Meet The Team

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Richard Jones - chuckling goat

Rich Jones
Co Director

I like goats, and I like tractors. It's all good.

Shann Jones - Chuckling goat

Shann Jones
Co Director

I love the fact that we get to help people, work on a farm surrounded by friends, family and gorgeous animals.

Elly Jones
Office Manager

The best thing about working at Chuckling Goat is the beautiful location, the 2 minute commute and my wicked office staff!

Josh Armstrong
Production Manager

Managing such a great and fun team. The sea view helps as well.

Iestyn Crompton
Head Of Dairy

I like working at Chuckles because the whole team's a joy to be around. #stressfree

Meg Gutteridge
Head Of Soapery

Working at Chuckling Goat is interesting and varied. I enjoy working alongside such a great team.

Jordan Lloyd-Davies
Head Of Barn

I love helping people with a similar skin condition to me... and working with goats :)

Hanuman Hook
Web Developer

There's never a dull moment with this awesome team!

debbie - chuckling goat

Debbie James
Book Keeper

Every day is different and every day is a challenge!

Anna McLaughlin
Office Assistant

It doesn't feel like work when you enjoy what you do! Like a big happy family - with goats as pets!

Claudia Rubio-Sasaki
Soapery Assistant

It's a great feeling when you love your job and all your team mates!

Siri Nicolaysen
General Assistant

The team is like a family, they always keep me smiling!

Rhys Stephens
General Assistant

It's great being part of such a friendly and hard working team!

danny - chuckling goat

Danni Somerfield
General Assistant

Alice Martin
General Assistant

I love making a product that's changed peoples health for the better

Rory Stone
General Assistant

Keith O'Reilly
General Assistant

Xania Bateman-Armitage
General Assistant

Mumbles Jones
Office Owl

I love the endless attention and cuddles I get whilst making sure things run smoothly in the office.

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