CG Oil


CG Oil is a proprietary blend of essential oils that can be inhaled, used as a bath soak, room freshener or diluted with water as a spray. This is the oil that Shann created to help Rich, when he was ill. All natural, pleasant smelling. Our strongest formulation! 10 ml bottle. Dilute with water for use.

Our CG Oil has been tested by MCS Laboratories and found to be effective against MRSA, campylobacter, E coli and salmonella. View the lab report here.


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We do not recommend any of our products other than kefir during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
We've helped more than 80,000 happy customers!

As an asthma sufferer any colds always cause chest infections, the CG oil used as a steam inhaler is a game changer for me.
~ Gloria Bone

Gorgeous bottle of loveliness, very fresh and uplifting fragrance. I use it in a diffuser.
~ Amanda

...she had a staphylococcus infection around her nose. It took a couple of weeks, but has now disappeared. Excellent products and service.
~ Mary Cain

Incredibly powerful!...
~ Norah

I love this oil! It clears up coughs and colds in a jiffy and is deeply relaxing too.
~ Emma

Cannot sing the praises of this enough, clears my sinus issue and also cleared up a long standing skin blemish...
~ Robert of Leeds

...the CG Oil aided the healing process and stopped any infection...
~ Mike Wykes

This oil really helps my Dad’s chesty cough and asthma. Been using for many months, a great product.
~ Evans

The CG oil smells amazing and has so many uses. I won't be without a bottle of this now I've discovered it!
~ H Whates

CG Oil is the multi-purpose natural alternative you need to have in your family medicine cupboard!

The benefits of essential oils are well known. CG Oil is a proprietary blend of essential oils that can be inhaled, used as a bath soak, room freshener or diluted with water as a spray. Perfect for use if someone you love is going into hospital, to protect and prevent infection.

Read more about CG Oil here.

We do not recommend any of our essential oil combinations for use with pets, either topically or in a diffuser.

Room Odouriser

Need to freshen up a room, but don’t want nasty chemical fragrances? Add 5 drops to an essential oil burner, along with 2 TBSP of water, for a lovely natural scent.


Does a member of the family have the sniffles? Time to breathe some CG Oil. Add 3 drops to a pan of freshly boiled water, put a towel over the head and inhale the steam for 2 minutes. Do this morning and night.


For small children with coughs, a pan of boiled water with 3 drops of CG Oil can be left under the bed, for gentle steam to permeate the room.

Fighting Infections

For infections, CG Oil can be added to a bath – 10 drops for a full tub, or 3 drops in a litre of warm water for a hand or foot soak. This can be alternated with a kefir soak – add 100 ml of the kefir to warm water, and soak the affected area. For wounds, after soaking Shann recommends spraying with colloidal silver, dressing with sterile medical honey and covering with a clean gauze pad, tape down gently.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Clove bud oil, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary & Eucalyptus

Precautions: For aromatic or topical use only – do not ingest • Not to be put in eyes, ears or nose. If contact occurs do not rinse with water, use vegetable oil • Keep away from children and pets • Not to be used undiluted on skin • Not to be used on cut, broken or irritated skin • Not to be used during pregnancy • Extended exposure to skin may cause irritation and sensitivity • If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use • Always store in glass bottle • Flammable • Keep out of direct sunlight • Store in cool area with lid tightly closed.

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