Fresh Goats Milk Kefir – 21 Day Course

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Live, active and fresh goat’s milk kefir direct from the farm.

Our kefir is freshly handmade onsite with live kefir grains and is sent out ready to drink. It’s made in the traditional Russian style and recommended by Dr Michael Mosley on BBC2's Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

The entire process of making this traditional drink, from milking the goats to bottling the kefir, is all done by hand on our family farm in Wales.

Imagine that your gut is an overgrown garden – this is how you landscape it!

£39.95 every 3 weeks

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How the subscription works...

By subscribing you can be sure that you always have kefir in your fridge. A box of kefir lasts 3 weeks (if you have 170ml per day), so we ship you out a fresh box every 3 weeks. If you require a different schedule or have questions give us a call (01239 654 072, weekdays, 9am - 4pm) and we will be happy to help you out.

There are no commitments; you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Click here for more info.

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48hr dispatch, gluten free, vegetarian

This is a 21-day course, consisting of four 900 ml bottles. We recommend that you consume 170 ml minimum every day, first thing in the morning before food.

Our kefir is pure and free from any flavourings or additives. It has a naturally tart taste and fizzy texture.

RAW MILK KEFIR: Most of our kefir is made with pasteurised milk. However we do occasionally make batches of kefir with raw milk, for our clients who are raw milk fans. This is a limited-availability product, and cannot be added to a subscription, as we cannot guarantee a delivery date. If you would like to order raw milk kefir, please phone us on 01239 654 072.We will take your order by phone, and place your order in the raw kefir queue. When we have accumulated enough orders, we will make a vat of raw kefir. Please do not order this product if your order is time-sensitive, or you are not happy to wait for the product.

PLEASE NOTE: Warfarin and kefir are not a good combination, as kefir is very high in Vitamin K, which de-stabilises the warfarin. However we have recently been informed that a recent generation of blood thinner called Edoxaban may not be antagonistic to Vitamin K, and therefore can be used while taking kefir. This is a conversation that you should have with your GP.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend taking kefir and immunosuppressants at the same time. This is a serious decision that you will need to make in cooperation with your GP.


What Is Kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk product that originated in the Black Caucasus Mountains of Russia. Kefir is now a billion euro industry in Russia and Eastern Europe but has only recently become widely available in the UK.

Kefir is a tart, fizzy beverage similar to drinking yoghurt in texture and consistency, Kefir has “non-transient” bacteria that survive the digestive process and powerfully impact the gut microbiome.

Our kefir is a live product and will not go “off,” but will simply continue to ferment, getting stronger over time. We recommend that you consume 170 ml every day, first thing in the morning before food.

To support the action of the kefir. we suggest that you avoid sugar, cow dairy and high-GI processed foods, and add good fats to your diet during this time. For more dietary suggestions, see our blog You can also find more information in our video or our #1 best selling book The Good Skin Solution.


How kefir can help you?

Inside your gut sits 2 kg of bacteria called the microbiome. Imagine your microbiome like the Amazon rain forest, full of lovely little life forms. This tiny inner ecosystem consists of trillions of friendly bugs, whose job is YOU! These little critters work hard every day inside you. They break down the food you eat, turning it into building blocks for bones, skin, muscle, organs. But like any ecosystem, this fragile natural ecosystem is vulnerable to damage. The things that damage your microbiome are antibiotics, sugar, stress, and environmental toxins. We call this “dysbiosis.”

Your skin is really just a map of your gut – and disorders like eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea are all autoimmune disorders, that sit in the gut.

So you’re going to have to heal your gut, to heal your skin!

Kefir contains multiple strains of live friendly bacteria that replenish and restore your microbiome. The Good Skin Solution means drinking kefir and applying kefir skincare at the same time. This regime helps your gut biome and your skin biome – and gets great results!

How should you take your kefir?

We suggest that you drink 170 ml of kefir first thing in the morning before food. The idea here is that you’re giving those nice friendly bacteria a clear run at your gut, so they can settle in. It’s okay to drink tea or water with lemon first; just don’t have food.

Does kefir taste good? Not so much! Kefir is not a milkshake, but a medical food. It’s tart and fizzy. We make it completely free of sweeteners or flavourings, which decrease the power of the microbiotics.

Some of our clients find that they end up really craving the sharp, fizzy taste of the kefir on its own. If you’re struggling with the taste, try blending it up with a banana and sweeten with stevia to taste. If you flavour the kefir this way, please drink it immediately and do not let it sit overnight, as the fructose in the fruit will damage the microbiotics over time.

Stevia is the only sweetener I recommend using with kefir. Stevia is natural, comes from a plant, is zero calorie and is safe for diabetics. Most important, it does not damage your microbiome. In fact, stevia is not really a sweetener at all – it just stimulates the sweet sensors on your tongue. So you experience sweetness – with none of the downsides!

I do not recommend maple syrup, agave, or honey to mix with kefir. Maple syrup and agave are high GI, which disrupts your microbiome. Honey is a natural antibiotic, which interferes with the good microbiotics in the kefir.


What makes our kefir so special?

We make Chuckling Goat kefir in the traditional Russian style, by fermenting pasteurised goats milk with live kefir grains. This ensures that our kefir is very powerful, safe, and contains only the beneficial strains from the kefir grains themselves. Although the milk base is pasteurised, the kefir itself is a live product. Our kefir is safe for pregnant women, infants and elderly people with compromised immune systems.

Dairy products boost the power of microbiotics, which is why we choose milk for the base of our kefir. Scientists have found that goats milk is more beneficial to human health than cows milk. So that’s why we use goats milk! ; )

Kefir is far more powerful than a dried microbiotic. Kefir contains many different strains of live bacteria, thriving in their own environment. If you have been taking a powdered or pill-based microbiotic, you may stop; you will no longer need it.

Our kefir is made from pasteurised goats milk, so can be consumed safely by pregnant women, children and elderly people with compromised immune systems.

Our kefir has been tested and found to be effective by Aberystwyth University. It contains (among others) the following strains of friendly bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens
  • Lactobacillus kefiri
  • Lactococcus lactis
  • Leuconostoc garlicum
  • Leuconostoc lactis
  • Prevotella
  • Enterococcus faecium

How to open your kefir

Our kefir is super-strong, live and active. This is what makes it so medically potent – but it’s also what makes it so difficult to physically hold in a bottle.

Our current bottles do (usually! ; ) manage to contain the fermentation gases completely during transit. But this means that the fermentation gases are ready and waiting to burst out of the bottle when you open it.

Now at this point, big commercial companies might just add a drop of chlorine bleach to the kefir, to kill the fermentation and render the kefir inert….

But The Goats aren’t happy with that idea, and we’re not going to do that. We believe that the kefir needs to stay live, powerful and potent, for maximum impact on your health.

So it becomes a matter of care and management, to get your kefir safely out of the bottle and into your system.

Here’s what we suggest:

  1. When you receive your kefir, put it straight into the fridge and allow to settle for 3-4 hours. Although kefir will not go “off” at room temperature, it will continue to ferment – and this may make the opening process more explosive. Store it in the fridge for the duration of your course. Keeping it cool will slow the fermentation process.
  2. When you’re ready to open your kefir, rinse the outside of the kefir bottle and dry it.
  3. Place a large bowl in the sink, and put the bottle in the bowl.
  4. Have a cup ready to hand.
  5. Pointing away from eyes at all times, carefully ease the lid open until the gas and kefir begins to escape. The kefir will run down the sides of the (now-clean) bottle into the bowl. Wait till the flow slows, and then ease the cap open a bit more.Repeat this step until the flow has stopped and the lid is off.
  6. If the kefir begins to spit out horizontally, pop the cup upside-down on top of the lid. This will contain the escaping kefir and force it to flow downwards, towards the bowl.
  7. You may use the escaped kefir as needed for your first dose or put it back into the bottle.
  8. Replace the lid, and put it back into the fridge.

Once the initial load of fermentation gas has escaped, you should be fine. But continue to open the bottle with care, each and every time! Remember that your kefir continues to ferment inside the bottle.

Note: If your kefir is not explosive, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with it. Because kefir is a natural product, there is a wide variation in the taste, fizziness and consistency from batch to batch. What remains constant is the beneficial bacterial load – which is the important bit! ; )


Goats milk
Kefir grains


900 ml

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48 reviews for Fresh Goats Milk Kefir – 21 Day Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    mefox77 (verified owner)

    Another 5 star review, what can I say. This natural Kefir really is a game changer! I truly believe it would benefit literally anyone in some shape or form. I quit using Topical Steroids 4 years ago and have been suffering from TSW for a while now, my skin wasn’t as bad as when I quit, but it just wouldn’t fully repair itself, that was until I started drinking Kefir on a daily basis. I have noticed an huge improvement, thanks for all your advice Shann! Your number 1 Fan!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      So glad that you had such great results with the kefir and have been able to stop using steroids – really happy to have been able to help!xx

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    sellis1997 (verified owner)

    My husband and I are both fifty years old and are very healthy, we eat only organic food, lots of vegetables and some fruits, we don’t eat sugar or cows dairy, wheat or meat or alcohol. We excercise and cycle most days. We didn’t think we could really improve on our health until we saw your advert and decided to try a course of your kefir. We cannot believe how amazing we felt even after a few days!! We had no health issues to sort out but we have even more energy now than before. We are so impressed with your product, your service and your staff and we are now buying your kefir for our daughter who is working hard at university.
    Thank you Chuckling Goat 😊

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Brilliant, thanks so much for letting us know! Kefir will continue to offer its rewards over time – please keep us posted and let us know how you all get on – Best, Shann

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Candy (verified owner)

    The best thing I’ve ever had. I’ve suffered with acne for years and tried using all the best skin products to get rid of it, cut sugar from my diet (which helped slightly) and dairy and drank 2 litres of water a day but it still never went. The 5th day into the kefir course my acne started to disappear, I’m now on my second course of it and my acne has gone. All that’s left is a few small scars but I’ve noticed them reducing too from using the kefir tea tree soap and lotion. I’ve also had to take an allergy pill almost everyday for the past few years as I have bad dust allergies. Since I’ve started the kefir I’ve probably taken 2 or 3 pills so really looking forward to not having to take these anymore!! I couldn’t recommend this enough, everybody should purchase!! I’m going to continue my monthly subscription forever!! 🙂

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Candy – Goats are thrilled to hear that the kefir has helped with your acne and allergies – so happy for you, and so pleased to have been able to help! Hugs from the team – x

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zoe Millard (verified owner)

    i started to take Kefir, as it came recommended from a friend. Having suffered from heartburn, acid reflux and acne all my life, I really wanted it to give me a kick start into a new lifestyle and healthy eating. i was fed up of ‘fad’ dieting, dropping weight then putting it all back on, calorie counting and attended the likes of weight watchers, slimming world – none of which worked for me – it was unsustainable, so i kept reverting back to my old ways of scoffing food as and when.
    it has kick started us into a new lifestyle, that now i would never go back to.
    Thanks you to Shann and the team for putting up with my emails, and more importantly introducing me to a new way of life.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Zoe – Great to hear from you, and congrats on kick-starting your new way of life! Hugs from the barn – Shann + the Goats

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter (verified owner)

    I have had patches of eczema all my life and was actually born with some on my forehead. It’s not ruined my life, but has been a source of irritation for decades to varying degrees, and three years ago was involved in an allergic reaction which became quite dangerous. I read Shann’s book, ‘The Good Skin Solution’ after seeing it reviewed in the paper, and it’s no exaggeration to say that there has been a total transformation in the condition of my skin. So far I’ve had two 21 day courses of Kefir and am intending to at least have four per year. From the advice in the book I have switched all dairy to exclusively goat, i.e. butter, cheese, milk and yoghurt. And the eczema has gone, after decades. I note what Shann says about getting into green spaces, especially forested, where plants are producing phytoncides and am going to step that up. The only thing I haven’t done yet is to get down to a farm and pet some goats, but I fully intend to, because thanks to Shann the cuts that often appeared my fingers are not there any more so I won’t be worried if I pet a mucky goat!
    The Kefir is unusual but when you get used to it I find it quite delicious and refreshing, especially first thing in the morning.
    And if you haven’t read the book, everything in it is set out clearly with brilliant explanations, even of the complex human immune system. This farm must be benefiting a lot of people if my experience and others on this site is anything to go by and I for one wish them every success and long may it continue.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Wow Peter – thanks for this! Goats and humans are thrilled to hear that you’ve had such a brilliant result. Keep taking those forest walks and come and visit us on the farm – goats would be honoured to be petted!
      Hugs from the barn,
      Shann + the Goats

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dimple (verified owner)

    I’ve had one 21 day course of kefir and looking forward to receiving my next one. I have a patch of eczema, skin prone to spots, dry scalp and slight acid reflux I’m hoping kefir might help to improve! Although I haven’t noticed any major changes yet, I have to say I look forward to drinking this every morning and actually like the taste! It just tastes like a fizzy yogurt to me….don’t be scared of it!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Dimple – Thanks for the good words – the kefir should really help with your eczema, spot and acid reflux, as those are all signs of microbiome damage. Keep going – as I’m sure you know, you don’t really look for strong results before 9 weeks. Glad you’re enjoying your kefir! ; ) Best, Shann

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Margaret Newton (verified owner)

    Have just ordered another 2 courses as I have nearly finished first 21 days and I’m so happy with improvement of my problem I suffered from terrible diarrhoea after eating any food and it was worrying when I needed to go out . I am hoping if I carry on I will get even better results. I have already recommended it to others and am so glad I watched Trust Me I’m a Doctor Thankyou all.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Margaret – So thrilled to hear that you’ve had such great early results with the kefir, that it’s resolving your tummy problems and giving you peace of mind! Brilliant. Please do carry on, as you will get even better results over time – let us know how you get on. Best, Shann

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hi there, on day 11 of kefir and it is certainly getting easier to drink. I don’t think I have had any side effects other than intense bubbling and fizzing in my stomach on the first day. Pretty sure it’s helped my gut heal after a nasty virus. Think i need to double my order next month because my husband wants to try it now. Just wondering about the alcohol content of kefir? Has it been measured?

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Nindi – Glad the kefir has helped! Our kefir has been cultured for 48 hours and contains between .08% to .1% alcohol. Best, Shann

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emma Bradford

    I have various autoimmune issues. We never used contraception from the age of 22 but my health issues were stopping me from conceiving. I took a course of kefir in march/ april 2015 and fell pregnant in May 2015. I was 28. After 6 years we were finally blessed and i am absolutely convinced the kefir did this (nothing else had changed). We now have a happy healthy one yr old and i am prepring to take another course in the hope of baby number 2. It can’t hurt! Thankyou so much.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Emma – Great news – I’m so glad that you feel the kefir has helped you to conceive! Kefir is safe to take during pregnancy, and drinking kefir before, during and after pregnancy is the very best thing you can do for your baby, as baby gets his microbiome from mum. Science shows that taking kefir during pregnancy decreases baby’s chance of being born with eczema by nearly half, more info here: Best, Shann

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    I.Stanga (verified owner)

    As cows milk is the most mucus producing substance on the planet, goats milk Kefir instead of cows milk Kefir is a highly recommended replacement. It would be nice if Chuckling Goat also ventured into the business of producing goats butter which is hard to come by in the supermarkets. M&S sell it in tiny, expensive, 124gm packets. So how about it Chuckling Goat?

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi – You’re right, cow’s milk is the most mucus-producing substance on the planet! Which is why we make our kefir with goats milk. Will not be making butter hnowever – it takes a lot of milk to make a tiny bit of butter, and we haven’t got enough to spare, as it’s all in high demand for the kefir! ; ) Best, Shann

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    May i ask – i have been on.the kefir for 34 days. I have read that vit k2 is good for broken capperlies/vessels. Not sure if its a placebo but i see mine dissapating. Could there be a link with the kefir at all or am i wishful thinking.. thanks!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Marie – No, you’re not imagining things – the kefir is great for broken capillaries and blood vessels. Kefir is very high in Vitamin K. The “vitamin K cycle,” in the body is known to regulate the coagulation of blood – clotting. It’s also suspected of helping keep calcium out of the body’s vessels and in its bones, which has particular ramifications for postmenopausal women for whom loss of bone density is a nagging issue. So kefir helps with all these things. Keep going – you’ll see even better results over time! Best, Shann

  12. Rated 4 out of 5

    Louise Chambers (verified owner)

    Hi can you help me I have been on your Kefir now for nearly 21 days at first no side affects but now I am noticing I get up
    in the morning go to the toilet as usual then take my kefir and within 4 mins have to rush back to the loo initially when I started
    this didnt happen. I do have a small bowel than normal as had to have a third removed a year ago. I feel alot better in myself for the Kefir
    but need some advice should I perhaps reduce the amount I take and should I stay on it or have a break this is my first 21 day course Many thanks Louise

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Louise – This is perfectly normal temporary detox, as the kefir does its spring cleaning work on your insides. Don’t stop – keep going for at least 9 weeks before you look to see a strong result. You’re headed the right way! Best, Shann

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kelly (verified owner)

    I love the taste of your kefir – i have been on it now for a week. Just ordered my 2nd batch. Look.forward to it in the mornings I am 32 – have suffered with clogged pores acne since 21 was on antibioctics orally and externally for years on and off without thinking of the consequences.. i was young i guess lol… It goes through stages of good/bad. It only really ever cleared up when i was pregnant. Can you recommend how long i woukd benefit take this for please?
    Also not sure if you would know. But ever since my 2nd pregnancy i have been having problems with my eye. (Chalazions) to be thats right.. confused me too.. i never heard of the thing tell it happened to me! They say this is inflammation/ blocked oil etc. Do u think theres any connectiom.with gut issue.. sorry .. thought id drop that in just in case.. thanks

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Kelly – Glad you’re loving the taste of the kefir! The most powerful anti-inflammatory you can have is a healthy gut, and kefir is the way to achieve that. So it will help with your acne and your eye inflammation, which are both connected and signs of microbiome damage. If you’d like to have a chat, please give us a ring on 01239 654 072. Best, Shann

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wendy Morrell (verified owner)

    Hi I just wanted to say I have suffered with esophageal candida for over a year, medication was useless and I also developed acid reflux and lost weight because there was little I could eat that didn’t affect me. I ordered your kefir milk and just had faith that this was the answer. After three weeks of drinking this I now don’t suffer with these problems and I have so much energy, I feel amazing. Thank you so much .

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Absolutely brilliant news Wendy, the goats are so pleased that the kefir is working so beautifully for your candida and acid reflux! Three weeks is a very quick result – usually we say at least nine weeks before you look to see results that strong. Suggest that you keep going, you’re going to be feeling fantastic by the end of 9 weeks! Please keep us posted and stay in touch – Best, Shann

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lara (verified owner)

    My teenage son has been suffering with acne for around the last 2 years and he’s tried every product going culminating in a prescribed antibiotic cream from the drs which made is skin raw, inflamed and itchy (it was the worst thing he’s used). My friend recommended your kefir products as it miraculously cured her psoriasis so thought we’d give it a go. The difference has been amazing! Along with the kefir milk every morning (which he initially gagged at but eventually got to like!) he’s been using the break out skin bar and lotion. His skin is smoother, the spots have subsided and now the old scars just need healing. I’ve just ordered another batch of milk to give his immune system another boost (especially as we all had the dreaded norovirus over Christmas) and he can’t wait for it to arrive. Would highly recommend it for acne sufferers – thank you!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Lara – So pleased that the kefir and Break-Out Kefir Cleanser and Lotion have worked so well for your son’s acne! Tell him to keep up the good work – if he’s has such great initial results, he should be looking really good by the end of 9 weeks, which is the recommended period to start to see serious results. He should continue to use the Break-Out Lotion even after his skin is clear, as it helps with scarring, and the thyme essential oil in it kills acne bacteria and prevents re-current infection.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fatima (verified owner)

    I suffer from Tinea versicolor which is so difficult to handle at times especially when it itches and spreads all over my body. The yeast infections goes out of control and I’ve found it so hard to keep it in control. However since I’ve discovered kefir and ordered a 21 day course and stayed healthy, I must say, the infection has left me for now. I pray it leaves me for good. Funny how I can’t get enough of kefir. I consume about 250ml a day just too boost up my body with good bacteria.
    Thank you
    P.s: the kefir to me taste like Jack Daniels lol love it😂😬

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Fatima – So pleased that the kefir is helping with the tinea versicolor! As I’m sure you’re aware, this is a fungal infection of the skin caused by yeast over-growth. It is an auto-immune condition, and kefir is terrific for re-balancing yeasts and bacteria, and boosting your immune system, so I’m pleased but not surprised that you’ve had such a great result. Good luck and keep us posted! (ps – Must admit I’ve never heard it compared to Jack Daniels, but glad you’re enjoying it! ; ) Best, Shann

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fatima (verified owner)

    Lovely taste. Thank you

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Glad you like the taste, Fatima – I do too! shhh…don’t tell anyone! ; )

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    My rating is for Kefir I had drink in Baltic countries and Russia . I surprised you advising customers to drink only 170 ml a day ! That is not a medicine …That is too small amount.
    We always drink one glass on morning and one glass at night ( before bed ) That is 500ml in 24 h.
    Your 7 small bottles will be enough just for one week course – to feel happy and stay healthy !

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Saule –
      Very interesting to hear that in Russia you drink 500 ml in 24 hours. We learned to make our kefir from a Russian doctor, which is why we leave it pure and unflavoured, and make it with real grains. I must admit that I drink larger amounts myself on the farm… good to know! We admire the Baltic countried for their knowledge of these things. You’re right, it has only recently come to the UK, and we’re loving the benefits!

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Margaret (verified owner)

    I’m in my first week of kefir which I ordered after coming across the book on Amazon. I’ve suffered from IBS for years as well as depression so I’m hoping this works well for me, I’m fed up as tried so many other things, none of which worked. Your kefir has such fantastic reviews. Acquired taste but not too bad really, think my IBS has already calmed down a lot, including bloating, which drove me crazy. I was wondering can I still take multivitamins when taking kefir, or will this counteract the effect. Also I normally have blueberry so or raspberries with activia yoghurt , is this also something I should remove due to being dairy product. I will order a second batch soon so I don’t run out will this take longer coming up to xmas. Thanks so much.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Margaret – Glad the kefir is already helping with your IBS! You should see great results at the end of 9 weeks. It’s fine to take multivitamins. I wouldn’t take the activia – there’s no need, as kefir has stronger probiotics, and activia is made with cows milk, which is allergenic. Bleuberries and raspberries are great, just toss them into your kefir and make a smoothie. Good luck and keep us posted – Best, Shann

  20. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laura dacey (verified owner)

    Just a little message to say thank you for the recent order of kefir. I found that after the third day it’s taste is quite pleasant and love the info leaflets you get with the order! I’m taking it to help with general immune health as I work in a hospital and find that twice a year I get really bad viruses. Although I have picked one up recently I seem to have bounced back within 2 days instead of two weeks plus, with no time off work!! Many thanks for the option to have raw milk also😊

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Goats say you’re welcome, Laura, so glad the kefir has boosted your immune system and helped you fight off your seasonal virus so much more quickly! As you’re working in the hospital, thought you might be interested in the science that shows why the kefir is so effective at preventing further infection. (See link below). Turns out that putting good bacteria in the gut, as kefir does, keeps the immune system primed to more effectively fight infection from invading pathogenic bacteria – a bit like keeping a car ticking over. Also glad to hear you’re enjoying our new offering of raw kefir – if you’re a raw milk fan, we know that nothing else will do, and we aim to please!
      Thanks for keeping us posted –
      Best, Shann

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tanith Dempster (verified owner)

    I love, love your kefir! I’m one of those ‘weird’ people who think it tastes great and it’s my favourite drink in the morning! I really like its fizz too!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Welcome to the club Tanith, don’t tell anyone, I like it too! ; )

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard (verified owner)

    Received my first order yesterday, (ordered on Sunday and arrived Friday by courier). I tried my first glass yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the taste as i find it quite pleasant! I have been plagued by a troublesome tummy for years and found the Chuckling Goat website after hearing it mentioned on the radio one day. Too early to say if it is working for me yet but my tummy does feel a bit calmer today.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Richard –
      Great news, thanks for letting us know! I actually find the kefir quite nice to drink as well — shh, don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret! ; ) Keep going and please do keep us posted as to how it works for your tummy over time.
      Best, Shann

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    Irene Hand (verified owner)

    I am just coming to the end of my first 21 day supply of kefir and am amazed at the changes I have experienced. I started off squeezing into a size 16(not overly large I know), carrying a fair amount of the weight on my abdomen and stomach, getting easily out of breath and generally feeling lethargic and sluggish. By the end of the first week I had noticed positive changes – clothes were slightly looser, sleeping better- and now I feel like a different person. I have so much more energy – no more feeling breathless just carrying the laundry upstairs, my clothes are looser, and I think a lot more about my general eating habits. One unexpected outcome is the positive impact on my mental wellbeing. I thought I was a generally optimistic person but since drinking kefir I feel as if I am a high dose of happy pills – apparently kefir can help balance your hormones.
    My husband is experiencing some digestive problems so I have introduced him to kefir and we will both continue to enjoy it as part of our daily diet.
    A brilliant product which I am recommending to friends and family – in fact my aunt has just started her first 21 day course.
    Thanks again for a brilliant and potentially life changing product.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Fantastic news Irene, so pleased that the kefir is working so well for you, please do continue to keep us posted! x Shann

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    lynn (verified owner)

    I am so grateful that I heard about your wonderful products. I am ordering my second batch of Kefir milk, I also tried the lotion and heavenly bath melts. I feel so good and happy to be alive when I wake up in the mornings now!
    Thank you so much for the healing you and your beautiful goats give to so many people. Incidentally, I love the taste of the milk, I drink it just as it is and it is a delight.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Lynn – So lovely to hear that you’re enjoying the kefir, lotion and bath melts! I like the taste, too – shh, don’t tell anyone! Best, Shann

  25. Rated 5 out of 5

    Margaret (verified owner)

    I have just realised that I have been having your kefir for my breakfast nearly every day for a year now, since I heard you on Steve Wright. It is a sad start on the days between finishing my last bottle and waiting for the new ones to arrive. It has become my preferred breakfast, with banana, berries, dash of coconut water, oatmeal, chia seeds, beetroot & turmeric. It is my go to drink before running. I love the tangy sharp taste, it gives my morning a boost. Thanks Shann.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Margaret – So glad that the kefir is working so well for you! I too drink it every day – depending on what kind of day it’s likely to be, sometimes I have two! (ssshhhh… ; ) Best, Shann

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah (verified owner)

    I have just finished my first 21 day kefir, I have endometriosis and it has really helped me. I have slept better, have had so much more energy, no acid reflux and feel better in general. I will definitely be ordering again and recommending to my friends and family.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Sarah – So thrilled that the kefir has helped the endometriosis and acid reflux! That’s brilliant news. The goats will be dancing in the barn!
      Shann + the team

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Graham (verified owner)

    Used it for a month, helped me massively with my gut and also my psoriasis, was a wise investment and would happily buy it again. Thank you. Repeat customer guaranteed!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Great to hear that the kefir has been so helpful with your gut and your psoriasis Graham, goats are so pleased for you! x

  28. Rated 4 out of 5

    Rach (verified owner)

    I’m on my second round of the kefir and the first time round it worked wonders for my acid reflux and general gut discomfort. Bloating was all but eliminated. This time round after finishing my 2nd course, my acid reflux is back under control but bizarrely my bloating is ten times worse, which I don’t understand as it worked so well last year! I’m not put off at all as it worked so well the first time, but just not sure why it wasn’t such a fab cure this time round. Sad face…will try again in the near future!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Rach – My guess here is that you’ve suffered some additional microbiome damage in the intervening year. Stress, antibiotics, sugar or environmental toxins could do it. Sounds like you’re going through a more intensive detox than lat time. Once you take two or three courses and get things back on track, we recommend taking one booster course per season – winter, spring summer and fall – to keep your microbiome in good order. A year is a bit long to leave it. Good luck and keep us posted – Best, Shann

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Madelaine (verified owner)

    Just to say thank you. I have been suffering from Thyroid problems for a couple of years and since drinking the kefir for 21 days, I can honestly say that I am now feeling so much better and have so much more energy. I also managed to persuade my husband to try it to see if it helped with his IBS and tummy problems. He was very sceptical but cannot believe the improvement and will even recommend this to family and friends. Well done and thank you to Chuckling Goat.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Madeleine – The goats are thrilled that you and your husband are both having such a great result from the kefir! We love converted sceptics – ; ) You might give your husband this article about kefir from the Huffington Post, which says: “IBS is not a disease, per se, but a grouping of symptoms including abdominal pain or discomfort, cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and/or constipation. Dietary changes are often suggested as a first-line defense against IBS. After all, why take medication if adding or subtracting certain foods could help? Many studies show that adding certain types of yogurt — specifically, those containing the bacteria lactobacilli and bifidobacteria — to your diet may alleviate the symptoms of IBS. These “good” bacteria are normally found in the large intestine, but adding them to your diet can help with gas, pain and bloating, while reducing the time it takes for food to move through the intestine, says Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist Michael Picco, MD. This, in turn, may be helpful in people with constipation; probiotics may also decrease the frequency of loose stools, improving IBS-related diarrhea. In one recent UK study, IBS sufferers who received a probiotic preparation made up of multiple strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis and Bifidobacterium Bifidum reported significantly greater improvement in the severity of their symptoms, fewer days of pain and improved quality of life compared with those who received a placebo.Probiotic-rich foods like kefir have also been shown to be beneficial in treating yeast infections, infant colic, bad breath, hangovers, and Traveler’s Diarrhea. So drink up!”
      Best, Shann

  30. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victoria (verified owner)

    I am 45 and have endometriosis. I suffer a lot from abdominal pain and lower back pain and as a result I have become quite lazy and don’t exercise much and for the past few years have eaten a truly awful diet of pizza, crisps and wine while sitting on the sofa (following a drive to work and sitting at my desk for 8 hours). I eat far too much sugar, wheat, dairy – all the things you sort of shouldn’t. So as with the rest of the nation I vowed to clean up my act and at the start of Jan started walking 2 miles a day and eating salmon and avocado – you know the sort of thing! I actually felt worse. Lethargic, tired beyond believe despite a regular 8hrs sleep (even 12 hours straight last Weds!) My skin was pale, shadows under my eyes – honestly, the temptation to go back to the wine and crisps was pretty intense! And then my Kefir arrived. I’m on Day 5 and today for the first time I have actually woken up! I feel like a plant that’s been watered. I am clear and focused at work and am starting to feel like I’m waking up from a rather deep hibernation. Early days but with 16 days still to go watch this space! Thanks Goats!

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Victoria – the goats are thrilled that the kefir is making you feel so much better already! Good luck with your first course and keep us posted –

  31. Rated 5 out of 5

    Miriam (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased I discovered this kefir. My experience: I had very bad acid reflux come on fairly suddenly, and was put on omeprazole, and felt terribly ill if I didn’t take it. But I’ve just come off it after doing one course of this kefir. It might be down to other factors as well of course, as I’ve tried to do whatever I can to improve my diet and reduce stress. But it was noticeable that, although normally dairy products didn’t agree with the reflux so well, the kefir always went down fine. It is really quite disgusting on its own, but mixed up in the Nutribullet with some banana, some nuts or seeds, and something to sweeten it like dates or xylitol, it actually tastes quite nice. I’m just going to order my second batch now.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Miriam – So please that our kefir has helped your acid reflux! I would suggest sweetening with stevia rather than dates or xylitol. Good luck – hope it continues to work a treat for you. Do keep us posted –

  32. Rated 5 out of 5

    Howard Williams (verified owner)

    One of my grandsons and one of my granddaughters suffered from eczema. In the case of my grandson, his was on his skin, but worse, in his eyes. He could not go our in sunlight without the strongest sunglasses. I bought them both a 21-days course of milk and cream from you and within days my granddaughter, who is sixteen and very self-conscious, saw her skin return to that type of flawless that only the young seem to have. More astonishingly, my grandson’s eczema disappeared and he has been signed off from the hospital from his six-monthly visits for his eye condition. In fact he has now started playing rugby. I can only thank you for your help.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Howard – Absolutely brilliant news! We are thrilled that the kefir has been so helpful for both your granddaughter and your grand son’s eczema, and particularly the eyesight – that’s a new one on us, great to hear. As eczema is an autoimmune disorder, it does tend to run in families. And eczema in childhood can lead to food allergies, hay fever, and asthma in your 40s – a progression called the atopic march. Read more here:
      The good news is that halting the atopic march at the eczema stage stops the progression – so you may just have saved your grandchildren from suggering from asthma in the 40s. Well done, and keep us posted!
      Shann + the goats

  33. Rated 5 out of 5

    Just a guy (verified owner)

    Excellent kefir, with actual live probiotics. It’s good to go on a course of this stuff once per year, don’t waste money on probiotic pills, they are not as effective and need to be taken constantly, while a course of this kefir has longer lasting effects. I like the taste. May I reccomend that you guys make sauerkraut too? I love sauerkraut, it tastes great plus it is a powerful probiotic! Unfortunately you can’t get live sauerkraut in stores in the UK, and that makes me sad 🙁

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Thanks for your kind words, we agree that the kefir is exponentially stronger than pills, which are dehydrated and dormant, and lose potency over time.
      Don’t know about the sauerkraut, the goats always eat up the cabbage before it gets a chance to ferment properly! ; )

  34. Rated 5 out of 5

    Margaret (verified owner)

    I’m on about my 5th order of goats milk kefir, just because I love it! I have it for my breakfast every morning blended with a handful of berries, banana, some oats, chia seeds and a splash of coconut water to thin it enough to drink. Keeps me going until lunch, tastes delicious. On Saturday mornings before going to parkrun I give the whole family a glassful, so we have energy to run 5k. Not sure if it’s a ‘superfood’, but sure tastes good.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Hi Margaret, so glad that you’re enjoying the taste of the kefir, your breakfast sounds delicious! Great to get it into the whole family to give you energy for your training – goats are cheering you on!

  35. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joan Pidgeon (verified owner)

    I have done a few courses of kefir and am about to buy another one. The truth is I just feel better after a course. Bloating reduces, skin is clearer, and mood is better. It’s a win win.

    • Shann Jones (verified owner)

      Great to hear that the kefir has worked so well for you Joan – we reckon the magic is in the raw goats milk and real kefir grains!

  36. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gill Tilstone (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking my kefir for two weeks now and just ordered my second lot. Over the last few years I’ve had more and more allergies and sensitivities.Earlier this year my skin came out in angry red patches after the doctor prescribed me a nasal steroid spray, my skin became so sensitive to the touch and very, very itchy. My fantastic Pilates instructor told me about Chuckling Goat, thank goodness! I love the kefir – to me it tastes like a homemade unsweetened lemonade. After two weeks my digestive system is improving rapidly and my skin feels calm, soft and plumped instead of dry, itchy and papery fragile. On the inside I feel much more content, calm and focussed with a sense of wellbeing. I feel that my whole immune system is being strengthened and calmed. My sense of smell is returning quite rapidly after several years of blocked nasal passages and my respiratory system feels much clearer. I’ve ordered a further course of kefir as I’m benefitting so much. I’ll also consider taking a course at the end of the year to boost my system for the winter. I can’t tell you how much this means to me and so grateful to the goats and all at Chuckling Goat. A completely natural cure – amazing! Thank you so much!

  37. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gerardine Dunn (verified owner)

    I bought the kefir at your open day (which was fabulous, loved meeting the goats, and the humans too!). I have been suffering for several years from a chronic blocked nose due to hay fever and other allergies. As I live on a farm and am surrounded by other farms when it is hay and silage time my symptoms were awful and nothing was helping. After taking the course of Kefir I no longer have a blocked snuffly nose. The result is amazing. I have been able to walk through the mown grass tonight with no affect on me at all! This would have been impossible for me normally. The effect on my general wellbeing is brilliant. I also love the taste of the Kefir so am going to order some more.( We have also named one of our baby goats Kefir.). I thoroughly recommend it. It has worked for me. Thank you so much.

  38. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrea (verified owner)

    I have suffered with IBS for donkeys years and nothing has ever helped in any meaningful way. After a course of the Goats Milk Kefir I feel like a different person. I’ve been free of discomfort and had a flat stomach for the first time ever! Totally smitten with this stuff, it really works. You’ve got to try it!

  39. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert Jackson (verified owner)

    I have been suffering with Eczema for the majority of my life. About 3 years ago I had severe flare ups on my face, neck and chest as well as my legs and arms. After being pasted from doctors to dermatologists I have found little success with steroid creams and immunosuppressant creams. My father suggested the 21 day course after he heard about it on Steve Wright in the afternoon. I was wary of taking this course as I have tried other natural ways of treating my eczema which have had no effect. After over a week into the course I noticed a slight difference with my skin but towards the end I noticed a vast improvement with the majority of the eczema clearing away. I also found less need to apply ointments to relieve itching and rehydrate my skin. My course ended a few weeks ago and I have noticed a regression so I will definitely be ordering another course. I found the raw goats milk Kefir didn’t taste great at first but it is a very small price to pay for something that finally helps!

  40. Rated 5 out of 5

    Valerie herring (verified owner)

    I’ve had a rubbish digestion for most of my adult life, in spite of a healthy diet. In April last year I had my gall bladder removed, and was extremely unwell most od the summer. I started taking enzymes, which helpt a bit, but I heard about the kefir on steve wright’s show and thought I would give it a try. I’ve got 6 days supply left, and I’ve definitely seen an improvement, so really pleased. I found it a bit unpalatable on its own, but mixed with half a banana or some berries, I have got to quite enjoying it. I’m just going to order some for my daughter who has developed an extreme reaction to tree pollen. Worth a try, and must be better than the steroids her doctor has prescribed. Small tip, don’t shake the bottle too hard before you open it. Volcanic!!

  41. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denise (verified owner)

    I have also tried this after listening to Steve Wright show. I is really good and have also just ordered my 2nd lot of goats milk kerif. It is so nice not to feel bloating and having a rumbling stomach. It is very gentle on the stomach.
    After hearing the programme we have purchased a couple of goat kids for mating next year and will produce my on Kerif.
    We kept goats several years ago and just drinking their milk it cleared my skin up.
    Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful product. Wish the doctors etc would recognise this sort of thing.

  42. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sian Edwards

    I was diagnosed with rosacea last year and prescribed with an on-going course of antibiotics. I didn’t want to have to take these for ever though, and then saw the Daily Mail Sunday supplement article earlier this year, as a result of which I recently finished a 21 day course of kefir. My skin has definitely improved. It’s not as inflamed, is less prone to break-outs, and is ‘calmer’ than it’s been in a long while. I even had a comment from someone saying that I was ‘glowing’ the other day! It’s made me feel so much better in myself and I feel much happier now about my appearance. And I absolutely LOVE the raw, sour taste of kefir. The sourer and fizzier the better for me! It’s like drinking mild goat’s cheese. I could drink it all day! Many thanks to Shann and the team for introducing me to this wonderful product. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  43. Rated 5 out of 5

    Margaret (verified owner)

    Tried this after listening to you on Steve Wright show. Just about to order my 2nd lot of goats milk kefir as have grown to look forward to it mixed with banana and berries for breakfast. It did take about 4 days to get used to the taste, but I do feel better and far less itchy, especially now that the pollens are flying about. I’m usually stuffed to the eyeballs with tablets to combat the hay fever/allergy symptoms every day for weeks, but so far just antihistamines, and only occasional decongestant, amazing for me! No sore eyes is the biggest thing I have noticed, which is usually a daily constant this time of year. Plus I love the smell of the soaps, and someone commented how lovely my skin was looking!

  44. Rated 4 out of 5

    niamh hughes

    I was a bit nervous starting the 21 days programme but soon got used to the taste and even began to enjoy the taste by the end. I saw an improvement in my overall skin health but my scalp psoriasis remained so I am ordering another cycle and cutting out caffeine, alcohol and sugar this time to see if it clears up. Otherwise my mood was greatly improved and I felt that digestion was in tip top condition while drinking it! Well done on a great product.

  45. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna (verified owner)

    This was a gift for cleaning my son gut out. It also helped him to clear a horrid runny nose I couldn’t get rid of. Blessing in disguise.

  46. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mischa (verified owner)

    Fabulous product- so good for your gut and your overall health. A life saver- literally. Thanks Shann and the team.

  47. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amy (verified owner)

    I have suffered for years with an inflamed stomach lining, which has caused countless days and nights crawling around the floor in complete agony, unable to do anything to stop the pain and sickness. Anything could set it off and sometimes it would just start in the middle of the night for no reason. Having finally been given something by my doctor, I then discovered that it was a temporary fix and long time actually made the condition worse. I ordered the Kefir in the desperate hope that it could help my situation. I’m just over half way through the 21 days and am about to place another order. My stomach is already greatly improved and I’m sure will continue to do so throughout the rest of the course, but the thing that I’ve been amazed by, has been the complete eradication of craving firstly my coffee (which I shouldn’t have been drinking with my stomach anyway) but also sweet stuff and general rubbish – I am slimming down too! Also my skin is look fantastic and I don’t think I’m imagining the fact that my wrinkles have smoothed out a lot. I’ve written way more than I should have, but I really cannot praise this product highly enough. Well done to all the Chuckling Goat team and please keep up the good work!! 🙂 x

  48. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ann Ross (verified owner)

    Amazing. I have been ill for 2 years. I have lots of rashes and aches pains, sensitivity to sunlight, sleep problems and severe lethargy. I am on a cocktail of pills and potions prescribed by the Consultant I am under at the hospital. I have a compromised immune system and a diagnosis of reactive arthritis. I have been amazed at the difference in my health since starting the 21 day course. I am currently on day 16. I have noticed a distinct improvement in all my aches pains and stiffness and definitely have better movement in my joints. My lethargy has gone and I have slept better in the past 16 days than I have in the previous 2 years. Most nights I have slept all night without any wakefulness. I also have been surrounded by ill people with colds and infections normally I would have succumbed to chest infections as a result. Since taking the goat milk I have avoided illness and in fact have noticed a feeling of wellbeing. I have in the past had numerous courses of antibiotics both intravenous and orally. I fully expect to need more courses of Kefir before I am again well but the difference is amazing and encouraging. I cant wait to see my consultant to see what he thinks of the differences and will be interested in my blood results to see if those also show a change. I totally recommend it is definitely worth trying.

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