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The Top Reasons to Eat Local This Summer

It’s vacation season – which ultimately means a shake-up to your regular diet!

Are you travelling within the UK or further abroad? If yes, we encourage you to eat local for the best experience. And here’s why:

Adds something different –

Food from different locations will come from different soil, farms and animals. Other cuisines also use spices that you may rarely cook with. Does this really matter…?

YES. Eating different foods can introduce new beneficial prebiotics and probiotics into your gut! This could be from microbes in various soils or milk from animals that eat different diets! This can all add diversity to the beautiful ecosystem that lives within your gut. And who knows – you might actually like the change!

A way to support local

Local produce may be less convenient, but supporting local farmers is the best gift you can give. This helps your money go back into the community and keep up the demand for local produce.

Local options can be less processed or preserved – which means you’ll be eating better, fresher food.1

Builds up your resilience!

Being exposed to different types of food can help strengthen your immune system. Whilst your gut loves routine, it still needs a change every now and then! This exposes you to other beneficial nutrients and increases resilience towards foreign foods.2

Everyone has a food comfort zone – so this is a reminder to take a step out of yours!


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