The Good Skin Solution

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This book gives you all the tools you need to heal your skin, naturally!

If you’ve been struggling with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne, you already know that antibiotics and steroid creams don't work.

Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We call it the Good Skin Solution. When my little boy had eczema and the doctors couldn’t help us, I found a solution. It worked for him, it has worked for thousands of other people, and it can work for you too.

Shann. x

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All the information that you need for your own transformation, is included in my book. The Good Skin Solution is all natural, contains no harmful chemicals, and has no nasty side effects. In fact, you may find yourself surprised by other positive side effects, including improvements in IBS, fewer allergies, weight loss, improved mood and energy levels.

The Good Skin Solution is based around a powerful probiotic called kefir, which we make in the traditional style on our family farm in Wales. The healing regimen documented in the book basically involves three steps:

  • Drinking goats milk kefir
  • Applying kefir skincare to the skin
  • Making 5 dietary changes including reducing sugar, eliminating cow dairy, eating good grains, eating good fats and drinking bone broth.

Is there any science around kefir and it’s effectiveness?

Yes, there is! On Feb 1, 2017, the BBC Two television show Trust Me I’m a Doctor ran an experiment to determine if probiotics were actually effective. The results were that kefir alone, of all the available probiotics on the market today, created a statistically significant result. To read more about the most recent science behind kefir, click here:

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3 reviews for The Good Skin Solution

  1. 5 out of 5


    hi Shann, was diagnosed with rosacea tried your breakout skincare and love it, definitely calms the skin irritation and redness, so glad to have found this site, also started making my own kefir which has been successful do you sell your own kefir cultures, Thank you for such a good product, Anne x

    • :

      Hi Anne – So pleased to hear that the BreakOut skincare is working for your rosacea! Glad you’re enjoying kefir – sorry, we do not sell our grains as they are tested by Aberystywth University and licensed to the farm. Best, Shann

  2. 5 out of 5


    At last, someone who actually uses/promotes kefir.
    I make my own supply and have just started applying it to my incurable skin condition (I also drink about 100ml per day.
    I think it is improving and the intense itching has lessened.
    I am definitely interested in purchasing your products and will be in touch.
    Many thanks.

    • :

      Hi Cherry – Glad you’re enjoying the benefits of kefir! If you make your own kefir at home, please observe Food Safety guidelines, more info here:

  3. 5 out of 5


    i have never felt that inspire to get a book just by watching a video of the author , it really feels like everything she said came out sincere and from the heart ,with the purpose of helping others and not just to do business or make money and take advantage of people …
    i live in the united states and i wish i could be able to get the goat milk kefir that i am sure is top quality … i love the soaps and lotions they really help with skin conditions so i will keep purchasing more products for my family . i am so happy and glad i found these products and at the same time i am learning more how to take of my body and help my family as well . thank you so much Shann !!

    • :

      Thanks for your lovely words Rebeca, much appreciated, hugs from the barn! Shann.x

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Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

I’ve had IBS for thirty years , ever since I had 8 amalgam fillings put in, and my gut has never been better.
My 80 year old Mother-in-law has got way more energy and her gut is now settled.
Dudley’s had food allergies for years and his colitis is hugely better and he looks much younger than his 13 years !In fact people have asked what we’ve done, so we pointed them in your direction....
Now hoping it will heal a longstanding non-healing wound on next door’s cat !

Michele and Tim Payne and Dudley the Westie

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