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Probiotic Kefir Cleansers

Our kefir cleansing bars are made by hand on the farm in small batches, and are suitable for people who may be prone to eczema.

You may use our cleansing bars just like a soap, for face hands and body. However unlike a soap, our handmade bars will never dry or strip your skin! Great for removing makeup, use in the shower, shaving or leaving by the hand basin to wash little hands.

All our Chuckling Goat Kefir Cleansers start out with a base of goats milk and our own award-winning kefir. These are nice hard bars, long-lasting and full-lathering. Each range is made with a different essential oils, which bring their own benefits and add a lovely natural fragrance. They are coloured with natural herbs, roots and organic clays.

For best results our kefir cleanser should be used with our kefir lotions and are designed to accompany the 21-day course of our goats milk kefir.

There are currently delays of up to 2 weeks on orders containing our new Natural Clean Hand Soap.