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August on the farm

August was not quite the month of summer sun and fun we’d hoped for. The rain almost never stopped and our family faced difficult physical and emotional challenges, including injuries and bereavement.

Keeping on top of big Chuckling Goat projects (coming soon!), juggling childcare, and care for the adults that have needed it too, as well as day-to-day family, work and personal life, has been a mammoth task – one that’s taken the ‘pulling together’ and strength of every family member and friend. It’s not always sunshine and lollipops at HQ, but we’re looking back on the month realising more than ever how wonderful and invaluable it is to have one another.

Amidst the hardships, we found silver linings picking flowers, fruit and veg for family suppers and watching the kids play together in their sweet, ever-learning, ever-growing, sometimes-bickering way!

We also squeezed in a special birthday supper for co-director, Rich – 13 of us around the farmhouse kitchen table for roast dinner and trifle. It felt like the beginning of better times to come…

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