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Atlas Microbiome Test was developed by an international team of scientists and reviewed by the Scientific Board of Advisors.

Take the test in the privacy of your own home and drop it in the nearest post box. You will be guided through your results by a friendly nutritional adviser who will answer all your questions. End result: a  personalised, evidence-based eating plan to boost the health of your gut microbiome.

For ages 18+. Laboratory results may take up to 6 weeks to process.

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Find out what’s actually going on inside your gut with our Microbiome Test, and then learn how to repair the problem with our therapeutic-grade, award winning goats milk kefir, winner of the Best New Dairy Drink in the World, International Beverage Awards 2018.

You don’t need another one-size-fits-all diet. Instead, you need a personalised, science-based nutrition plan that tells you which foods you need to eat, to boost the health of your own gut microbiome.

Chuckling Goat, the UK’s #1 gut health experts and kefir manufacturers, now offer an easy-to-use Microbiome Test that you can take in the privacy of your own home.

Peek inside the mysterious world of your gut biome and learn how your gut diversity compares to the general population, as well as the level of protection you have against diseases like diabetes type 2, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and obesity. Discover how well your gut bugs are processing fibre and synthesising essential vitamins.

But even better – every scientific finding is distilled into a list of practical, everyday food recommendations, so you can literally eat yourself healthy. Simply work your way through your recommended food list, consuming each food at least once a week, to help repair your microbiome and boost your gut health.

Your results will be explained to you during a free consultation with one of Chuckling Goat’s nutritional therapists.

Get gut healthy – let food be your medicine.

Test price includes a free consultation with our certified nutritionist, who will explain your results. You will also receive a downloadable copy of your results. View a sample Microbiome Test Report here.

What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the collective name for the enormous colonies of microorganisms, both beneficial and neutral, that coexist with the human body, mainly inside your gut. It’s estimated that there are one quadrillion/septillion, or 10 to the 24th, bacteria inhabiting the gut microbiome. All those living organisms have a huge impact on your health.

Your gut microbiome impacts how well you digest your food, and how many nutrients you are able to absorb. It also controls the function of your immune system, protects the body from pathogenic microbes and helps stabilise weight, improve mood and increase stress resistance. The composition of your gut bacteria depends on what you eat every day, meaning the everybody has a unique microbiome profile. It can also be influenced by other factors such as your living environment, antibiotics and stress. Even if you eat a good diet, your microbiome might still lack the ability to synthesise specific vitamins or breakdown dietary fibre.

The microbiome has been a mysterious place – until now!

Our affordable home test kits will give you the answers you’ve been waiting for, to questions including the following: Which foods should I be eating to improve my microbiome? Your gut ecosystem is under constant attack by antibiotics, sugar, stress and environmental toxins, which damage your gut microbes just as pouring bleach into a river kills the fish. Microbiome testing will analyse the diversity of your inner ecosystem, and provide food recommendations to help bring back its biodiverse health.

Which vitamins and supplements should I be taking?

Microbiome testing will determine the ratio of bacteria in your gut that produce vitamins and short-chain fatty acids that support intestinal health. If certain strains of microbes are compromised, your ability to synthesise those vitamins will be impaired, and you will need to supplement.

How much fibre do I need to be eating?

Your gut bugs thrive on resistant fibre, breaking them down into short-chain fatty acids that help protect the gut lining and prevent inflammation. Microbiome testing will show you if your microbiome is receiving enough dietary fibre to perform effectively.

How well is my microbiome functioning to protect me from disease?

Patients with issues like obesity, type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and coronary heart disease tend to display have specific ratios and types of bacteria. Your results will determine the level of disease protection currently being offered by your microbiome. You’ll also learn which foods will help enhance the growth of protective bacteria inside your system.

How does it work?

Your test kit will be shipped to your door. You provide the bio-sample and ship it to the lab, where your results will be processed within 4-5 weeks. When your results are ready, our qualified nutritionist will talk you through the results, in a free private consultation.

Why is it important?

Your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint. The mix of bacteria in your body is different from everyone else’s mix. It’s determined partly by your mother’s microbiota, the environment that you’re exposed to at birth and partly from your diet and lifestyle. To find out how to boost your gut health, you need to know how your individual microbiome is performing, so you can find out exactly what you need to do in order to support it.

Complement your kefir journey.

When you put trillions of really live fresh probiotic cultures into the gut with their own prebiotic soluble fibre, you empower your gut to fight back against threats like infection and pathogens. Just as in the planetary ecosystems around us, a healthy microbiome is a diverse microbiome. The more strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast inside your gut, the stronger your microbiome. Learn which foods and vitamins will help your kefir do its good work inside your system.

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