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Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas from Chuckling Goat

Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas

Dr Miguel Toribio Mateas is the Head of Research and Development at Chuckling Goat. He is a clinical neuroscientist and applied microbiologist with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle, gut health and mental wellbeing. Dr Miguel’s experience spans two and a half decades of R&D across multiple industries including product innovation, training and education in both academic and corporate sectors.

His main focus is the complex relationships between food, nutrients and behaviour, and the ways in which these elements impact gut and brain/mental health. He is a visiting research fellow at the School of Applied Sciences, London South Bank University, where he leads the “Gut Microbiome Science and Application” MRes / PhD programme.

Dr Miguel also sits on the steering committee of the Primary Care & Community Neurology Society and is a member of the reviewer boards for the journals Brain Sciences and Microorganisms.

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