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Arabella Hornung from Chuckling Goat

Arabella Hornung

Arabella is a Nutritional Therapist, customer care assistant, and blogger here at Chuckling Goat. She has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton. Arabella’s main interest is gut health, and she has previously researched the effects of probiotics and postbiotics on the microbiome during pregnancy and childhood, as well as the prevention of non-communicable diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases). Arabella is passionate about educating people to properly nourish their bodies to optimise health and reduce the risk of long-term diseases.

Arabella is a bit of a nomad who loves traveling in her spare time and seeking new adventures. She enjoys exploring nature through walking, hiking and outdoor cycling. In her spare time, she experiments with cooking different recipes, with chickpea tagine being her favourite dish, and loves adding all sorts of herbs and spices! She is also fascinated by the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and never forgets to include the Chuckling Goat Complete Mushroom Blend in her daily hot drink!


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