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10 Acts of Kindness to make you feel good!

We’ve recently launched our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign and are excited to give back to special charities close to our team and customers’ hearts.

Why not join us in spreading the joy? It’ll make you feel good 💛🙌

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Buy a coffee for the person behind you
  2. Have a clear-out and donate items you no longer use to charity
  3. Offer to pick up some groceries for an elderly neighbour
  4. Donate old towels to an animal shelter
  5. Send an encouraging email to a colleague
  6. Share your favourite recipe
  7. Cook a meal for someone who is struggling
  8. Hold a door open for someone
  9. Spend time with someone who might be lonely
  10. Treat a friend or loved one to some CG goodies! 😜

Check out Our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign – Holy Trinity Church, Aberaeron and The Science of kindness: how acts of kindness benefit your health!

If there is a small but mighty charity you’d like to nominate, please email with “Random Acts of Kindness” in the subject line.

Any questions? Contact one of our Nutritional Therapists via live chat, weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm

Questions? Talk to a Nutritional Therapist on live chat!

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