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How To Open Your Kefir

Hi I’m Elly from Chuckling Goat and I’m going to show you how to open your kefir.

You’re going to need a large bowl to catch any escaping kefir, a jug to pour it into afterwards and a cloth or tea towel in case of any spillages.

The kefir is very active so the bottles are under pressure. Open it slowly and carefully and the kefir will start to run down the sides.

You can twist the cap open a little bit more once the pressure / flow slows down. Slowly continue to open until the cap is completely off.

Pour the kefir from the bowl into the jug and you can pop that, along with your bottle of kefir, in the fridge.

Kefir is a natural product, we don’t add any chemicals or preservatives. Changes in the fizz, taste and consistency are very normal, however your kefir’s power, strength and therapeutic efficacy remains consistent.

Enjoy your kefir! If you’ve got any questions please get in touch on live chat. We are available 8am to 8pm weekdays.