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Boost your gut and skin health with a daily dose of collagen

Take Collagen!

One of the most important things you can do to boost your health and re-set your gut, after adding kefir to your diet, is to take a daily collagen supplement.

Collagen is quite literally the “glue” that holds our bodies together. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies – found in tendons, bones, muscles, skin, blood vessels and most importantly for the purposes of this discussion – the digestive system.

The lining of your gut is only one cell thick – and this commonly gets ripped and torn. When these tears get infected, we call it diverticulitis. But this damage is occurring on an ongoing basis.

Your body uses collagen to repair these rips and tears. But here’s the catch – your body slows collagen production around age 25, and by age 50, your body is no longer producing any of its own collagen! This slowing-down process is a big contributor to the things we expect as we age: sagging skin, wrinkles and pain in joints. It’s all about a decrease in collagen inside your system.

That’s not good! And it’s part of the reason that after age 50 people tend to develop diverticulitis, or infected pouched in the lining of their gut.Your body simply doesn’t have enough collagen to make the needed repairs.

So, we’ve got to consume collagen. And when I say consume, I mean take it every day, like religion. You’ve absolutely got to have it in your system, so that your body can repair the holes and tears in your gut.

Collagen and kefir work together in a marvelous one-two healing tango – collagen heals the lining of the gut, and the kefir re-populates it with the good bugs it needs to get your serotonin system singing again.

Inside the gut, collagen helps forms connective tissue, sealing and healing the protective lining of the GI tract. Studies have found that in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, serum concentrations of collagen are decreased.1 Collagen also helps with the absorption of water within the intestines, keeping things moving more freely out of body.

So, collagen – super-important! You’ve got to consume it. How are we going to get it into your body?

For a while I was advocating bone broth. Food-wise, collagen lurks in a lot of foods that our ancestors used to eat and cook with, but that we mostly throw away – bones, tendons and gristly bit. Bones are loaded with collagen, and as the bones simmer in broth during the cooking process that takes place over one to two days, the collagen slowly breaks down into gelatin – the cooked form of collagen. If you then consume the broth, you ingest all that collagen goodness.

So, bone broth is terrific! However after some real-world analysis – I found that people just weren’t carrying through with the bone broth every day. Too much hassle. I get it! We’re all busy.

But it’s sooo important that you have collagen every single day, that I now recommend simply taking a high quality collagen supplement. You can find it in a powder that can be mixed into hot or cold drinks – relatively odorless and tasteless, and simple enough to do consistently, day in and day out.

Apart from helping with IBS, depression, anxiety, and autoimmune issues as it repairs your gut lining, you’ll notice other nifty benefits to taking a daily collagen supplement: firmer smoother skin, reduced cellulite and stretch marks, reduced joint pain, increased metabolism, improved energy levels, better wound healing, stronger nails, teeth and hair, better liver and artery health, and improved circulation.2 What’s not to love?

This article is excerpted from Shann’s upcoming book “The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Anxiety and Depression,” due out from Hay House May 2018. All rights reserved.


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35 thoughts on “Boost your gut and skin health with a daily dose of collagen

  1. Hi Shann,

    I’m dealing with a mild form of facial seborrheic dermatitis and I’m convinced that it has something to do with the gut. I’ve been taking kefir (100 ml per day) consistently since late June but I haven’t seen any results thus far. That’s okay, I know it takes time. Two weeks ago I decided to add a collagen supplement to my routine. How long does it usually take to start seeing results? I know that two weeks is a too short period to see results, but I wanted to ask if you could give me an estimate. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,

      It’s a “how long is a piece of string question” I’m afraid as everyone sees results at different stages.

      This will vary, depending on how severe or long-standing your condition was to begin with.

      Perseverance is key, so keep going 🙂

      Don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any more questions.


  2. Hi Shann, if putting collagen into your morning smoothie would you put in alongside the oats and kefir the night before or add in the morning alongside fruit etc? Thanks so much!

  3. Hi I’ve just bought my latest Lot of collagen – Nu U which is the present one recommended. This one has a scoop whereas the previous recommended brand didn’t and I took 1 tablespoon each day. The scoop in Nu U is less than that and according to the packet will last about 3 months! Good value for money but I wanted to check as it means I’m taking that little bit less collagen each day. Just wondered if this was ok. Thank you

  4. Hello Shann,

    Thank you so much for all the amazing things you are doing. I’m just starting out with your kefir and am really hoping it’s going to help clear up a seemingly endless list of issues which I now realise are all symptomatic of a seriously compromised gut. I’ve been advised to take SF722 am & pm; DIM at lunchtime and s. Boulardii last thing at night. Is it ok to be taking all these with the kefir?

    A couple more questions:

    Can I add the collagen powder to one of your breakfast smoothie recipes?

    Can I use xylitol, or does it need to be stevia?

    Do you have any thoughts on oxy powder? I’ve read a study that says it drastically reduces the die off reaction, but having used it I’m a bit suspicious of anything that cleans that much out that quickly without any ill effects…sorry if TMI!

    Any thoughts/advice you have would be great.

    Thank you again,


    1. Hi Rosey – You don’t need to take any additional probiotics alongside the kefir – it renders everything else irrelevant. Yes, collagen can be added to the breakfast smoothie. No xylitol – it’s a sugar alcohol that can cause digestive upsets. 100% pure stevia only. I would avoid oxy powder – the kefir will re-balance your system gently – scouring like this is dangerous. Hope that helps! ; )

  5. Hi, I’ve been taking collagen with your lovely kefir and it has been a real boost to my skin. I need to reorder my collagen and looking on line I noticed one made from marine collagen. Apparently it comes from white fish and it’s referred to as collagen shots and has some other things in also. I wondered if marine collagen might be better for you than bovine?? Could the fact it’s bovine have any impact on cholesterol! Just wondered if you had any thoughts on this. Thank you

    1. Hi – Here’s some more info on collagen for you -

  6. Hi Shann
    Reading up on the collagen do you recommend the powder referred to in the article

    Ruth Howe

  7. Hi Shann
    Have been reading you posts with must interest as my daughter, who suffers from UC really benefits from drinking your kefir. I was particularly interested in your post about collagen and would like to try it to boost my immune system and deal with joint pain.

    I have clicked the link for the brand you recommended but it is no longer available at Amazon. Do you know of any other source or brand you would recommend as there are quite a few out there and I want to ensure I am buying the best quality possible? Many thanks

    1. Hi Sarah – Try this one -

  8. Hi Shann,

    I have been looking on iternet for the best collagen. There are so many that I am confused. Is there any collagen that you would recommend to buy. I know that bovine collagen is better, or that’s
    what I have been reading. also powder is better, but which one and what dose? I would much appreciate your opinion.
    Marianne Joyce

    1. Hi Marianne – Try this one -

  9. Does the collagen supplement contain fat? My son has crohn’s and we tried bone broth but the high levels of fat made him ill – kicked off serious bile salt malabsorption. If it is fat free – where can we get it?

  10. Hi Shann, I’ve been reading about your kefir – collagen etc and hoping it may help me. I’ve been really suffering with UTIs for a while and antibiotic are not helping . What would you recommend for this ongoing problem.
    Love Lynda.

  11. Hello Shann,

    Is there a particular collagen supplement you could recommend?

    And is there a specific way to take it, i. e. in the mornings or evenings? With or without food?

  12. I bought your recommended collagen powder and started my kefir today – if I make a smoothie with the Kefir can I add the collagen powder to that or is there a better time to take it?

    1. Mixing your collagen into your kefir smoothie is fine – I’m a big fan of chucking everything into the blender, job done! ; )

  13. Hi Shann,
    It seems everywhere I look I see articles extolling the virtues of collagen. Sounds great; my only problem is I’m a vegetarian! Have you ever heard of any vegetarian alternatives?

  14. Hello I have an under active thyroid and would like to know if I can take this? Also how much is it ? I try to use mainly organic products to reduce the amount of toxins – is this organic at all?
    Many thanks

      1. Hi Shann,

        Just visited Organic Life website, say’s
        ….’no longer taking orders’

        Any other companies that sell collagen?

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