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Our goats milk kefir and our kefir skincare products are all made and bottled by hand. There is no kefir machine or automation of any kind on the farm – it’s just willing human hands and animals. That’s how the love gets into the kefir! ; )


Break-Out is our strongest range, designed for acne, spots, rashes and severe skin conditions. It contains thyme and tea tree essential oils, which may be too powerful for children under age 12.

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Soothing contains rosemary essential oil, which is calming and relaxing for skin, calming itching and reducing redness.

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Calm-Down contains lavender essential oil – this is a beautifully scented, gently antibacterial lotion that is a great everyday moisturiser, and is also good for spots if you find Break-Out too strong; can be used by ages 3 +.

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Our Sensitive range contains no essential oils, and is perfect for those who are allergic to everything, as well as pregnant women who are advised to avoid essential oils.

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And our Baby Kefir range is designed for – well, babies! Pure and gentle, packed with extra Finnish oat oil, safe from birth.

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Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

I have started using your Baby Kefir Lotion a couple of days ago (twice daily head to toe) on my 13 month old son who has very bad eczema in place of hydrocortisone and hydromol ointment prescribed by the dermatologist. I am delighted with the result already. It has only been five applications, but my baby has stopped the constant scratching. He is calmer and sleeps better too.

Sophie Lee