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How we drink our Kefir at CG

We’ve decided that how you drink Kefir is unique and personal to you – in the same way that James Bond likes his martini ‘shaken, not stirred’. Here’s how we drink our Kefir here at CG HQ… How do you drink yours?!

Rich & Shann, Co-directors: We share, so it’s a double whammy: we blend up 340 ml of Kefir, 2 handfuls of blueberries, 2 tbsp Pure Fish Collagen, 2 tbsp Complete Prebiotic, 2 tsps Ashwagandha, 2 tsps Siberian Ginseng, pour into two glasses and down the hatch!

Ceris, Director of Customer Relations: I blend 170 ml of Original Kefir with blueberries, a banana, 10 g of Complete Prebiotic, 10 g of Pure Fish Collagen and 20 drops of Ashwagandha into a smoothie, and drink every morning – after a cup of tea, of course!

Vic, Dairy Assistant & HQ Gardener: We drink Kefir every morning in a smoothie. My kids (11 and 15) have it with strawberries and banana; I have the same but with added spinach, Pure Fish Collagen and Complete Prebiotic. It’s definitely helped with my daughter’s eczema and keeps us all strong!

Laura, Consultation Team Lead & Nutritional Therapist: I’ll sometimes mix Pure Fish Collagen into it (if I don’t add the Collagen to my muesli), but mostly, I drink my Kefir neat, an hour or so after my morning black coffee.

Claire, Nutritional Therapist: I have Kefir in a smoothie with Complete Prebiotic, Pure Fish Collagen, flaxseed oil, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 tbsp oats for a whole grain, Ashwagandha, 1/2 frozen banana and a handful of frozen mixed berries.

Iestyn, Head of Dairy: Straight out of the vat tap and into a Kefir Measuring Glass – perfect!

Jordan, Head of Barn: I drink 85 ml of neat Kefir, straight after my daughter, Elsi’s, morning feed at around 5-6am.

Elly, Creative Director: My gut-health smoothies vary and depend on whether I’m dealing with any stress, virus, fatigue etc. At the moment, I’m keeping it simple with 170 ml Kefir Light, 1 really ripe banana for sweetness, 1 tbsp Complete Prebiotic, 1.5 tbsps Pure Fish Collagen, a good glug of Ashwagandha and something NEW we’ve been working on… coming soon!

Emily, Office Assistant: I go for a smoothie – 100 ml Kefir, half a banana, 30 g of blueberries, 10 g of Collagen and 10 g of Complete Prebiotic.

For more fun ways to take your Kefir, check out the smoothie section of our blog here.

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