar, or ring us for a chat on 01239 654 072. Our products are available from Fortnum & Mason and Nutricentre, Regents Park, London, or can be shipped directly to your door, anywhere in the mainland UK. Or use our click-and-collect option to collect directly from our shop in Cardigan, Wales. If you place a click-and-collect order, you will be contacted to let you know when your products will be available to collect.

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Our story began when our little boy, Benji, kept getting terrible bronchial infections. Rich, a Welsh farmer, knew that goatsmilk is good for asthma and bronchial conditions. So we got our first goat, a lovely black and white Anglo Nubian named Buddug. Drinking Buddug’s raw milk cleared Benji’s asthma, and his inhalers were put away in the back of the cupboard!

To use up the surplus goatsmilk, Shann learned how to make handmade goatsmilk soap and skin cream – and this cleared Benji’s eczema! We also learned to make a powerful Eastern European probiotic  called kefir, famed around the world for its immune-system boosting properties. Demand for our naturally healing remedies began to grow. So we took a deep breath, quit our day jobs and launched our little online business. Everything was sunny until Rich came out of hospital after a major operation with a 10-inch abdominal incision infected with MRSA.  The doctors couldn’t help, and we feared for his life.

Using natural ingredients, we managed to clear Rich’s condition, and save his life!

We are now working with the Innovation Sector of the Welsh Assembly Government and the scientist researchers at Swansea University to explore, further test and develop our powerful natural healing remedies. You can read more about our journey in our book, Secrets from Chuckling: How a Herd of Goats Saved My Family and Started a Business that Became a Natural Health Phenomenon. Book now available for pre-order!

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award 2012

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award for the Best Digestive Health Product in the UK, Best in Natural Health, Beauty and Well-Being

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award 2013

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award for the Best Digestive Health Product in the UK, Best in Natural Health, Beauty and Well-Being

Free From Skin Care Awards 2014

Bronze Award in the Problem Skin Category in the third annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards.