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A weeks worth of Super Supper Smoothies for gut health

Super Supper Smoothie

Now, I have two skeptical, non-vegetable loving guys in the house, and although they’re quite happy to chow down on meat and root veggies like carrots, swede and new potatoes, it’s often quite difficult to entice them to eat dark leafy greens. No problem – my Super Supper Smoothie comes to the rescue! Easier, quicker and less of an argument than a side helping of greens, it goes on the supper table in a little juice glass.

We have two daily smoothies on the farm – the overnight kefir oats one (LINK TO BLOG HERE) and the Super Supper Smoothie to eat alongside the evening meal. The suppertime smoothie is my insurance policy really: it allows me to sneak the extra dark leafy greens into the boys’ diet that they might otherwise leave on the plate.

I can also shovel in some fruit, toss in some inulin-containing Jerusalem artichoke and even add the odd beetroot – they never know the difference! And the beauty of the Super Supper Smoothie is that once you blend those leafy greens up with fruit, it looks green, but tastes pink! They will slurp down those veggies with nary a whimper. This is one of the many reasons why I suggest you treat yourself to a high-powered blender. Anything that’s difficult to eat, simply stick it in a smoothie, whizz it up and you’re done!

Super Supper Smoothie ideas

Here’s a week’s worth of suggestions for your supper smoothies; the quantities serve one.

A handful of chard; 2 stalks of celery; half a banana; 100g/3½oz papaya

A handful of spinach; 100g/3½oz shredded cabbage; 100g/3½oz pineapple; half an avocado

A handful of lettuce; 1 small apple, cored; 1 kiwi; 1 carrot

A handful of carrot tops; 1 carrot; 1 beetroot (raw or cooked); 100g/3½oz blueberries; 1 orange, peeled

A handful of rocket/arugula; 15g/½oz peeled ginger root; a small handful of fresh oregano; 100g/3½oz watermelon; 1 ripe pear

A handful of beet tops; half a beetroot; 1 orange, peeled; 1 small apple, cored; 100g/3½oz Jerusalem artichoke

100g/3½oz romaine lettuce; 100g/3½oz shredded cabbage; 1 banana; 100g/3½oz blueberries; half an avocado

Trying to lose weight? Just have the Super Supper Smoothie and skip the meat and root vegetable bit of supper. You’ll still be getting great nutrition, and you’ll be surprised how quickly the weight comes off.

8 thoughts on “A weeks worth of Super Supper Smoothies for gut health

    1. Hi Linda – these are supper smoothies, and I always have my kefir in the morning, so I don’t add kefir to these. You can add water as needed if you prefer a thinner texture. Best, Shann

  1. Thank you for sharing these tasty sounding receipes. What are your thoughts on pure juicing machines? Did you have any receipes to share?

    1. Hi Cassandra – I don’t recommend juicing. The reason is that once you remove the pulp from the fruit, you increase the rate at which the fructose burns inside your system, releasing a wave of insulin that harms the microbiome. Blitzing fruit or eating is whole is fine, as the pulp slows down the rate of burn inside your system. Best, Shann

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