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Winter first aid for coughs

‘Tis the season of coughs and respiratory issues! To help fight off the bugs this winter we recommend two supplements to have in your natural first aid kit: Elecampane and CG Oil.


Elecampane (inula helenium) is a herbal supplement, traditionally used to treat coughs, particularly those associated with bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough.1 2

How does Elecampane work for coughs and respiratory issues?

Where can you get buy it?

You can source elecampane tincture here:

How do you take it?

Take 15-20 drops twice daily in a small amount of water.

Who shouldn’t take Elecampane?

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • Children
  • People with severe kidney or liver disease
  • People with an allergy to inulin.
  • People taking diabetes or blood pressure medication should seek advice from their GP.
  • Stop taking Elecampane two weeks before having a general anesthetic.

CG Oil

CG Oil is a proprietary blend of essential oils, and is used primarily to combat skin infections, throat infections and more serious issues like MRSA.

To help ease congestion or infection on the chest, place 2-4 drops in a pan of boiling water, pop your head under a tea towel and inhale the steam. You can do this 2-3 times per day.

For small children with coughs, a pan of boiled water with 3 drops of CG Oil can be left under the bed, for gentle steam to permeate the room. Safe for children in a diffuser from 4 months.

Always check with your GP or Pharmacist for possible contraindications with current medication or health conditions.

You can find our CG Oil here, and for more information on supporting your immune system, read the articles Strengthen your immune system with these smoothie recipes and 5 tips to naturally prevent flu.

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