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El Armstrong from Chuckling Goat

El Armstrong

El Armstrong is a nutritional therapist, customer care assistant, social media content creator and blogger at Chuckling Goat. She has been a member of the CG team for seven years and her main interest within the business is gut health and happiness for families.

As a busy mother to two-year-old daughter, Isabella, and fur baby, Juno the cocker spaniel, El concentrates on solutions that are quick and simple! She is passionate about offering natural ways to help maintain your family’s well-being through lifestyle tips and hacks, recipes and simple science.

El enjoys walking, cooking, running the coastal paths, photography, watching films and a good bottle of red wine. Most weekends, she can be found on a local beach, with her husband, Isabella and Juno, or eating roast dinners at CG HQ Farmhouse with her parents Rich, Shann and the rest of the CG family.

El Armstrong's Latest Posts

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Snippets from October at CG 🚜

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Isabella’s sweet potato & squash soup

A quick and tasty autumn/winter warmer 🎃

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Embrace the cosy months and LOVE autumn! 🍂 Here’s what to look forward to…

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August on the farm

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June on the farm

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A Moment Of Calm – Summer by the sea

A summer’s morning at our local beach. Aaaand breathe 🌊

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Haymaking 2023

Chuckling Goat isn’t just a business – we’re a working farm too 🚜 Peek BTS here!

How we drink our Kefir at CG

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Top tips and gut-healthy recipes for WINNING the weaning stage!

Siberian Ginseng – like coffee, only better!

Check out what Siberian Ginseng can do for YOU 💪

March/April on the farm

Our busiest time of year on the farm 🐐🐑Here’s what we’ve been up to…

5 tips for ‘spring cleaning’ your health & wellbeing

Give your health & mental wellbeing a seasonal makeover

Springtime soup

A quick and delicious in-season soup for all the family – yum 🥣

How to manage your kid’s sugar rush this Easter

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Kitchen cupboard must-haves for mature women

Kitchen cupboard essentials to help you age beautifully, inside and out ✨

Kedgeree – Mum’s recipe

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February on the farm

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A 3-step morning routine to help you age beautifully

Simple steps to keep you feeling good through your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond…

Healthy Homemade Granola

Get off to a good start with this gut-healthy brekkie 😋

What can prebiotics do for you?

The benefits of prebiotics in one, clear pic!

5 ways to love yourself more

We’re committed to helping you love yourself from the inside, out. Here’s how!

January on the farm

Cold hands, warm hearts! Here’s what we’ve been up to on the farm this month…

How can you make your snacks gut-healthy?

Here’s how you can enjoy your snack break and take care of your gut bugs : )

Postpartum – 4 things we don’t talk about!

It’s time to open up and chat about the things no one wants to mention, but everyone needs to know!

Eat your way to happiness

One all-natural thing you can do, RIGHT NOW, to help boost your mood…

Festive fun on the farm

We enjoyed every moment…here’s our season in pics!

Healthy popcorn for your Christmas movie marathons

Get cosy in front of a Christmas classic and tuck into a delicious, guilt-free snack: POPCORN! The health benefits of this favourite movie night treat […]

Hidden health BENEFITS of the festive season!🎄

Discover what you can enjoy guilt-free this season!

CG Christmas Playlist

Some of our favourite holiday tracks, to get you in that festive mood!

Introducing… our new Goat Toy 🐐🐐

Always fancied owning a goat? This one’s for you!

How to focus your gift-buying 🎁

Our magic trick to narrow it down… you’re welcome! ; )

Food to boost your fertility!

Did you know that your diet matters? This is what you need to know.

Prep Tips From The Farm

Busy week ahead? Here are our top five prep tips, to help you get organised.

5 Tips to Naturally Prevent Flu

Prevention is the best cure this winter! Here’s how…

Halloween activities for kids (& grown-ups!)

There’s more to Halloween than eating sweets! Fun fore the whole family here…

Happiness is… RUNNING WITH GOATS 🐐💗

Our goats don’t hang about. Come for a virtual run with us…

5 Natural Remedies For Upset Tummies

“My tummy hurts!” Sound familiar? Here’s how you can help.

5 Simple Swaps To Improve Your Gut Health

Getting started can be complicated. This guide makes it easy.

How To Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Find out more about what’s causing your sugar craving and even better, what to DO about it!

If you go down to the woods today…🐐

Did you know that goats aren’t just grass-grazers – they’re actually tree-browsers by choice! This will make you smile…

4 Steps To Combat Post-Viral Fatigue

So you’ve had a bug – and now you’re CREAM CRACKERED! Here’s what to do next…

A Summer’s Day At CG HQ 🌞

Summer’s almost over – but here’s what the goats, humans and flowers at CG were up to!

5 Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

Getting outside is great for your little one’s gut health. Here are some fun ideas!

The Cucumber Glut!

Shann’s greenhouse dome is splitting at the sides with cukes – we’re all eating them as fast as we can! 😂

Cool as a Cuke – Recipes here!

Cucumbers have surprising health benefits. Tips here about fun ways to eat your cukes…

5 ways kefir can support you and your baby

New baby on board? You need support! Here’s how kefir can help…

Balance your hormones, naturally! 🌿💓

What can shatavari do for you? Find out in 20 seconds!

Bedtime Bliss ✨

A soothing ritual to send you off to sleep…

Summer Smoothie Bowl

Find out how to keep everyone, and their gut bugs, happy this summer!

Hay Season 2022 🌞

You might think that Chuckling Goat is just a business…but we are actually a real working farm. Peek behind the scenes…

Guilt-Free Ice Cream

We love ice cream! Simple, healthy option here…

A Moment Of Calm – Summer Nights 🌄

Relax and inhale this sunset- instant zen!

Sunsets from HQ

Breathe in, breathe out and let yourself relax as you sink into these beautiful natural images…

The Only Skincare Item You Need This Summer

Which lotion soothes sunburn, eases bug bites and supports your skin biome – and smells delish?

5 Morning Habits For Gut Health And Happiness

You’re busy. Here’s how to get yourself off to a flying start.

Behind the scenes 📸

There’s no automation at Chuckling Goat – just loving hands. We even stamp the paper bags by hand!

What’s so great about essential oils?

You’ve heard about aromatherapy – but which plant-based oils really help you reduce stress, diminish depression and even aid weight loss? Quick start info here

Tractors on the farm…we love ’em! Teifi Valley Vintage Show

Peek behind the scenes at CG to find what makes Co-Director Rich’s eyes light up…

Gut-Healthy Dishes For Your Jubilee Celebrations!

Party food can be good for your gut – here are some quick and easy ideas!

Summer’s Coming…

Shann loves nothing better than getting out in her Compass Garden with the grandkids


What’s all natural and helps with anxiety? Watch this quick vid

Why Goats Milk?

Ever wondered what the difference is between goats milk and cow’s milk? Here’s the round-up

CG Top Walks In Ceredigion

Whet your appetite for some gorgeous Welsh scenery!

Why you need to get outside, asap!

What can nature do for you? Check out the science here!

4 ways You Can Support Your Maternal Mental Health 💗

Parenting can be tough. How can you boost your mental wellbeing?

Bursts Of Colour At Chuckling Goat 🌷

We don’t just love animals here at CG – we love our plants as well! Refresh yourself with the flowers that are making us happy at the moment.

Kids & Kefir

Did you know that your child’s mood, sleep, behaviour, skin, and immune system is linked to their gut health? Safe and simple ways to keep them gut-healthy, right here.

Gut Health Smoothie

How do you make the ultimate gut health smoothie? Watch it here…

CG Tea Guide

Learn which natural, all-herbal tea is right for you. Which one will you choose?

Spring Has Sprung

What happens behind the scenes at Chuckling Goat? Here’s your latest update on farm life in the spring.

6 steps to a great night’s sleep

Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone! 36% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep on a weekly basis, and almost 1 in 5 have trouble […]

Gut-Healthy Oat Pancakes

An easy peasy, low-GI pancake recipe, straight from the Chuckling Goat family farm – because why should you have to miss out on Pancake Day? […]