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The Good Skin Solution (GSS); Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne.

Discover the natural way to heal common skin problems at their root. How? By healing your gut.

While struggling to solve her own family’s medical issues, Shann Nix Jones stumbled upon a natural healing solution for eczema. This discovery led her to publish the #1 Amazon bestseller Secrets from Chuckling Goat, and found the award-winning skin care company Chuckling Goat.

In her new book, The Good Skin Solution, Shann explains her amazing discovery, and demonstrates that conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne are not actually skin conditions – they are autoimmune disorders that sit inside the gut. So in order to heal your skin, you must first heal your gut.

If you, or anyone you know, have been suffering from an on-going skin condition, this book is the lifeline you’ve been waiting for...

The Good Skin Solution (GSS) will enable you to abandon steroid creams that only damage your skin over time, while failing to resolve the problem.

The simple GSS daily habits will help heal your gut, boost your energy and mood, and finally achieve the clear and glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of.

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GSS Notes For Editors

  • Shann is available for interviews and to write feature articles; as a former professional journalist for five years she is happy to write guest blogs or articles on related topics of natural health.
  • Shann hosted a radio talk show to over a million listeners a night for ten years, and she also has television experience, so is highly qualified to give both radio and television interviews.
  • Chuckling Goat products offer natural healing solutions for conditions including IBS, eczema, asthma, rosacea, psoriasis, colitis, allergies and coeliac disease. All products are handmade from pure ingredients, and are 100% free from dyes, perfumes, colorants, phthalates, parabens or petrochemicals.
  • Chuckling Goat does not sell through any outside retailers, but ships exclusively from the farm gate to the end user. Samples of their handmade skincare are available for the press.
  • Chuckling Goat kefir has been awarded the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award three years running for the Best Digestive Health Product in the UK, and their Baby Kefir Lotion won another Platinum Award in 2016. They have received two Bronze (2014, 2016) and one Silver Award (2016) in the FreeFrom Skincare Awards.

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The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After The Good Skin Solution Before After

GSS Feature Ideas

  • “How I healed my son’s eczema by healing his gut.”
  • “How goat’s milk helped me save my husband from MRSA.”
  • Tired of masking your skin complaints with harsh, chemical products from the doctors? Turn to natural healing and clear your skin for good.
  • Banish spots, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea for good by healing your gut.
  • Backed by the Aberystwyth University, award-winning founder of natural skin care company Chuckling Goat gets you the skin you’ve wanted for years.

Shann's Bio

Shann Nix Jones started out as an San Francisco journalist and city girl who couldn't boil and egg. At the age of 41 she met and fell in love with Rich Jones, a Welsh farmer, and moved onto his self-sustaining family farm. There she finally learned to cook, as well as make her own cheese, bread, jam and sausages!

Shann and Rich bought their first goat to help with their little boy Benji's asthma and eczema. When they had too much leftover goats milk, they learned to make kefir, a live culture Eastern European microbiotic.

When Rich came home from the hospital with a life-threatening antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection, and the doctors couldn't help, Shann used essential oils and their own kefir to clear his infection. From this discovery she learned to put the kefir into handmade soaps and lotions.

The couple launched their online business, Chuckling Goat, in 2011. Today they have watched their sales grown by 800%, and have twelve employees.

Shann's book, Secrets of Chuckling Goat: How a Herd of Goats Saved My Family and Created a Business that Became a Natural Health Phenomenon, became a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

The Joneses are proud to work in partnership with the Institute of Rural Environmental and Biological Sciences at Aberystwyth University, where extensive testing of Chuckling Goat kefir has been performed.

There are now 60 goats on the farm - and they all names, not numbers! All Chuckling Goat products are made by hand in small batches, on the farm, from all-natural ingredients. Chuckling Goat does no paid advertising, and does not sell through outside retailers. There is generally a waiting list for their products.

Shann and Rich, their family (Ceris, Elly, Joli and Benji) and Chuckling Goat have been featured in the Daily Mail YOU Magazine on Sunday, the Steve Wright Show on Radio Two, ITV Countrywise, and numerous other media outlets.

Shann is available for interview and comment.

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About Shann & Chuckling Goat (short ~50 words)

Chuckling Goat is a natural skincare business that makes award-winning kefir and kefir skincare on their family goat farm in Wales. Their all-natural Kefir Program, which combines drinking live culture kefir and applying the kefir skincare to the skin, is especially suitable for people with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne. Products can be ordered from

About Shann & Chuckling Goat (long ~150 words)

Chuckling Goat is a natural skincare business that makes award-winning kefir and kefir skincare on their family goat farm in Wales. Their all-natural Kefir Program, which combines drinking live culture kefir and applying it to the skin, is designed for people with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Founders of the company, husband-and-wife team Shann and Richard Jones, discovered the benefits of live active kefir when looking for a solution to their little boy Benji’s eczema, and Rich’s antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection.

The family’s adventures in discovering their natural skincare solutions is detailed in Shann’s #1 Amazon Best Seller Secrets of Chuckling Goat: How a Herd of Goats Saved My Family and Created a Business that Became a Natural Health Phenomenon.

Chuckling Goat is proud to work closely with the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University, where extensive laboratory tests have been performed on their kefir.

Chuckling Goat products can be ordered from

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Testimonials from our customers

  • I first heard about Chuckling Goat on the steve wright show and ordered my first lot of Kefir and tool kit. I loved the lotion from the start noticing my skin seemed plumper, smoother and generally looked a lot healthier. I now use it daily morning and night. I have found the "Breakout" lotion the best for me, it soothes my skin and keeps it free from irritation but best of all I have noticed scarring I had on my legs is far less noticeable and the skin is much smoother. The lotion is now part of my daily routine, I am so grateful that I happened to be listening to Steve on that fateful day.

    ~ Susan Jones
  • Dear Shann, My son, Nicholas, who has suffered from asthma all his life, with diabetes thrown in, has just started his second supply of Kefir. Today, Nicholas came through the door and said Mum the kefir is working, my asthma is better, I can breath again, and I am full of energy. You can imagine how I felt, all my life I have worried about this one son, I have four sons and a daughter, but Nicholas had asthma so bad that as a nine year old, we had to send him to Switzerland, my husband is Swiss, to llive in a school in the mountains. He was there for five long years. As a Mother, this was devastating. It saved his life, but he had been held back from schooling and never reached his potential. I want to say Thank you, for giving us hope, of maybe a future for my son.

    ~ Pat Wurmli
  • Hello, been a massive fan of Chuckling Goat since visiting the farm this summer. I just thought id tell you how much I adore your products! I regularely buy the lotions and soothing soaps but I have also tried the Keifir Milk and can I just say thank you. I've been ill so much the past couple of years my immune system was very low and every cold or bug going round id pick it up and I believe thanks to your products am feeling so much better than any antibiotic has ever made me. Also my skin has improved beyond belief! My hope is that you bring out a hair care product soon. ; ) Anyway I just wanted to say what a fan I am and genuinely thank you again. x

    ~ Kelly
  • Hi I have just ordered my 3rd lot of Kefir after having used your lotions since the beginning of the year. Thank goodness my lovely husband read about your products in a Sunday supplement as I was suffering with an undiagnosed skin condition which made me look ancient (like eczema) although I have never suffered with any skin problem in my life ! Was prescribed steroids lots of and antibiotics but nothing was working the skin on my face and hands was terrible and very painful and no one in the medical profession had an idea what was causing it. Ordered your lotion and skin became much improved then tried Kefir which is an acquired taste but am now actually hooked on it and have never looked back, my dermatologist cant believe it! It has been a miracle never thought I would look my normal self again so big thanks to you and the goats!!!

    ~ Sue Jepson
  • I must say I think your products are great. I suffer intermittently with eczema and have found the breakout soap and cream to be the only products I have tried that actually work - and having had eczema since childhood, and I'm now 49, I've tried a lot of products over the years!! So thank you, thank you, thank you! ; )

    ~ Sally Nash
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with problem my granddaughter had with MRSA. We have been soaking her in CG Oil two times a day and it is showing great improvement! You have helped us more than any doctor we have seen in our area! Keep up the good work and we will look forward to new products!

    ~ Helen O'Barr

Quotes from Shann

  • "Chuckling Goat isn't just a business to us - it's a family, a farm and a way of life. All of our goats have names and not numbers - and that's what's matter to us!"
  • "We never really planned to start a business. Chuckling Goat grew out of a need to solve our own family's skin and health issues. Then it just...grew!"
  • "What I've learned through this process is that chemicals do more harm than good. It turns out that nature had the answers, all along."
  • "On the farm we grow then hay, feed the goats, milk the goats, make the kefir, make the skincare products, pack them up, ship them out, and talk to the customers. It's an entirely end-to-end business - and that's the way we like it. It means that we can maintain our immaculate standards, for both animals, people and products, and never have to compromise."
  • "It's called Chuckling Goat because the animals have to be happy. Our goats are free ranging, and eat only our own chemical free hay and GM-free, soya-free feed. Is it more expensive? Sure. But we're not willing to compromise. If the goats are happy, the family is happy, the customers are happy, and it all works. It's a fractal - if the crystal is right at the smallest level, the ice palace will be fight as it grows."
  • "I believe that we have experienced 800% growth in sales over the past year because people are hungry for a natural solution to their skincare issues. We don't advertise because we don't need to - people tell one another when they find something that works."

Our appearances in other articles / forms of media

Chuckling Goat feature in BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2

Chuckling Goat feature in Forbes


Chuckling Goat feature in BBC Outlook

BBC Outlook

Chuckling Goat feature in You Magazine

You Magazine

Awards that we've won

Janey Lee Grace
Platinum Award Winner

Janey Lee Grace
Platinum Award Winner

Janey Lee Grace
Platinum Award Highly Commended

Free From Skincare, Problem Skin
Bronze Award

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Natural Healthcare In The Community
Currently Nominated

Janey Lee Grace
Platinum Award Winner

Investors In People

Janey Lee Grace
Platinum Award Winner

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Interviewer Resources

We think interviews are great - here are some sample questions to help you out

  • How did you start the business?
  • How do you account for the explosive growth of Chuckling Goat?
  • What is kefir, and why does it work so well on skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne?
  • What is the Kefir Program?
  • Is there any science behind it?
  • Why is it important to both drink the kefir and apply it directly to your skin?
  • Where did the name Chuckling Goat come from?
  • Why is it important that your goats have names and not numbers?
  • Why don't you do any paid advertising?
  • Why don't you sell through outside retailers?
  • Do you still make all the products by hand on the farm?
  • Why is it important that eczema sufferers use chemical-free products?

Example Interview (Click Questions to see answers)

how did Chuckling Goat come about?

Chuckling Goat was born when I was struggling to find solution to my own family’s health problems. We bought our first goat to try to deal with my son Benji’s continuing bronchial infections. Turned out that she produced too much milk! So we started making an Eastern European probiotic called kefir, to use up the surplus. When my husband Rich came out of hospital with a life-threatening MRSA superbug infection, and doctors couldn’t help us, out of desperation I coated his skin with the kefir and was amazed when it worked - his MRSA infection cleared in two weeks! This taught me the benefits of kefir for the skin; I started putting the kefir into handmade skincare I made on the farmhouse kitchen table, and Chuckling Goat was born. Two years later we’ve gone from 1 employee to 12, 1 goat to 70 goats, we serve 30,000 customers in 28 countries, and have had a 1,113% growth in sales in 24 months - with an advertising budget of zero. We do no paid advertising, and don’t sell through any outside retailers. It’s all word-of-mouth, sold directly from the farm gate. We still make everything by hand, in small batches on the farm, and work closely with our family - Rich and I co-direct the company, our eldest daughter Elly runs the office, her fiance Josh runs the dairy, and Rich’s brother Rhys is our groundskeeper.

What is the Good Skin Solution, and how does it work?

The Good Skin Solution, (GSS for short) is an all-natural, chemical-free treatment regimen for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne. It combines drinking kefir while applying also applying kefir to the skin (in the form of kefir soaps and lotions) over a period of roughly 9 weeks. This regimen, accompanied by some new dietary habits, produces dramatic results for stubborn skin conditions. It has no negative side effects; additional positive results often include weight loss, increased energy, lessened anxiety and depression, and reduced symptoms of IBS, bloating, food intolerance and gastrointestinal problems.

What exactly is kefir and why does it help skincare conditions?

Kefir is an powerful probiotic drink that originally comes from the Caucasus Mountains of Eastern Europe. It’s a bit like drinking yogurt, but a lot more powerful. Kefir contains synergistic multiple strains of non-transient bacteria that permanently re-populate the gut with the good bacteria it needs to heal. (Yogurt, by contrast, contains only transient bacteria that all get killed off during the digestive process.) Kefir is 100% lactose-free, as all the lactose is consumed during the fermentation process). It is often the only dairy product that lactose-intolerant people can have, for this reason.

Kefir helps skincare conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne because as the latest science show us, these are not actually skin conditions at all - they’re autoimmune disorders, that sit in the gut. This is why steroid creams alone will never work to permanently resolve these conditions. You must heal the gut, in order to heal the skin.

Is there any science behind kefir?

Elie Metchnikoff, a Nobel-prize winning biologist at the Pasteur Institute, first suggested that lactobacilli might counteract the putrefactive effects of gastrointestinal metabolism in 1908. He attributed the long and healthy life of the people of the Caucasus Mountains to their consumption of kefir.

Since that time there has been a great deal of interest and research into probiotics and the health-giving properties of fermented milks like kefir. Go to a publishing site for biomedical literature like, and you will see over 500 citations for kefir - more is being discovered every day about this revolutionary natural healing product.

At Chuckling Goat we are proud to work closely with the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University, where our kefir was tested, genetically strained and determined to be both safe and effective.

How exactly is the gut linked to the skin?

Your skin and your gut are linked because they are both barrier sites, which are the places where your inside body meets the outside world. Logically enough, these barrier sites are where your immune system sits, in order to protect your body from pathogens contacted from the outside world. Your skin is a map of your gut; any dysfunction of the gut will map directly onto your skin. To clear a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne, we use a combination of drinking kefir to heal the gut biome, while also applying kefir to the skin (in the form of kefir soaps and lotions) to restore the skin biome. This combination or oral and topical immunotherapy, along with certain dietary recommendations, is what we call the Good Skin Solution. It’s how we get such dramatic results.

What are we doing (or eating) in our day-to-day lives that can affect our gut flora?

Your microbiome consists of 10 24 bacteria living inside your gut - which (in fabulous fractal style) is the same number of stars in our observable universe. The easiest way to imagine this is like the Amazon rainforest inside your tummy - different gorgeous diverse little life forms like birds, bugs, leaves, flowers, lizard, deer and jaguar, all co-existing in a complex ecosystem. Like any natural ecosystem, this tiny universe is fragile and can be damaged. Your microbiome is damaged every day by antibiotics (which leach into the food chain, as well as the ones that are so commonly over-prescribed by doctors), sugar, stress and the environmental toxins commonly found in personal care products and household cleaners. Taking antibiotics, for example, is like pouring bleach into the Amazon River - it may kill the living organism that’s causing the infection, but it kills all the other fish in the river as well… and they never grow back, not properly. Kefir helps to re-seed these organisms that have been killed off inside your microbiome, restoring your microbiome to health and harmony.

How do we know if our gut flora is damaged? Is it just skincare issues?

On your skin, microbiome damage can appear as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne. In your brain, it shows up as anxiety or depression. In your nervous system, it appears as fatigue. In your gut, it manifests as pain, bloating, food allergies or IBS. In your sinuses it shows up as rhinitis or hay fever. In your joints, it can appear as arthritis-like pain that baffles the doctor. All of these issues are like symptomatic leaves that manifest all over the body - but they’re all connected, and the trunk of the tree sits in the gut.

Is it true eating low GI can help your microbiome?

It is true. Emerging research now suggests that there may be a link between a low-GI diet and an improvement in skin conditions including acne. High-GI foods are convert to sugar rapidly inside the system, causing a rush of insulin that damages the microbiome. This damage maps onto the skin. Eating slow-burning, low-GI foods lowers inflammation in the system and helps to heal the skin. This is why we’ve made low-GI foods a central platform of the Good Skin Solution.

What are the cornerstones of the Chuckling Goat lifestyle? Food/drink/stress/lifestyle habits?

  1. Drink Goats Milk Kefir: That’s 170 ml of pure, unflavoured goatsmilk kefir per day, every day before food.
  2. Use Kefir Skincare: Use kefir cleansers every time you wash, face hands and body. Apply kefir lotion twice daily. Whether you are working with a pre-existing skin condition or just looking to improve your natural glow, this will act as proactive, probiotic protection to boost the health of the your skin biome and prevent problems.
  3. Drink bone broth, 170 ml per day. This contains bio-available collagen, which helps to heal the lining of the gut.
  4. Replace sugar with stevia. Sugar harms the microbiome; stevia is a natural sweetener that is low-GI and has actual health benefits.
  5. Replace cow dairy with goat dairy. Cow’s milk is a severe allergen and is a known trigger for skin conditions including eczema. Goat milk, goat butter and goat cheese are functional foods and a good source of healthy fats.
  6. Choose slow-burning foods. Foods like lentils, chickpeas, oatmeal and quinoa are both gluten-free and low-GI, meaning that they are slow-burning and release glucose in your system gradually over time. This is better for your microbiome than things like bread, rice, pasta and white potatoes which burn quickly inside your system. Drink blended whole fruit in a smoothie, rather than fruit juice that has had the pulp removed; the pulp slows down the speed at which your body processes the sugar.
  7. Go for good fats. Avocadoes, walnuts, coconut oil, flaxseed oil and oily fish all provide the good fats your body needs to heal your skin.
  8. Get out in nature and play with animals! This puts you back in touch with our “old friends,”; the good bugs in the outer environment that help get your microbiome in good shape and keep your immune system in top working condition.

What is a typical day’s food for you?

  • 6 am - Bone Broth with pinch of sea salt, squeeze of lemon.
  • 7.45 am - Kefir smoothie - goatsmilk kefir, raspberries, banana, maca powder, spirulina, pinch of stevia.
  • 8 am - Oatmeal with coconut oil and blueberries
  • 11 am - Egg scramble with avocado, salmon, goat cheese.
  • 4 pm - After school snack with Benji - quinoa flour wrap with rocket, hummus and chicken, one pear.
  • 7 pm supper - lamb stew with lentils, broccoli, new potatoes. Green smoothie containing kale, orange, apple, carrot and 2 TBSP soaked chia seeds.
  • 9 pm treat - 2 squares 70% dark chocolate, sparkling water with lemon and stevia.

How do you get back on track if you overindulge?

On the farm we’re big believers in 80-20! What that means for us is that we try to behave well 80% of the time, and allow ourselves treats 20% of the time. After taking kefir and eating GSS-style for so many years now, our family members are now all free from any skin issues, food allergies or ongoing health problems - and we take no painkillers or drugs on a regular basis. So we can now afford to be pretty relaxed. Obviously if you’re working to resolve an existing condition, you need to be more stringent at first, until you get it under control.

Here’s a conversation I had with my 10-year-old son Benji recently:

“Mum, can I have a sleep-over?”


“And can we have loads of things that damage the microbiome? (His words, not mine!) Like crisps and chocolate?”

*grimly* “Yes.”

“And can I have two kefirs before, and two kefirs afterwards?

Bingo! My job here is done. Benji at age 10 understands the principle, which is - go ahead and do the damage. But prepare for it beforehand, by priming your microbiome - and repair it afterwards. Kefir is the best way to do that.

Shann Nix Jones is the director of Chuckling Goat and author of the up-coming book The Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne, due out from Hay House in Feb 2017. You can find more of the science behind the Good Skin Solution on her blog

Free Sample Packs

We are more than happy to provide free samples of our products to bloggers, review companies, newspapers, magazines etc.

These need to be requested by sending an email to with the subject line: Free Sample Request. Please provide your name, a link to your website, the products you would like to sample and a delivery address for your samples

Twitter Post Samples

  • RT @DiddyDarl: Such a cute homegrown company @ChucklingGoat bath melts look & smell so great!#glowgettergathering
  • Interested in #microbiome gut health? Watch this interview from @ITVCountrywise with fantastic @ChucklingGoat
  • @EinnaHarrison @amberbeautytalk OK, that will be great for @ChucklingGoat I think as they are brilliant at problem skin and how to help
  • Kefir could help with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea & acne- says the @ChucklingGoat: #skincare
  • @ChucklingGoat loving the new packaging! 3rd time reordering I LOVE THIS STUFF cannot recommend enough! #skincare

Example Press Release

Shann and Richard Jones founded the natural skincare company in 2011. Uniquely, they milk their own goats and use the milk to produce a live culture drink called kefir, which they then use to make award-winning soaps and skin creams.

The combination of drinking the kefir and using the kefir skincare has been dubbed the “Kefir Program,” suitable for people who are prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Happy customers have driven sales up 800% in the past year by word of mouth, despite the fact that Chuckling Goat does no paid advertising.

In August 2014 Shann Jones was making soap on the farmhouse kitchen stove with the help of one member of staff. Today the company has twelve employees and have just achieved the Investors in People Award from the Welsh Assembly Government.

“We struggle to keep up with demand,” admits Shann, 49, who co-directs the company with her husband, Richard, 53. “Because we still make everything by hand on the farm in small batches, there is often a waiting list for our products.”

The Chuckling Goat journey began back in 2009, when the couple bought their first goat to help with their little boy Benji’s eczema and asthma. When they had too much surplus milk, the Jones’ learned to make kefir, a live culture fermented drink originally from Eastern Europe.

After Richard struggled with a life-threatening antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection, and doctors were unable to help, Shann used a combination of essential oils and their own homemade kefir to aid his recovery. This discovery led her to put their kefir into handmade soaps and lotions.

Today Chuckling Goat works closely with Prof Jamie Newbold, head of the Institute of Biological, Rural and Environmental Science at Aberystwyth University. Professor Newbold has performed extensive laboratory testing of Chuckling Goat kefir, and is interviewed in their upcoming ITV segment.

The family’s adventures are recorded in Shann’s #1 Amazon Best Seller, Secrets of Chuckling Goat: How a Herd of Goats Saved My Family and Created a Business that Became a Natural Health Phenomenon.

Eczema is an epidemic in the UK today, with an estimated one-fifth of school age children and one out of nine adults experiencing some level of discomfort. Traditional medicine has little to offer by way of a solution, other than steroid creams which thin and harm the skin.

“We never really set out to create a business,” says Shann. “We were just looking for solutions to our own family’s skin problems. And it turns out that nature had the answer, all along!”

For more information contact Shann Jones

01239 654 072

Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

Good Afternoon Chuckling Goats, my delivery arrived safely —thanks to you all.
Well I must say to you all how impressed I am with the way your Kefir is now bottled!! The bottles look wonderful with pics of you in the beautiful countryside Very pukka. They stand beautifully in the door shelf & look splendid when I open the fridge. Goodness me what an improvement you have made. The new booklet looks very smart. The break out lotion in use immediately & smells very nice as does the oil —just about to soak my feet!

Jean Charrion