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CG Science in the News

Here at CG, what really gets us going is good science! We love the process of collaborating with brilliant scientists at prestigious universities, and getting exciting evidence-based results. Founder/Director Shann Jones MBE is fully committed to pushing forward the boundaries of our knowledge about the human microbiome. Shann passionately believes that good science is the mechanism that transforms vague theories into real information – so that real people can transform their own gut health! On a good day, all this investment, hard work and dedicated effort can result in a published scientific paper- and sometimes it even makes the headlines. Here are some of our proudest achievements, representing months and even years of quiet graft in laboratories all over the UK.

New research proves that your Chuckling Goat daily gut health smoothie has “profound effects on emotional health”

New ‘striking and enlightening’ pilot research indicates a daily synbiotic drink – the combination of Chuckling Goat Kefir + Chuckling Goat Complete Prebiotic – can reduce fatigue and improve focus within six weeks of intervention. Participants reported a noticeable decrease in daytime sleepiness and an increased sense of immersion and engagement in their work. More importantly, they experienced an uplift in their overall life satisfaction and a heightened sense of flourishing.



Chuckling Goat and Swansea University Medical School Discover Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Goat’s Milk Kefir on Placental Cells in Groundbreaking Study

This collaboration between Chuckling Goat and the Healthcare Technology Centre at Swansea University Medical School set out to examine the impact of goats’ milk kefir on the biology of the human placenta/trophoblast cells in vitro. The trophoblast is part of the outer layer of a blastocyst, providing nutrients to the embryo and developing into a large part of the placenta. It plays a crucial role in the implantation of the embryo and interacts with the mother’s immune system, which is essential for a successful pregnancy. The study demonstrated that kefir does have an anti-inflammatory effect as noted by the decrease in inflammatory cytokine production (IL-6 and IL-8) without having any negative impact on trophoblast proliferation and growth.