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Happy Goats

Our goats have 24 acres of pasture to graze and browse. And when the weather is cold or wet they snuggle down on fresh straw in our traditional barns. A carefully balanced diet, rich in nutrients and fibre, keeps them in good health and ensures they give us top quality milk. Goats are sociable and curious animals, they like to live in settled groups and have a stable daily routine.

We work hard to make our family farm a great place for our goats. This means understanding the ecosystem of the farm. It’s really a cycle…

  • We compost the old straw bedding and other organic matter
  • This compost is spread on the fields to produce rich nutritious grass
  • The grass feeds the goats, and in the height of summer we make hay
  • And the hay feeds the goats throughout the winter months

We are always looking to improve the diversity of habitats on the farm. Over the last few years we have planted over 2000 trees and will continue tree planting each year. By the end of 2018 we will have established a permaculture orchard; a wide range of fruit trees under planted with insect loving shrubs, herbs, vegetables and wild flowers. We will also be growing more herbs for use in our lotions and soaps.