Kefir Lotions

For best results our kefir lotions should be used with our kefir cleansers and are designed to accompany the 21-day course of our goats milk kefir.

Our kefir lotions are handmade on the farm in small batches – that’s how the love gets in! All kefir lotions contain a base of our own raw goats milk, our award-winning kefir, oat oil, olive oil and rice bran oil. Different flavours then contain different types of aromatherapy essential oils:

Level 1 – Pure: Sensitive Kefir Lotion contains no essential oils, completely unscented. Suitable for the fragrance-intolerant, pregnant women and children aged 3+.
Level 2 – Mild: Calm-Down Kefir Lotion contains lavender essential oil. Gently anti-bacterial and soothing for dry sky. The gorgeous scent of lavender will delight girls of all ages. Pamper your skin, naturally!
Level 3 – Medium: Soothing Kefir Lotion contains rosemary essential oil. Fresh and natural spa scent, appropriate for men or women. Suitable for ages 3+.
Level 4 – Strong: Break-out Kefir Lotion contains thyme & tea tree essential oils. Our “zap-it” kefir lotion formulation. Pleasant herbal scent, for men or women. Recommended for ages 12+, as tea tree is a powerful one!

Our artisan skincare products are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne.

Hi all at chucking goat - I hope you and the goats are healthy happy!

My husband and I have both enjoyed the goats milk kefir and will be going again in a few months time (I miss it in my morning routine). I also use the plain soap every morning & night in my face followed by the sensitive skin moisturiser and I use the scented soaps in he shower - my bathroom smells gorgeous all of the time!

I've now given your book to 4 people and passed your website details to another 3 - so I'm keeping the word of your amazing work out there!! Many thanks for your great products and inspiration!