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Less waste

Over the last year Josh, our Production Manager, has been working hard to reduce the amount of waste we produce. By working with our suppliers to change how things are delivered to us and how they are packaged he has reduced our waste by over 80%. Of the waste we do produce, 95% is either recycled or composted. We can’t quite claim to be a zero waste to landfill operation yet but we are getting very close. We have made great progress but we know there is always more to be done.

So how have we done it? Here’s a good example..

The goats milk we need to make our Kefir was delivered to us in tetra packs. Tetra packs can be recycled, but not easily, and each pack contained only 1ltr of milk. We now have milk delivered in large reusable boxes with an easily recyclable plastic liner. Each box contains 1000 litres of milk. A lot less waste; in fact reducing the amount of plastic we use every week by 120 Kg. Over a year that equates to over 6 tonnes less of plastic.