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Meet The Team

Of all the things we’re proud of at Chuckling Goat, we’re proudest of our team. These folks are dedicated, passionate, and luuurve what they do!

We circle up every morning at 8 am sharp for a group chat to find out how everyone’s feeling, talk through any problems from yesterday, and get everyone oriented for the day ahead. We also set personal stretch goals in the group, and celebrate excellence by selecting an employee of the month.

Each time we advertise an opening on the team, we receive more than 100 applications! To earn a place at Chuckling Goat you must be flexible, energetic, and able to turn on a dime. Team members often work in more than one department – the same person might milk the goats and make soap in the morning, and do some packing in the afternoon.

With 6000% growth in five years, the pace is quick and the challenges just keep on coming. But we always shut at 4 pm so that people can spend time with their family. Family first, is our motto.

Welcome to our tribe – we’re all happy to meet you!

Rich Jones

Co Director

Shann Jones

Co Director

Elly Armstrong

Office Manager

Josh Armstrong

Production Manager

Keith O'Reilly

Deputy Production Manager

Jordan Lloyd-Davies

Head of Barn

Claudia Rubio-Sasaki

Head Of Soapery

Hanuman Hook

Web Developer

Iestyn Crompton

Co-head of Dairy

Lowri Heckler

Office Assistant & Nutritional Adviser

Chelsie Spencer

Office Assistant & Nutritional Adviser

Xania Bateman-Armitage

Co-head of Dairy

Danni Somerfield

General Assistant

Siri Nicolaysen

General Assistant

Paula Jones