Sing Me To Sleep Tea


Let Nature sing you a gentle lullaby with this soothing nighttime blend of valerian root, lavender flowers, hop flowers and chamomile flowers. This is the recipe Shann made for her children – safe, fragrant and calming.

  • Ingredients: Valerian root, Lavender flowers, Hop flowers and Chamomile flowers.
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Supply: 21 days @ 1 tbsp per day
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~ Ms Duce

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The kefir has made big difference to my digestion and mood and the Sing Me to Sleep tea is delicious - and it actually works. Thank you!
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You don’t want a sedative that can harm your microbiome, and leaves you feeling dopey in the morning. Let the persuasive power of natural herbs relax and lull you off to sleep.

Real herbs and hot water creates a magic moment, all for you. Nurture yourself – you deserve it!

Read about why you should choose loose-leaf tea here.

Always follow your GP’s advice on the use of any herbal product during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hand packed and prepared

We bring in the best quality herbs, and mix them by hand, right here on the farm. Shann created our recipes for her family, team and clients – they’re packed with love.

Developed to help you through your detox

As you travel on your kefir journey, you may find yourself experiencing ups and downs as you work through your detox. This natural herbal recipe is designed to complement your kefir experience.

How to prepare your tea

Cover 1 TBSP herbs with 3 cups of freshly boiled water, lid and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup, 2 hours before bedtime, and another cup 1 hour before bedtime. Reserve the third cup to drink in case you wake in the night. Tea can be reheated by adding more hot water.

Purest possible ingredients

This is not tea as you may know it – little bags of dust. This is the real deal – actual herbs, roots and flowers. You can see and smell the difference!

Valerian root, Lavender flowers, Hop flowers and Chamomile flowers.

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