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Our Nutritional Advisers

We are proud to have a team of nutritional advisors working right here on the farm at Chuckling Goat. Each one of our nutritional advisors holds a diploma from a nutrition course that is AfN certified, CPD Accredited and recognised by the NHS, and is a member of the IICT. Plus, they’re just really cool folks! Their goal in life is to hold your hand and guide you through the 80+ page PDF that you will receive when you take your Microbiome Test, explaining what things mean and answering any questions you might have.

Meet our team of nutritional therapists!

Shann Jones

“I am fascinated by the topic of gut health, and I love being able to share evidence-based, practical information with our clients. A healthy gut can change your life – and that’s a journey I want to support.”

Anna Mclaughlin

“It’s fulfilling to know that I am helping people make necessary changes in order to improve their well-being, inspiring them to take control of their health.”

Lowri Heckler

“I found the course/training interesting. I find it fascinating that everyone’s results are so unique and it’s rewarding when you’re able to ‘connect the dots’ for customers :)”

Meg Gutterridge

“I love the idea of being able to eat yourself healthy! I really enjoy being part of this innovative process, and working with this amazing science.”

Claudia Rubio-Sasaki

“I find the microbiome fascinating. To keep learning about it as new science comes out while being able to help people is truly a gift.”

Chelsie Spencer

“I am passionate about people and helping people – I find it amazing that we can offer help and advice to those who feel like they have gone unheard without answers for so long, being pulled from pillar to post with little improvement in their conditions. Hearing the hope spark in their voice when you give them the practical advice which can help them see the light at the end of the tunnel, and giving them the results they have wanted for so long is really gratifying.”