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Sarah Lewis from Chuckling Goat

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis is a Nutritional Therapist and customer care assistant at Chuckling Goat. Her interest in gut health began in pursuit of supporting her son with his autism diagnosis.

Sarah has developed a keen interest in alternative medicine and lifestyle, including qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2018. She has also spent the last 3 years studying with Amazonian Shamans – evolving her knowledge of herbs, including visits to the Ecuadorian rainforest to experience ancient medicines and practices first-hand.

Completing a recent course in Endobiogenic medicine has enabled Sarah to expand her understanding of the nervous and endocrine systems and how to support these systems with herbal medicine. Her love of herbs continues and is reflected in her current study of Herbal Medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.

Sarah is also a mother of two and spends her spare time with her family – walking in nature, learning to play the guitar, and developing her off-grid home.

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