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Daisy Gray from Chuckling Goat

Daisy Gray

Daisy Gray is a nutritional therapist, customer care assistant and visual content creator for Chuckling Goat. She started co-managing social media a year ago and has thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into something new that involves a lot of creativity!

Daisy loves capturing different aspects of the CG business – farm life, family, products and simple science, and particularly enjoys creating imagery and video reels. At home, Daisy is a very ‘outdoorsy’ person and can often be found exploring new walking spots with her partner, Eduardo and labrador, Mila. She enjoys camping, cycling, cooking and catching up with family and friends.

Daisy is passionate about combining professional and personal interests in a visual way that offers fun, bite-size information on gut health and the CG way of life!

Daisy Gray's Latest Posts

The Magic Garden Frog launch party!

Check out the BTS of Shann’s ‘Save the Frog’ event at Cardigan Castle! 🐸

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How is our Balm made, what are the benefits to your skin and how do we use it here on the farm…

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A gift guide for gut health and happiness!

It’s gift-giving time, and we’ve done the legwork for you 🎁 Festive inspo HERE.

A moment of calm – November sunrise

Join us for a moment of calm in this winter sunrise ☀️

3-step skincare routine for men

Men, it’s time to take charge of your skin with this simple 3-step skincare routine…

Everything you need to know about prebiotics

Celebrate World Prebiotic Week with us 🌾 ALL of your prebiotic questions answered here!

Snippets from October at CG 🚜

A sneak peek into life at CG HQ 🍂

Autumnal Synbiotic Smoothie

Craving an autumnal, gut-healthy smoothie? This is the recipe for you!🍂

6 simple ways to boost your mood

Reduce stress and feel brighter with these simple, all-natural tips

Happy tummies = happy tails: the power of probiotics for pets!

Why probiotics are good for your pets + a gut-healthy doggie treat recipe!

Must-try date bark

Think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but healthier! Recipe here –

Aash-e Jow (Persian barley, rice, and bean soup)

Experience the heartwarming flavours of Aash-e Jow soup 🍲 Recipe here –

How to naturally boost your happy hormones: Oxytocin

Simple ways to boost your ‘love hormone’!

My go-to smoothie for glowy skin

Glow from the inside, out ✨

A day at CG HQ

Behind-the-scenes photos from CG HQ 📸

What can Kefir do for you?

Boost your gut health with probiotics 💪

Top CG products for relaxation

Take a moment to relax and restore with some of our favourite self-care essentials…

How to live longer – tips from the Blue Zones!

The longest-living people in the World share their top morning habits –

Cucumber and mint Kefir smoothie

Stay cool and refreshed with this gut-healthy smoothie 💚

Tropical green smoothie

Boost your gut health and make your Kefir taste YUMMY with this recipe 💚


Enjoy a caffeine-free boost with this cuppa ☕

Chocolate Collagen overnight oats

Chocolate for breakfast? YES PLEASE!

Gut Facts 🤓

Ten facts about the ecosystem inside YOU 🫵

A Moment Of Calm – Early Spring morning 🌞💚

Spring has sprung and Mila the dog is happy about it 🐶

Simple Synbiotic Smoothie

Probiotic Kefir + Complete Prebiotic = the perfect synbiotic smoothie. Follow the recipe here!

Oatmeal & Banana Kefir Smoothie

Breakfast; sorted ✅ Follow the recipe here – enjoy!

Pets and probiotics

Is Kefir good for your pet too? Find out here

Winter Aperol Spritz 🍹✨

Need something with a twist on New Year’s Eve? We’ve got you covered!

Healthy Hot Chocolate

A festive favourite – here’s how to make it healthy.

Introducing… our new Goat Toy 🐐🐐

Always fancied owning a goat? This one’s for you!

October reminiscing 🧡

Remember October? We do! Share some of our October memories…🎃

A MOMENT OF CALM – October sunrise 🌅🧡

Take a zen minute to greet the sun with us in Wales…

Happiness is… RUNNING WITH GOATS 🐐💗

Our goats don’t hang about. Come for a virtual run with us…

If you go down to the woods today…🐐

Did you know that goats aren’t just grass-grazers – they’re actually tree-browsers by choice! This will make you smile…

A Summer’s Day At CG HQ 🌞

Summer’s almost over – but here’s what the goats, humans and flowers at CG were up to!

Happy Customers ✨

What do other customers have to say about us? Take a quick peek!

Balance your hormones, naturally! 🌿💓

What can shatavari do for you? Find out in 20 seconds!

Bedtime Bliss ✨

A soothing ritual to send you off to sleep…

The Miracle of your Microbiome with Shann Jones – Rude Awakenings

Join co-director Shann Jones and find out how she saved her husband. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Goats are finally on TikTok 🐐😎

Take 15 seconds to meet our gorgeous goats…

Chocolate + Orange Prebiotic Energy Balls – your go-to snack!

When you’re craving a quick chocolate treat, here’s your gut-healthy option…

Behind the scenes 📸

There’s no automation at Chuckling Goat – just loving hands. We even stamp the paper bags by hand!

It’s officially picnic season 🤸‍♀️🍓

Finally, it’s time! Get a quick hit of gut healthy inspo.

Coconut Mango Kefir Smoothie 🥭🥥

Fall in love with mangoes this summer for a quick, gut-healthy treat!


What’s all natural and helps with anxiety? Watch this quick vid

CG Top Walks In Ceredigion

Whet your appetite for some gorgeous Welsh scenery!

Food allergies and how kefir can help!

Struggling with food intolerance? Watch this quick info vid!

Bursts Of Colour At Chuckling Goat 🌷

We don’t just love animals here at CG – we love our plants as well! Refresh yourself with the flowers that are making us happy at the moment.

Spring On The Farm 🌞

Peek behind the scenes at our farm animals in springtime!

Gut Health Smoothie

How do you make the ultimate gut health smoothie? Watch it here…

CG Tea Guide

Learn which natural, all-herbal tea is right for you. Which one will you choose?


Do you know how stress and IBS are connected? This 17-second video will tell you now!