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Gut-Healthy Dishes For Your Jubilee Celebrations!

With the long weekend and Jubilee fast approaching, here are some gut-healthy dishes you can whip up for your garden parties!

🥗 Mixed Flower Salad – the usual suspects – salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrot, peppers PLUS edible flowers. Think nasturtiums, violas and daisies… yep, even the common daisy!

🌾 Crank up the fibre with a mixed grain Tabbouleh. Combine buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth with LOTS of parsley, mint, chopped cucumber, red onion and tomato.

🥬 Simple finger foods for the littles (and adults) – smoked salmon and cucumber roll-ups, fruit ‘kebabs’, veggies & hummus/homemade guac, celery sticks filled with goats cheese and walnuts.

🥔 A classic potato salad. Boil new potatoes and cool – this ‘chilling’ process turns the easily digestible starch into “resistant starch”, which feeds your gut bugs. Add goat yoghurt, sliced red onions, a little white wine vinegar, dijon mustard and chopped dill.

All delicious served with a glass or two of wine… yum!

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