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Better packaging

We have been working to improve our packaging so that it is easier to recycle and has less environmental impact. Here are some key features:

  • Our cardboard boxes are made from a minimum of 80% recycled cardboard and are themselves 100% recyclable
  • Our packing “chips” are made from natural starch (not polystyrene). They can be composted or simply washed down the sink when dissolved in water
  • Our Kefir bottles and lids are made from food grade plastic (PET A) that is 100% recyclable
  • The printed sleeve around the bottle is made from a different type of plastic (PET G) that is also recyclable and now has a tear-off strip so you can easily separate the sleeve from the bottle as you recycle
  • Our lotion/cleanser containers are made from widely recycled plastic with a zinc spring inside. These are 100% recyclable.
  • Our “clip” jars for our new range of skin balms are recyclable but here on the farm we re-use these beautiful containers as spice and herb jars in our kitchen.
  • The information we send out with our packages is printed on paper with a minimum of 55% recycled material

It is equally important to us to know how and where our packaging materials are made. Nearly all of our packaging is made in the UK with a small amount being made in Europe. This means we can be more certain that our suppliers provide a high standard of working and welfare conditions for their employees.

Looking to the future…

  • We are trialling a new cardboard box that does not require any packing tape. Fewer materials make things easier to recycle.
  • New lotion/cleanser containers will have information printed directly on the container and won’t need an additional stick on label. Again, fewer materials.
  • Technological advances in the manufacture, use and recycling of plastics are progressing rapidly. We are working with the Innovation Sector of the Welsh Assembly Government to ensure we keep up with the latest developments