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Is Your Gut Prepared for the Party Season? Here’s what you need to do!

We all want to have fun over the festive season. But parties, booze and rich food aren’t much fun if your gut isn’t happy!

At Chuckling Goat we love a good party as much as anyone. After all, the ultimate goal of gut health is to get your gut into such good shape that you can eat whatever you want! So we’ve developed a PARTY SEASON PROTOCOL. And it goes like this: 

  1. PREPARE. 
  2. PARTY. 
  3. REPAIR. 

The reality is that the sugar, alcohol and rich party foods that  you’re about to enjoy just aren’t good for your gut. But that’s ok. Get your gut ready, then indulge, then be ready to do the repair work needed in January – and you’ll have the best of all worlds. Party on without guilt! 

So, it’s time for the PREPARE phase. How do you get your gut ready to party? 

  1. Do a quick course of kefir, plus our complete prebiotic. Our kefir has 36 different strains of living bacteria – making it the most diverse probiotic on the market. Our Complete Prebiotic then has 18 sources of healthy fibre foods to feed all those exotic strains. This one-two protocol restores diversity to your gut in the quickest, most efficient way, plumping up the populations in your gut so it will be ready to cope with the onslaught.
  2. Collagen. After age 25, your body starts to decrease production of this essential protein, which literally holds the body together. If inflammation in your gut has begun to cause small rips and tears in the gut lining, which is only one cell thick, then taking 1 TBSP of a collagen supplement daily will give your body what it needs to heal that fragile tissue, and smooth things out ready for party time. I’ve just been trialling fish collagen, which I’m finding superior to bovine collagen. It’s sustainable, comes in a powder that mixes easily into a hot or cold drink, and I promise, it doesn’t taste of fish! 
  3. Herbs. During your prep period, swap out your usual coffee or tea during the day for a soothing herbal mix, which will actually help clear toxins and ease inflammation inside the gut. Meadowsweet leaf, Peppermint leaf, Chamomile flowers and Marshmallow root are all helpful for the gut. You’ll find this mix in our own loose leaf Tummy Tea – which as it happens, is 20% off at the moment! Treat yourself to our beautiful infuser teapot (also on sale) and make your gut-healing ritual a soothing part of your day. 

Happy party season! 

PS – and we’ll be here for you in January, when it’s time to pay the piper ; )


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