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Our commitment to the ecosystem…

At Chuckling Goat we believe in ecosystems. The health of any ecosystem is measured by the number of relationships in it. And so we value our links to our animals, our team members, our partners and our clients. Whether the ecosystem is inside your gut or outside in the planet around you, the rules for looking after it are the same:

  1. Love it.
  2. Feed it.
  3. Don’t poison it.

Our goal is to leave things better than we found them! So here’s how we’re working to achieve that.

Director & Founder

Happy Goats

Happy goats need a healthy farm. Natural farming methods give us the best quality milk for our natural skincare.

Natural Ingredients, Natural Processes

Only natural ingredients go into our products, such as essential oils, beeswax, herbs, goats milk and kefir grains.

Better Packaging

We believe that using plastic just once is wrong. Our packaging is designed to be easy to recycle.

Less Waste

We don’t want our waste going to landfill. By working with our suppliers and improving how we do things we have reduced our waste by over 80%.

Working With Our Suppliers

We work with a number of carefully selected suppliers. For example, we’re proud to partner with Delamere, who provide us with fresh, pure goats milk to make our kefir.

A Great Place To Work

Our new dairy, packing room and offices are great places to work and very energy efficient. Better for us and better for the planet.

Our Team

Valuing people and the contribution they make is at the heart of the Chuckling Goat ethos. A happy team means quality products made with commitment and pride.