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Why you need to get outside, asap!

Here at CG, we love nature – getting outside, getting our hands dirty, and enjoying a big breath of fresh air! Research shows that time outdoors, even for a short period, can improve your gut health and mental wellbeing. Here’s how:

1. Being In Nature Boosts your Immune System

Your immune system develops in response to exposure to microbe-rich environments.1 For instance, phytoncides are antimicrobial compounds released from certain trees that can boost your body’s production of natural killer cells when inhaled, therefore, boosting your body’s immune function.2

2. Nature Increases Your Microbiome Diversity

Exposure to the microbes in soil increases your microbiome diversity.3 The more diverse your gut microbiome, the happier and healthier you’re likely to be!4

3. Being Outdoors Boosts Your Happy Hormone!

Being outside equals more exposure to vitamin D, which plays a big part in serotonin production in your body.5 Serotonin is also known as the HAPPY hormone 🙂

4. Nature Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress can affect your gut motility and alter the make-up of your microbiome, reducing levels of beneficial lactobacillus bacteria.6

Getting out in nature can help reduce stress levels AND increases your exposure to nature’s microbes – diverse and happy gut bugs equals a happy you!7 

5. Being Outdoors Improves Digestion

Walking, running, and working outdoors all help regulate digestion and reduce inflammation.8

With more hours of daylight and Summer in the air, what better time to start benefiting from the great outdoors? Pass us our wellies!


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