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Shann Jones MBE from Chuckling Goat

Shann Jones MBE

Shann Jones developed her passion for gut health science when she used kefir to save her husband Rich’s life from a superbug MRSA infection.

Together Rich and Shann used that knowledge to create their business Chuckling Goat, which is still located on their family farm in Wales. They were joined by several of their children, and today the family business is proud to produce the best kefir in the world, winner of the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2022. They have also developed a Microbiome Test in partnership with Cambridge University.

Shann is the author of three best-selling books on gut health: Secrets from Chuckling Goat: How a Herd of Goats Saved my Family and Started a Business that Became a Natural Health PhenomenonThe Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne and The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Depression and Anxiety.

When she’s not at her desk working on new gut health innovations, she loves working in her Compass Garden overlooking the Irish Sea, and baking cupcakes with her three gorgeous grandchildren.

Shann Jones MBE's Latest Posts

The Goats Go To Windsor!

Shann meets His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales! 🐐

Why I love frogs and what I’m doing about it…

We have to teach the kids to love things on this planet, so that they will work to save them. Check out Shann’s new book 🐸…

All grown up…

A bittersweet moment as Benj is off to play in an all-Wales rugby tournament. Join Shann as she reminisces 💗

Spring is sprung… why prebiotics are so important! 

Prebiotics feed the probiotics, just as compost feeds the flowers 🌱 Lessons from Shann’s garden…

I’m a gut health expert – here’s why I take PREbiotics every day.

Do prebiotics really matter, if you’re already drinking kefir? Shann breaks it down HERE!

What’s the deal with supermarket kefir?

Let’s talk about the different types of kefir and how to recognise the REAL DEAL

CG newsflash! Founder awarded MBE

The love story that lead to Shann’s MBE award for Innovation and Charity in the King’s New Year Honours List 🧡🐐

Magic Garden Diaries: And the days grow short…

The season is turning but there’s still lots of lovely things to notice in Shann’s Magic Garden 🌹

In the Farmhouse Kitchen with Shann: DIY Rose Hip Cordial

What can you forage and make at this time of year for a seasonal treat? Shann shows you how…

Rewild your gut!

Why is it a good thing to GO WILD? Find out here!

Magic Garden Diaries: Damn-It-All Dahlias…

The beans are blowing over but the dahlias are delightful!

What’s the deal with BIOTICS?

Everything you need to know about pre, pro and post biotics

Magic Garden Diaries: So THAT’S what stevia looks like, who knew?

Sunshine + rain = LOTS of growth in the garden! Check out BTS here…

Magic Garden Diaries: Over the top? No NEVER!!

See what Shann’s been up to her in her “ENTIRELY over-the-top” garden!

Magic Garden Diaries: Greedily guzzling strawberries…

Still, still, still, everything seems hovering on the edge of exploding into colour…but the recent warm weather has finally tickled a few roses into bloom. […]

Magic Garden Diaries: Goodbye to the tulips!

Tulip season is juuuust about over at CG… this was the last really good pic of the containers outside the farmhouse: Now attention moves to […]

Magic Garden Diaries – Roses and Fountain Thingum-jiggys

Well, it feels like the garden is finally starting to wake up, after a long cold spring! Big news here is the very first rose. […]

Magic Garden Diaries: Bean supports and farmer blokes…

National Gardening Week in the Magic Garden – here’s what Shann’s been up to! 🌷

The Story of Chuckling Goat

Fairy tales do come true! Read how it all began…

Magic Garden Diaries: Tulips and Toad Spawn

Shann’s been busy in her garden – come along and see what she’s been getting up to!

What do you need to know about SYNBIOTICS?

Super-charge your gut health with synbiotics! All the info you need here

Make Way for the Easter Toad!

Bunny, schmunny! In Shann’s Magic Garden, we keep it real…

Magic Garden Diaries 

Join Shann in the Magic Garden, where spring is ‘springing’!

Get a Fresh Start!

So – it’s 2023. Here on the farm, we don’t really think in terms of “resolutions” anymore. These days, we take the new year as […]

A MOMENT OF CALM – Morning in Shann’s Compass Garden 😍

Breathe in and feel the zen…can you hear the goats?

What’s the quickest way to boost your mental health?

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, this will help!

A MOMENT OF CALM – Inside Shann’s Compass Garden 🧭🌹

When things get crazy, Shann heads into her Compass Garden! Join her there for a quick 8-second breather…

How fad diets can harm you…and what you should do instead

Are you wondering if you should try one of the trendy diets everyone is talking about? Read this first!

Why you should never, ever ignore your dry skin!

Neglecting your skin can have a bigger impact on your health than you might think! Find out why – and what to do about it – here.

The Gut-Fitness Connection

Trying to improve your fitness, stamina and endurance? You might be surprised to find out that exercise is closely connected to gut health!  We know […]

Can your gut bugs help you age beautifully?

Want to live to be 100? Look to your gut microbiome! Researchers into the ageing process turn to Japan, where the average age exceeds that […]

Do you have type 2 diabetes – without knowing it? 

Do you, or someone you love, have any of the following symptoms?  feeling very tired cuts or wounds taking longer to heal feeling thirsty all […]

Get heart-healthy for Valentines! 

Your loved ones rely on your strength and generosity every day. So improving your own heart health is one of the best gifts you can […]

Eat right to boost the “lean bug”!

As a member of the Chuckling Goat tribe, you’ve probably already heard the good news about popular bacteria like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus which can improve […]

Get Ready to Party – Without the Guilt!

The festive season is here – so it’s time to get ready.  You need to prepare your gut for the holiday season. We all want […]

Sort your seasonal anxiety!

Seasonal anxiety – sorted!  If you’re finding the run-up to the holidays stressful this year, you’re not alone. High expectations and multiple commitments (not to […]

Can kefir reduce your stress?

In order to find out, we’d like to introduce you to a new member of our Chuckling Goat tribe – Miguel Toribio-Mateas – our brand-new […]

Coping with stress? This can help!

It’s back-to-school time, and this September has brought a lot of changes – children are heading into the classroom, and many adults are returning to […]


What’s the one word that can help you improve your gut health?  If you’re trying to get healthy, it can get confusing out there when […]

Collagen – do you need it?

Here at Chuckling Goat, we add fish collagen to our Gut Health Smoothie every day, mainly to benefit gut health. That’s because collagen contains the […]

4 Easy Ways to Ensure You’re Eating Enough Fibre

Are you getting enough fibre?  Low  fibre diversity is a very common issue these days. Many people who are trying to “eat a good diet” […]

How can Siberian ginseng boost your energy?

Siberian ginseng (also called Eleutherococcus senticosus) is a natural stimulant and an adaptogen, a compound that helps the body better handle and adapt to stress.  […]

Kefir – what’s it all about?

You may have heard a lot of talk recently about “kefir.” But what is kefir, and why is it getting so much attention in the […]

What’s the best way to “cherish” your loved ones for Valentines?

So, I’ve been thinking about the word “cherish.” Oddly enough, it occurred to me as I was thinking about self-care. Specifically, about being physically active.  […]

Forget resolutions – 3 DO-ABLE changes to make you feel better now!

I’m going to put it right out there – New Year’s Resolutions are over. Who needs them? We’ve got enough people right now telling us […]

How do you boost your mood?

As the weather draws in and lockdown drags on, we’re all looking for safe, healthy ways to boost our mood and energy. Essential oils are […]

Global Prebiotic Week!

So, this week is Global Prebiotic Week! (Seriously, who makes these things up?) In honour of the occasion, we thought that we would do a […]

There’s a war going on inside you right now!

There’s a war going on right now, Inside your gut microbiome. The good bugs are fighting the bad bugs. The survival at stake – is […]

The Welsh way to embrace colder nights and darker days!

If the combination of lockdown and the clocks turning back has suddenly knocked your mood down a black hole, you’re not alone!  Around 30 percent […]

What should you do if you have to take antibiotics?

Hey, it happens. You have to take antibiotics.  Now because you’re a member of the CG Tribe, you know that antibiotics come with their own […]

Do you have biofilm?

The more we study the gut microbiome here at Chuckling Goat, with the help of our amazing Microbiome Test, the more we learn about this […]

Open letter to Boris Johnson RE: Obesity

Dear BoJo,  It’s great that you’re trying to tackle obesity in the UK.  You’re quite right that obesity is a risk factor for Covid-19.1 A […]

Gut-Brain Health Smoothie

This is the easiest way to combine your Gut Health products into a simple daily protocol. It’s quick and straightforward – just blend, drink and […]

What’s the Right Way to Take Kefir?

Are you getting the maximum benefit from your kefir?  Probiotic therapy is a cutting edge area of science, and new information is coming in all […]

What is a gut-healthy diet?

Trying to get gut-healthy?  Here is the Gut Health Diet created by Shann Jones and our team of Chuckling Goat Nutritional Advisors.  We’re going to […]

What’s a safe, natural remedy for your anxiety?

If your anxiety is at an all-time high at the moment, you’re not alone!  The Office for National Statistics reported that almost half (49.6%) of […]

Give your baby the best start – improve your gut health!

Whether you’re trying for a baby, currently pregnant or coping with a newborn, there’s one simple thing you can do to massively improve things for […]

Which kefir is best?

As people learn about the importance of kefir for improving gut health, there are more kefir choices out there. But which kefir is best for […]

Cut loose from cravings and improve your diet – without suffering!

If you experience food cravings, you’re not alone. A whopping 97 percent of women and 68 percent of men report experiencing cravings for certain foods.1 […]

Three Myths About Fibre Busted!

What is fibre, anyhow? Fibre comes from the cellular structure of a plant. So if you’re talking fibre, you’re talking plants.  Nutritionally, fibre is a […]

Can’t sleep during coronavirus? Here are 4 things to try.

If you’re having trouble sleeping during these anxious days, you’re not alone! #cantsleep has been trending on Twitter for the last week. As we enter […]

Five great free ways to exercise during coronavirus lockdown

So, you’re in lockdown and can’t get to the gym. Should you stop exercising? Absolutely not! It’s now more important than ever, to get your […]

Which supplements should you be taking to protect yourself right now?

What can you do to boost your immune system, during these uncertain times? Here are the supplements we recommend taking daily: Vitamin C Seriously sick […]

Here’s how to make a DIY Lemsip from your cupboard

Here’s the current NHS advice on taking ibuprofen during the coronavirus pandemic: “There is currently no strong evidence that ibuprofen can make coronavirus (COVID-19) worse. […]

Why You Should Be Moisturising Your Hands During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are your hands painfully dry and cracked because you’ve been following the widespread advice to frequently wash them or apply hand sanitiser to prevent the […]

Why you should be using plain soap instead of antibacterial soaps

Plain soap and water is a more effective way of getting rid of harmful bugs than antibacterial soaps, which may be harmful to pregnant women, […]

Why inhaling essential oils is a good idea right now

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about washing your hands. But how about hygiene for your nose? Although the ancient medical tradition of Ayurveda emphasises […]

Which pre-existing health conditions increase your coronavirus risk?

As the cases of coronavirus in the UK mount, we are beginning to confront the reality that not all infections are equally dangerous. Most people […]

Myths and Facts About Hand Washing

Let’s explode some commonly held myths about hand-washing. Here are all the facts you need about how to wash your hands properly: Myth: Hand soap […]

Can Gut Health Affect Sleep?

Yes, it can!  Your sleep patterns are controlled by something called serotonin,1  90% of which is made inside your gut.2 Damage to your gut microbiome […]

Time To Repair Your Gut!

So, the party’s over.  You’ve had your treats, your sugar, your booze, and your Christmas cake. You’ve over-indulged, stayed up too late, eaten naughty nibbles, […]

5 top tips on how to look after your child’s gut health this Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for family gut health, especially with all the sweet treats floating around! Sugar kills off the good bugs inside […]

Dreading the festive season? Here’s 8 natural ways to fight S.A.D. and boost your holiday mood!

There’s nothing worse than feeling the onslaught of holiday cheer right around the corner – and dreading it! It can all get a bit much, […]

Is Your Gut Prepared for the Party Season? Here’s what you need to do!

We all want to have fun over the festive season. But parties, booze and rich food aren’t much fun if your gut isn’t happy! At […]

Why natural kefir is more powerful than man-made probiotics – diversity is king!

Every single day, your gut is being assaulted by the the four “Arch-Enemies” of good gut health: sugar, stress, chemicals and antibiotics.  Even if you’re […]

This 5-minute exercise will boost your mood for free!

You know about work-outs for your body. But how about how about working out the most important nerve of all – your VAGUS NERVE?! Why […]

Break your gut-harmful habits to protect your cold-fighting immunity

Your body is going to take a beating over the coming winter months, and your immune system gets the tough job of trying to keep […]

What causes those sharp pains in your tummy, and how can you stop them?

We’ve all felt it – a sudden sharp pain in the tummy. Not very pleasant – and it can be worrying!  So, what’s going on […]

Why Kefir Is The Best Mental Health First Aid

Are you experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression?  Now you can create your own mental health first aid kit!  The trillions of living organisms inside […]

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. Are you ready?

Historically, colds and flu have been treated with medications designed to reduce only the symptoms of these infection. These drugs can’t activate the body’s own […]

microplastics in tea

Are you drinking plastic along with your tea?

If you’re using a plastic tea bag, the answer is probably “yes.”  In a first-of-its-kind study, McGrill University researchers have determined that steeping a single plastic […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Prebiotics and How They Can Help You

Feeling confident about your knowledge of probiotics and their benefits? Great! Now, how about PREbiotics? What are prebiotics, and what can they do for you? […]

Here’s why steroids will never clear your eczema – and what WILL help.

We tend to think of our gut and our skin as two separate things – but really, they are one connected surface! Any gut disorder […]

Why are we bloated in the morning? And what to do about it!

Inside your gut are 100 trillion living bacteria, known as the gut microbiome. These living bacteria control how you break down the food that you […]

how kefir helps you sleep

How Kefir Helps You Sleep (and other natural sleep aids)

Kefir is the king of natural sleep aids – here’s why. Your sleep patterns are regulated by a neurotransmitter called serotonin.1 Specialised cells called EC […]

Summer Gut Health Hacks

The summer season can be challenging for your hard-working tummy! There’s an inverse relationship between the temperature outside and the body temperature inside. In winter, […]

Why Does Good Kefir Taste So Sour? And Why You Should Drink It Anyway

If you struggle with the taste of the goats milk kefir, you’re not alone! The sharp, fizzy, fermented taste is unfamiliar to us, in these […]

Allergies? Here’s what happens inside your system – and what to do about it!

Are you dreading the spring pollenpocalypse that triggers your allergies? You’re not alone! One in two people in the UK now suffer with allergies, with […]

Real hope for IBS

Excepted from the #1 best selling new book The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Anxiety and Depression by Shann Nix Jones 86% percent of […]

Chuckling Goat kefir now sells Atlas Biomed microbiome tests!

Originally published by Atlas Biomed on the Atlas Blog. Article written by Leigh Stewart. The UK’s leading milk kefir producers now stock Atlas Biomed Microbiome […]

5 Things You Should Know About Kefir and Your Microbiome

Inside your gut, at this very moment, there are trillions of live bacteria, fungi and viruses, known as your microbiome. Imagine these gorgeous tiny organisms […]

Find Your Inner Smile, Week One

If you experienced anxiety or depression in the past week, you’re not alone! In the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in […]

Here’s a recipe for the ultimate happy-making, gut-healing family supper!

This is a classic family pleaser, that will make both your family and your gut bugs happy! It’s rich in tryptophan and has loads of […]

Here’s what you need to eat, to feel happy!

If you don’t have the right amount of serotonin in your system, it’s biochemically impossible for you to feel happy. But how do you give […]

How knowing the difference between pleasure and happiness could change your life, today!

Did you know that there’s a difference between pleasure and happiness? It’s true. They are, biochemcially speaking, two totally different sensations, caused by two different […]

Why it’s important for you to “re-wild” your gut — and how to do it!

Modern life is the enemy of your gut. That delicate, fragile ecosystem inside you is damaged every day, by the things I like to call […]

The real problem with the FODMAP diet – and how to get some joy back into your relationship with food!

Here’s the problem with the low FODMAP diet: it’s a temporary fix. Yes, you may get some relief by removing gut-irritants from your diet. But […]

A weeks worth of Super Supper Smoothies for gut health

Super Supper Smoothie Now, I have two skeptical, non-vegetable loving guys in the house, and although they’re quite happy to chow down on meat and […]

Why your food choices matter – a new way to think about the food you eat

Let’s think about this for a minute: Why do you eat? To stay alive? Because you’re hungry? Because you’re bored? Because you’re trying to push […]

How do you balance business and family?

Start your own business, on your own kitchen table! My business started out with a desire to spend more time with my husband. It was […]

The crazy pasta that you SHOULD be eating every day! (and you’ve probably never heard of it…)

Usually when you’re trying to restore your gut health, I recommend avoiding most bread, rice, pasta and white potatoes. These foods are all high GI, […]

I started a business on my kitchen table. You can too!

Here’s the wonderful secret about running your own business: it’s exactly like having a baby. You don’t have to know everything, before you begin. The […]

Here’s the fastest way to make yourself feel better – right now!

Here’s how we pick ourselves up when we’re feeling low, on the farm: GET OUTSIDE. There is now solid scientific evidence supporting “eco-therapy,” or the […]

What kind of exercise is best for your gut and your brain?

We humans evolved as a species that walks, runs, climbs trees and hills, and uses a variety of muscles all the time. Now we’ve grown […]

How is your gut connected to your brain?

Did you know that your brain and your gut are connected? It may seem strange, but it’s true! Your brain and your gut communicate directly […]

Chef Nina Parker’s Blueberry Apple Muffins (Gluten-Free!)

I loved the idea of creating a sweet treat with a seriously low sugar content. These are made with a little stevia and medjool dates […]

The supplement you need for good gut health – that you’re probably not taking!

A whopping 86% of all British adults have suffered some form of gastrointestinal (GI) problem or ailment in the last year. If you’re one of them, you […]

How Healing Your Gut Can Heal Your Brain

If you suffer from IBS, you may also be dealing with depression and/or anxiety. This isn’t too surprising; after all, IBS is a debilitating condition, […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Goats Milk Kefir?

These days, there’s a lot of talk about the health benefits of probiotics. If you’re trying to improve your gut health, you may be dutifully […]

The real reason that nothing has ever worked to resolve your acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea – until now!

Here’s the big breaking news in the skin world: Acne, along with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis, is not a skin condition. These issues are […]

How to find calm when you’re feeling crazy

Introducing emotion recognition! Here in the West, we have a strange relationship with our emotions. We particularly try to avoid negative emotions: in fact, we’ll […]

Relax with a hot Epsom salts bath

Take a hot Epsom salts bath! Are you deficient in magnesium? Chances are good that you are – roughly 80% of the population is deficient […]

Boost your gut and skin health with a daily dose of collagen

Take Collagen! One of the most important things you can do to boost your health and re-set your gut, after adding kefir to your diet, […]

The Ultimate Gut-Healthy Breakfast

This is my go-to breakfast on the farm, and it ticks all my boxes – fast, tasty, low-GI, gluten-free, probiotic, satisfying, resistant starch, boosts your […]

Sharman’s Lemon Truffle Delights

Preparation Time: 15/20 mins Ingredients: 8/10 medjool dates 2ozs of raisins 2ozs of ground almonds 1oz of unsweetened desiccated coconut 1oz of cashew nuts Grind […]

How to settle an upset tummy – naturally.

After years of kefirsing, it’s pretty rare that we get ill on the farm, but occasionally we do catch the odd bug! Recently Benji picked […]

The amazing gluten-free flour you may never have heard of!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried gluten-free flours and been disappointed by the taste and/or texture. But here’s the fab flour that I’m loving […]

Here’s the tea you should be drinking every day – and it’s not green tea!

I’d like to introduce you to a tea that you may not have heard of, but is the hottest thing in the health-and-good-skin neighbourhood – […]

Bone Broth For Dummies

Let me sing you a song of bone broth. YOU SHOULD BE DRINKING 6-8 OZ OF BONE BROTH EVERY SINGLE DAY. We all should. Listen, […]

What you should be eating every day instead of bread, rice, pasta or potatoes!

If you’re kefirising in order to get on top of a skin condition or autoimmune disorder, we recommend eating “good grains” to help support the […]

Guilt-free kefir pancakes!

Between you, me and the wall, I adore pancakes. I like the American style pancakes, that are thick and fluffy. I’ve also been scouting around […]

Meet Shann

Hi, I’m Shann Nix Jones. Nice to meet you! ; ) I started out in San Francisco as a journalist, radio talk show host and […]

13 Things You May Not Know About Kefir

On Wednesday Feb 1 at 8 pm, the BBC Two television show Trust Me I’m a Doctor unveiled some ground-breaking science, in the form of […]

Here’s what we eat on the farm instead of bread…

If you’re trying to eat a gluten-free, non-inflammatory diet to heal your skin with the Good Skin Solution, bread is a no-no. I know, right? […]

How we treat a cold on the farm

Winter is the season of coughs, colds and sniffles! On the farm, we keep our immune systems continually boosted with our daily dose of kefir, […]

3 Simple Hacks to Manage Stress

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone! Chances are, it’s your own high standards that are causing the problem. You’re trying to do it all right, and […]

Eat Good Fats

A word about good fats: Eat them! You will not be able to heal your skin properly without them. On the farm, we’re big fans […]

Eat Slow-Burning Food

As far as your microbiome is concerned, sugar isn’t just the stuff that tastes sweet. Your entire system – all of the magic bugs that […]

Eat Goat Dairy

In the Western world, we tend to overlook goat’s milk in favour of cow’s, which is a shame, because goat’s milk is nutritious, healthy, and […]

Use Stevia Instead of Sugar

Let’s talk about something that you really need to let go of if you want to heal your skin condition: sugar. Why? Quite simply, sugar […]

Drink Bone Broth

Bone broth is a traditional remedy that works powerfully in cooperation with kefir to heal and restore your gut, which is the first step towards […]

Use Kefir Skincare

The essential power of the Good Skin Solution is to heal from the inside and outside at the same time. So while you are drinking […]

Drink Goats Milk Kefir

Habit #1 – Drink Goats Milk Kefir Drink 170 ml of goats milk kefir, first thing in the morning, before food. A daily dose of […]

Introducing the 7 daily habits of The Good Skin Solution

If you’ve had a look at the success stories that we see on the farm, you’ll know that we get some pretty dramatic results with […]

Relieve stress with the Good Skin Meditation

When you’re working with the Good Skin Solution, you understand that your skin is a map of your gut. Whatever is going on inside your […]

Are you allergic to cows milk?

Are you struggling with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, asthma, IBS, colitis or Crohn’s? You might be allergic to cows milk! Cow milk is the number […]

Eggs are a magic food. Eat eggs.

Don’t know how to make it any simpler than that! In the words of the doyenne of gut science and health, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, […]

Why Are Good Fats So… Good?

A word about good fats: Eat them! You will not be able to heal your skin properly without them. And guess what – butter is […]

Why You Need to Eat Things That You CAN’T Digest

Sounds crazy, right? But allow me to introduce you to the miracle of “resistant starch.” Resistant starch is a good thing. Scientists are only recently […]

Which humble root vegetable can help you exercise more easily?

It’s beetroot! Who knew? Rich absolutely loves beetroot, and has been known to come back from the farmers market lugging entire bags of it. It […]

What’s the super-food you can grow on your own window sill?

I’d like to introduce the concept of your own Windowsill Farm. You can be growing healthy things for your family, wherever you are! One of […]

Why sometimes ice cream can be better than potatoes! ; )

As far as your holobiome is concerned, sugar isn’t just the stuff that tastes sweet. Your entire system – all of the magic bugs that […]

How do you make healing collagen broth?

So, we’ve established that to heal your skin, you’re first going to have to heal your gut. And what’s the fastest way to do this? […]

What’s the only sweetener you should mix with your kefir?

I only allow one kind of sweetener on the farm: Stevia. Stevia is brilliant stuff. Made from a plant, low-GI, zero calories, safe for diabetics. […]

If You Make Your Own Kefir at Home, Please Read This!

Working with live cultures can be a wonderful boon to health. You can buy ready-to-drink goatsmilk kefir, or you can make your own at home. Like […]

What’s the Right Kind of Clean?

Healthy skin – or a healthy gut – is a space grab. It’s all about good bacteria and bad bacteria, fighting it out for toe-space. […]

How We’ve Lost Touch with “Old Friends”… and What It Has Cost Us

Once upon a time (not too long ago), scientists blamed the epidemic rise in allergic diseases like eczema, food allergies, hay fever, asthma and IBS […]

Why You Should Think Twice Before Giving Your Child Antibiotics

We all take antibiotics – and we take them a lot. 40 percent of all adults and 70 percent of all children take one or […]

Why you should throw your antibacterial soap in the bin, right now!

Today is Clean Your Hands Day, as decreed by the World Health Organisation. So, let’s talk hand washing! First of all, if you use antibacterial […]

Why you should never, ever ignore dry itchy skin.

Once upon a time, scientists thought that skin was just like a kind of physical bag to keep your squishy bits in. Now we know […]

The Good Skin Smoothie for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne

Here’s Benji – he used to have eczema! But he now has beautiful clear skin. Why? Because he drinks his smoothie every morning. You can […]

How did kefir save my husband’s life?

In the spring of 2011 we launch our little online business called Chuckling Goat, selling the kefir online, mainly to gym bunnies and fitness fanatics, […]

How did we discover kefir on the farm?

For us, it all started with a goat named Buddug… In 2010 our little boy Benji, age 5, was suffering from recurrent bronchial infections. Every […]

What is the real-life romantic story behind kefir (Reads just like a bodice-ripper novel!)

During the Victorian period, news spread that kefir was being used successfully to treat tuberculosis and intestinal and stomach diseases. Russian doctors began studying kefir […]

Where does kefir come from?

Little was known about kefir outside the Black Caucasus Mountains which run along the continental divide between Asia and Europe, despite the fact that Marco […]

What is kefir?

Kefir is a powerful probiotic from Eastern Europe, made from fermented milk. The best kefir is made from goat’s milk, as scientists have confirmed than […]

How Our Point-and-Shoot Mentality has Harmed Us

Remember – you ARE the bacteria. They ARE you. 90% of your cells are bacterial cells. There is no such thing as a “germ,” – there are only beneficial and harmful bacteria.

Why Your Doctor Hasn’t Been Able to Help You Clear Your Skin

The problem is that these days, it seems that pretty much all doctors have to offer is some variation of steroid or antibiotics.

Why You Are a Super-Organism – and Why it Matters

You have ten times more bacterial cells in you than human cells! You are really just a constellation of bacteria – a big walking, talking, bacterial mat.

4 things you’re frequently exposed to that damage your microbiome

Like any natural ecosystem, your own internal ecosystem is vulnerable. It can be damaged by antibiotics, sugar, stress & environmental toxins.

What is your microbiome, and what does it have to do with your skin?

Scientists at Oxford University have found in that inside the microbiome, there are actually prey and predator species battling with each other all the time!

The Secret About Your Eczema that Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Autoimmune disorders stem from the gut, and the most successful way to treat an autoimmune issue, logically enough, is by treating the gut.