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The CG Team’s favourite Probiotic Kefir Lotion

Your skin is your unique imprint, continually changing and evolving due to a range of internal and external factors – age, health, environment, genetics, hormones, the weather and diet, to name just a few! Sometimes dry, sometimes oily, sometimes somewhere in between. Because of this uniqueness, your favourite CG probiotic lotion may be different to ours, and may change as your skin does too!

Why should you be using a probiotic lotion?

Your skin is home to millions of bacterial ecosystems. Some of these microbes reinforce your skin’s natural barrier against bad bacteria, balance your skin’s pH levels and help prevent premature skin ageing.1https://www.forbes.com/sites/nomanazish/2019/03/30/why-probiotic-skin-care-is-worth-the-hype-according-to-experts/?sh=4a4db5611aa1 So it’s important you maintain a healthy level of these ‘good’ microbes and keep the ‘bad’ to a minimum. Using probiotics topically creates an optimal environment for the good bugs, swinging the balance in your favour against the bad2https://www.forbes.com/sites/nomanazish/2019/03/30/why-probiotic-skin-care-is-worth-the-hype-according-to-experts/?sh=4a4db5611aa1 and ensuring your skin is happy and healthy.

So, now all you need to do is choose which probiotic lotion suits you and your skin. Need inspo?

The team’s choice of Probiotic Kefir Lotion…

Ellen, Head of Soapery: My favourite is the Break-Out Kefir Lotion. I have adult acne and it helps calm down and dry up the bumps. The tea tree and thyme is a lovely, refreshing scent too!

Daisy, Assistant Creative & Office Assistant: It has to be the Soothing Kefir Lotion for me – my go-to! I love the rosemary essential oil and it’s great for reducing any redness. It makes the perfect base for my make-up.

Siri, Packing Assistant: My favourite is the Calm-Down Kefir Lotion – it does such great things for your skin and for an hour after applying, you get this constant beautiful scent of lavender.

Keith, Production Manager: My favourite lotion has to be the Soothing Kefir Lotion. It smells amazing!

Saskia, Nutritional Therapist: My favourite is the Soothing Kefir Lotion as I used to have rosacea, and it’s the best one for more mature skin.

Ceris, Director of Customer Relations: I use the Sensitive Kefir Lotion on my two boys (age 3 and 6). It’s lovely and soft on the skin, with no essential oils. If I feel like the kids need help winding down before bed, I’ll use the Calm-Down Kefir Lotion (containing lavender essential oil), and give them a soothing, bedtime massage.

Emily, Office Assistant & Nutritional Therapist: I love the Soothing Kefir Lotion! It smells so fresh and is great for reducing redness.

Iestyn, Head of Dairy: I like the Break-Out Kefir Lotion and apply it after shaving. My wife loves the Sensitive Kefir Lotion – it’s gentle and unscented which is perfect for her sensitive skin.

Elly, Creative Director: The Calm-Down Kefir Lotion is my go-to! The lavender essential oil makes it the perfect addition to my bedtime skincare routine, and I find it evens my skin tone by reducing redness and blemishes. When space and liquids are limited on flights, I always choose a 50ml bottle of the Calm-Down Kefir Lotion over any other skincare product!

For more ways to naturally nourish your skin, check out How to nurture your skin (+ 3 DIY facemasks!)

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