Meet The Team

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Richard Jones - chuckling goat

Rich Jones
Co Director

Shann Jones
Co Director

I love the fact that we get to help people, work on a farm surrounded by friends, family and gorgeous animals.

Elly Armstrong
Office Manager

The best thing about working at Chuckling Goat is the beautiful location, the 2 minute commute and my wicked office staff!

Josh Armstrong
Production Manager

Managing such a great and fun team. The sea view helps as well.

Rhys Stephens
Head Of Dairy

Claudia Rubio-Sasaki
Head Of Soapery

Meet Claudia, our Soapery Assistant. Although Claudia specialises in the soapery where all our lotions and cleansers are made, she's quite the all-rounder here at CG HQ! Not only is she fabulous at hand-making our natural skincare, she can milk, pack and lend a hand in the dairy 💪 Claudia has such a lovely, warm presence - always smiling and always a pleasure to be around. She's passionate, enthusiastic and a real asset to our team - you're an 'A+ player', Claudia - thanks for all your hard work ⭐

Jordan Lloyd-Davies
Head Of Barn

Meet Jordan, Head Of Barn at CG. Jordan is incredibly hard working - she's definitely 'got grit'! She always turns up with 100% to give and never shies away from hard graft. Jordan packs speedily and accurately, milks and cares for the goats with love and helps out in any other area of HQ that requires it at the time - she's a true all-rounder! We're very lucky to have such a steadfast individual as a part of our team Thank you Jordan - goats, cats and humans think you're awesome!

Keith O'Reilly
Deputy Production Manager

Meet Keith, Josh's right hand man! Keith works in both Packing and Dairy as well as assisting with deliveries, mucking out and stock control. He's quickly become a very multi-skilled, hardworking part of the CG family and we simply can't imagine it here without him these days! We love his can-do attitude, wicked sense of humour AND the Irish accent! Thanks for all that you do, Keith!

Hanuman Hook
Web Developer

The creator of this page (in fact, the entire website!) is our Hanuman, resident web designer and developer. Han is an absolute whizz when it comes to marketing, tech and keeping the website running smoothly - we couldn't do it all without him! He also designs our branding, packaging and super cool staff kit He always brings his A game to the table! Thanks for all the 'behind the scenes' work and your 'can do' attitude, Han - we love having you on board - you're a star! ⭐

Anna McLaughlin
Office Assistant

Meet our lovely office assistant, Anna. You may have spoken to Anna on the phone - she handles customer queries, tracking info, orders, emails and supplying Office Manager, Elly, with plenty of cups of tea She handles all tasks with grace and grit! Anna is such a delight to be around - funny, motherly and warm. Thanks for being so reliable and a real loyal member of staff - things just wouldn't tick over the same without you.

Lowri Heckler
Office Assistant

Siri Nicolaysen
General Assistant

Meet our packing queen, Siri, who keeps the packing department ticking over smoothly, ensuring parcels are correctly filled with care, ready for our lovely clients to receive on the other end! Siri also white washes, mucks out and can often be found lending a hand in other departments here at HQ. With her positive attitude and beaut Rapunzel hair, she instantly brightens a room Always smiling, always willing to help and ready to work as best she can, Siri is such a valued member of the team. Thank you for giving it your all, Siri - we <3 ya!

Iestyn Crompton
General Assistant

Meet Iestyn, our fork-lift-driving, vat-emptying, kefir-bottling, goat-milking dairy assistant! He's full of energy and passion for his job which mainly involves keeping a good eye on all dairy procedures, producing the very best kefir for you guys - our clients Iestyn is incredibly hardworking and puts his all into everything he does here at HQ - when other people walk from place to place, Iestyn runs! He's got 'grit' as we like to say Thanks for being such an integral part of the team, Iestyn!

Meg Gutteridge
General Assistant

Meet lovely Meg, our Head of Soapery here at HQ. Meg took a shine to the soap and lotion making during her first few weeks here and is now rocking it as the head of department! She's incredibly organised (quite the dab hand at spreadsheets ) and has a genuine passion for her job, often checking in during annual leave to ensure her precious soapery is running smoothly! You may have also spoken to Meg on the phone as she often helps out in the office... quite the all rounder! Meg is sweet, bubbly and very funny - such a loved member of the team! Thank you for the hard work you put in day in, day out, Meg

Danni Somerfield
General Assistant

Meet Danni, our star all-rounder gal! She's been an integral part of Chuckling Goat for three years now - Danni loves her position here so much, she's juggled her busy Mum-Of-Twins lifestyle to work with us a couple of days a week and boy, are we pleased! She's a hard-working part of the team, willing to help in all departments - Dairy, Barn, Soapery and Packing, she knows it all ;) Danni has a great can-do attitude and isn't afraid of getting stuck in. Thanks for your grit and grace, Danni - we think you're awesome!

Xania Bateman-Armitage
General Assistant

Meet Xania, General Assistant at Chuckling Goat. Xania seamlessly joined the crew and picked up all dairy duties as if she had been doing it for years! She has a sweet, calming presence and has proved to be a real asset to our team. Xania can also be found helping out in the Soapery where she assists in producing our natural skincare. Thank you turning up ready to hit the ground running every day, Xania!

Kirsty James
General Assistant