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Meet Shann

Hi, I’m Shann Nix Jones. Nice to meet you! ; )

I started out in San Francisco as a journalist, radio talk show host and city girl who couldn’t boil an egg. Then I came to Wales, that mythic land of castles, mist and magic. At the age of 41, I fell in love with a Welsh farmer named Rich, and came to live on his beautiful farm by the sea. Life on the farm was quite an adjustment for me, but after a steep learning curve, I came to love it. We bought our first goat in order to help with my son Benji’s bronchial infections. Together Rich and I learned to make a probiotic called kefir, to use up our surplus goats milk.

Then Rich contracted a life-threatening superbug infection and, when the doctors couldn’t help us, I used our kefir to save Rich’s life. I also learned to put the kefir into skincare, which cured Benji’s eczema. Rich and I started our little business Chuckling Goat on the farmhouse kitchen table, offering our handmade kefir and kefir skincare online. Today we have 70 goats, 10 employees and 30,000 happy customers in 28 countries around the world.

You can read more about my adventures on the the farm in my first #1 Amazon best selling book, Secrets from Chuckling Goat: How a Herd of Goats Saved My Family and Created a Business that Became a Natural Health Phenomenon.

My latest book, The Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne, also became a #1 Amazon best seller within its first week of publication. This book details the science behind how and why kefir and kefir skincare works to resolve skin issues.

I hope that my adventure, and the discoveries I have made along the way, can help you and your family.

20 thoughts on “Meet Shann

  1. You know KGO has become a terrible mess since you left it. I no longer listen to the station. It’s a shame. Would you ever consider returning?

    1. Hey Paul – Now that IS a blast from the past! How kind of you to say so. Another lifetime – and no, I wouldn’t go back on a bet! Wales is where it’s at for me now. Hugs, Shann

      1. So happy you’re happy. There’s something about country life. I prefer it to the city. There’s a detached kind of “reality” to a city which I never liked. You got to get your hands in and work with the Earth! You know what I mean?

        As for KGO, alas. It’s just dull and uninteresting. They have some new hosts but they’re no big deal. I admit sometimes listening to your show I was annoyed. But I always came back. I would end up saying to myself: You know something? She’s right.

  2. Hi Shann, loving your website, I have suffered with rosacea for the last 12 years and have been on kefir for the past 4 weeks (drinking 250ml in the morning and 250ml in the evening) I am using organic cow milk, is this ok?

    1. Hi Lucia – NO! We don’t recommend that you consume any cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains the A1 casein, which is extremely allergenic and inflammatory. I would recommend that you immediately eliminate all cow dairy and replace it with goat dairy – milk, butter, cheese and yogurt. Best, Shjann

      1. Not all cows milk contains the A1 casein. You seem really out to attack cows milk, because you have goats. Most cow breeds are A2/A2 (just like humans and goats). Holsteins are usually A1/A1. Many people do amazingly with A2 cows milk, and you shouldn’t be demanding people never use it.

    1. Hi Janis – All of our milk goes into the kefir and skincare – none left over for plain milk or cheese, I’m afraid! ; )

  3. Dear Shann, This is an extraordinary story! Do you ship your products to US? I’d love to order quite s few of them!
    One final thing: I’ve read contradictory opinions regarding kefir and candida. Some say it feeds candida and some others that it kills it… I’d appreciate your view! Tiphany

    1. Hi Tiphany – Thanks! We do ship our skincare to the US, although not the drinking kefir. Kefir is great for candida – it brings the entire microbiome back into balance, which puts the candida back under control, where it needs to be. Best, Shann

    2. Dear Shann, really apreciate all the work being done with GSS. I’ve spent all summer reading your book, and I would like get from you kefir skin care. Since I’m living in south EU country (Portugal), this is not suitable to get products during summer time. I should be there, to share all my insights about psoriasis causative effect of Antibiotics/pain killers and Gut dysfunctional result.
      Let’s work together ?

      1. Hi Afonso – So glad you enjoyed the book – we do ship our kefir and kefir skin care to Portugal. The website will work out the charges for you. Happy to hear from you! Best, Shann

  4. Please explain why my psoriasis is visibly so much worse since I have been drinking goats milk kefir and using the break-out cleanser and lotion. I have been through two 21 days and am awaiting the third course due to arrive next week.
    Pam Parry

    1. Hi Pam – The end of your second course of kefir is a classic time for a late detox, very commonly seen in more severe and long-standing cases of dysbiosis, so I’m guessing that your psoriasis has been with you for a while? Detox commonly means that the condition will flare temporarily before it improves. Stick with it – you’re headed the right way! I also suggest adding a high quality collagen supplement and 1 TBSP of brain octane oil to your diet daily, recommendations here: Feel free to ring the office 01239 654 072 if you’d like a chat – Best, Shann

  5. Hi Shann. I’m newly converted to kefir. On my 3rd batch and starting to sneak it through the day. Without going into too much detail, I have had a sore throat and burning tongue for months. 4 visits to doctors and nobody has even looked down there. Blood results all ok so probably just a menopause/stress thing, but I have some cg oil and wondered whether I could gargle with it and what dilution. I don’t think it would undo the good work of the kefir but wanted to check.

  6. Hi, I have had several courses of the kefir now and it has helped my IBS and psoriasis a lot. I have followed the dietary suggestions as well. I have cut out cow dairy but have just read a post from you saying that butter and cheese are really good to eat. Could you clarify please? Thanks

    1. Hi Rosie – Goat butter and goat cheese provide your system with butyrate, which is great for your immune system. These are good fats, that feed your good bugs! It’s only cow milk, cow butter and cow cheese that you need to avoid. Best, Shann

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