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Natural ingredients, natural processes

You get out what you put in which is why we only use natural ingredients in all our products. We carefully select suppliers for our essential oils, beeswax, herbs, spices and goats milk.

We never use dyes, perfumes, phthalates, paraben preservatives, gum thickeners or any petro-chemical based additives which are commonly used in commercial skin care and makeup products.

Our Kefir and skin cleaners are all made by hand on our family farm. It takes time to make these great products because we believe in natural processes. Our soaps are naturally dried in moulds and then hand cut and wrapped.

The skills of our dairy staff and the natural process of time and heat mean that our kefir bacteria grains grow and multiply as we make each batch of kefir. It is a wonderful self sustaining ecosystem; We use real living kefir grains, which are lovingly tended just as we tend our goats.